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Africom, ZBC and “some partners” launch TV Streaming service called Nhaka TV. Here’s what we think

This past Sunday I saw an advert by Nhaka TV in the newspaper. Nhaka TV is a internet Video on Demand (VOD) streaming service by Africom and some unnamed partners, that is launching. The ad was an advertorial, and a half page logo. I mention this detail to show that the company has began to spend on marketing and […]

Econet extends Kwesé Free Sports to Zimbabwe, partners ZBC to show English Football & the Olympics on ZTV

The local broadcaster received through Kwesé Free Sports, the sub-licence to exclusively broadcast on ZTV up to 6 hours of content from the Olympics including live coverage as well as some delayed footage.

Digital migration project in funding crisis after NetOne fails to pay Government $200 million for dividend spectrum

The Zimbabwean government is in the process of identifying new buyers for the digital dividend spectrum which was initially sold to local mobile operator NetOne after the mobile operator failed to pay the $200 million required for it.

Consititutional Court orders all Zimbabweans with gadgets that can receive signals to pay ZBC licence fees

The Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe has delivered a ruling ordering all Zimbabweans to pay the broadcaster licence fees irrespective of which service provider they decide to use.

Zimbabwe misses digitisation deadline – $27 million required urgently to meet 2017 target

The digitisation project is now expected to be completed by mid-2017 and progress is anticipated if an injection of $27.2 million is made urgently.

Digital migration project delayed again as switch to digital broadcasting is set for December 2016

The crossover to digital broadcasting was supposed to have been achieved by April this year, but according to the Minister of Information, Chris Mushowe, this schedule can only be met if the government sticks to payment dates set with the contractor.

Zimbabwe’s digital migration now 34% complete

Zimbabwe’s digital migration which is meant to ensure that the country adopts international standards for broadcasting and content distribution through digital channels is 34% complete.

Digital TV is now months away as digital migration enters content production phase

The digital migration exercise which was a focal point for national broadcast service providers last year has entered into the content production phase and every Zimbabwean is expected to have access to digital television by March this year.

BAZ signs Eutelsat for digital migration satellite capacity; service to launch in 2016

Now, in its latest announcement, Eutelsat has mentioned that it has sealed a three-year contract with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) for capacity in Ku-band on the EUTELSAT 3B satellite.

First impressions of the Star FM App

Star FM Radio (one of the two aggressive commercial radio stations) decided to tackle this with its own App. The Star FM App is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store and we managed to take a peek at the Android version.

Waiting for the rains

In the meantime, just take my advice, go buy yourself a generator or a solar system because even if the rain comes this problem is only going to get worse.

Govt sets aside $18 million for decoders in next stage of digital migration

In an interview with the Sunday Mail, Charamba mentioned that a distributor for the 400,000 set top boxes necessary for digital migration had been identified and an order had been placed, with the transaction set to cost $18 million.

The government needs Econet to play ball, here’s why

The government needs Econet to join in sharing infrastrucure to prevent itself from becoming the very same monopoly that Econet/ Liquid is.

New local show, Tonight With Zororo, embraces digital with YouTube launch

Tonight With Zororo, a local talk show has been launched today. using the internet, specifically YouTube, as its main distribution channel, it joins other producers defying the status quo on content distribution.

Want to cash in on digitisation? Here are 7 business ideas you can try

All this fuss about Digital Migration often overlooks the fact that the whole exercise comes with a wide range of opportunities for all stakeholders, unemployed youths included. Here are a few business ideas that can work in a digital television setup.

Reality Check: Myths about the digital broadcasting regulation in Zimbabwe

After the highly informative and enlightening discussions and presentations that I witnessed at the Digital Future Conference I am still in shock at the reality on the ground. The reality being that our “Digital Guru’s” are generally not aware of the legal issues relating to broadcasting in Zimbabwe. It was interesting to note that there […]

(April Fools) DStv reduces bouquet prices as MultiChoice buckles under pressure

If you make the right amount of noise your cries just might be heard. Well, that’s the lesson from MultiChoice anyway. The media giant has reduced the prices of its DStv bouquets across all African markets. With effect from the 1st of May 2015, the prices of all DStv packages will be drastically reduced. Some packages […]

ZBC’s 6 channels & the 8 things about digital migration that you need to know

What do we need to know about Digital Migration, really? Well, quite a bit actually. OK, so the whole exercise that was brought upon us by ITU has ZBC written all over it, but it will affect the whole country, including the multitudes that turned their back on local TV. So for those who are […]

Zim’s Digital Future: Digital migration & opportunities for content creators

Who is going to benefit from digitisation? It turns out a lot of people at various stages in the digital food chain actually. One of the key presentations from the Digital Future Conference was from Mr Gelfand Kausiyo, the project lead for the ZBC Digital Migration exercise. In this recording, which also captures some questions from […]

Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom to try its hand at broadcasting

According to an article carried by IT News Africa today, Kenyan mobile network operator, Safaricom has applied for a digital broadcasting licence. This move comes as the MNO is setting out to harness the opportunities that have come from the digital migration which was carried out in Kenya. This is the same analogue to digital migration […]

Multichoice Zimbabwe announces new bouquet prices for DStv

For The Latest DSTV Prices As Of November 2016 Go Here Just two days ago it was confirmed that Multichoice, the Naspers owned Pay TV service would be effecting a price increase on its DStv bouquets. It has become the norm actually (they have tagged it as an “Annual Price Increase”), with DStv Zimbabwe, like every […]

Is the DSTV annual price increase about to be announced in Zimbabwe?

Last year, DSTV South Africa announced it’s annual increase in prices to be effected on 1 April, we confirmed that Zimbabwe would follow suit. And they did. South Africa has once again announced an increase. So it goes without saying that chances are high we’ll likely have an increase too north of the Limpopo. By how much ofcourse is […]

Cell C billboard protest: What’s the lesson for Zim service providers?

A South African man disgruntled by what he deemed poor service from Cell C, specifically a franchise of Cell C at Sandton City, has found a novel way to fight back-by erecting an opposing billboard. George Prokas, a Cell C customer had an overdue account dispute with the service provider which accused him of having […]

NetOne applies for datacasting licence

According to a notice in the Herald, state-owned mobile network operator Netone has applied for a national datacasting licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.The datacasting licence is one of ten broadcasting licences offered by the regulator. Datacasting, or the broadcast of data, is a service that delivers information via radio waves in varied forms […]

Zimbabwe ill-prepared for the Ebola scare

One day, in early March this year, a Guinean man, had a craving for meat. He packed his weapons and went into the forest where he was lucky enough to make an easy kill. He came back home, his wife cooked dinner for him and because he was impatient, he ate the meat before it […]

And DStv wins…again

Unlike most people I don’t really support many teams during the World Cups. I admire the aesthetics, consistency and team of effort of the Germans above all but I also have a soft spot for the underdog. Nothing is quite as mesmerising as the spirit and dogged performance of a team that has nothing to […]

How will tech change the World Cup experience this time?

The greatest football show on earth, THE FIFA World Cup, is a little over a month away and Zimbabwe, just like every other country is joining up in the build up to the excitement that comes once every four years. Tech is set to make a big difference on how we are going to experience […]

George Charamba’s Memo exposes both the ZBC and the Ministry

Today the Herald published a damning leaked Memo written by the Secretary for Media, Information and Publicity George Charamba directed to the former Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, Minister Webster Shamu. The Memo dated 1 November 2012 largely criticised the way suspended ZBC CEO Happison Muchechetere ran the state broadcaster (to the ground, it […]

Open letter to the Minister(s) of ZBC

First let me apologize for not knowing to whom to address the letter to. Slow as I am, I am still trying to understand the different ministries. Should I have addressed it to the Minister of Information; Sports (I watch a lot of sports)

To Zim parastatals: mum is not the word.

Imagine this: You get home at around 6 pm exhausted from your day at work. Your wife is in the kitchen preparing dinner and you decide to catch on the day’s news on the television in the lounge. As soon as you sit down on the couch, the power goes out.