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ZESA 12-hour load shedding timetable

Below is the timetable for the 12-hour load shedding that ZESA is undertaking due to reduced output at both the Kariba and Hwange Power Stations. Harare load shedding time table DAY MORNING PEAK EVENING PEAK MONDAY First areas to be affected H2, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H10, H14 H15, H16, H18, H21, H23, H24, […]

This UPS Device Helps You Keep Your Internet Connection On During Load Shedding

There’s nothing new you can tell a Zimbabwean about load-shedding… Our current electricity crisis has been ongoing since April/May last year and we’ve become accustomed to having no power or looking for alternative sources of power. One of the not-so-shocking things that happens when citizens in a country don’t have power for 16-18 hours each […]

Load Shedding To Improve Within A Few Days, Fortune Chasi Assures Cabinet

The gruelling load shedding could soon lessen according to Energy Minister, Fortune Chasi. This was disclosed by Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Minister Monica during a post-cabinet media briefing in Harare yesterday. Cabinet received the weekly power and energy supply status report for the country from the Minister of Energy and Power Development […]

Zim Negotiating With Mozambique For 150-400MW Of Power

As long as we don’t have power, the scope for economic growth is extremely slim. Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has been trying to tame our power crisis over the past few months to varying degrees of success. Most recently the Minister said that the country is negotiating to get anything between 150 MW to 400 […]

‘Correct’ ZESA Load Shedding Schedule Is Same As ‘Fake’ One, 10 Hrs Or More Of No Power Per Day

Sometimes the way PR is done in Zimbabwe is annoying and silly. ZESA came out guns blazing alleging that the load shedding schedule we published a few days ago was fake news. No one believed them and rightly so… Now they have published the ‘correct’ load shedding schedule. Not only is it similar to the […]

8 Hours No Electricity Per Day, Here’s ZESA Load Shedding Schedule For Harare

Ridiculous is the word to describe the ZESA load shedding schedule for Harare. Darkness is going to be our ally whether we like it or not. Essentially everyone is going to have 8 hours of no electricity each day. On a particular day you will get zero ZESA between 5am and 1pm and then the […]

ZESA increases load shedding: what arrangements should you make now?

For anyone expecting some sort of load shedding relief think again. The power challenges we are facing right now aren’t going away anytime soon (no surprise there). ZESA came out and said that the situation is unfortunately going to get worse. In an article published in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, ZESA’s spokesman Fullard Gwasira attributed this to […]