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ZERA now controls the price of LP Gas, here are the current prices

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) now controls the prices of LP Gas just like they do with fuel and ZESA tariffs. ZERA is empowered to do so under Section 54 of the Petroleum Act as refined by Statutory 90 of 2021. According to the Statutory Instrument, ZERA can review the monthly prices of fuel […]

ZESA: Fault at Hwange Power Station to cause load shedding

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has put out a notice to the nation concerning a fault at the Hwange Power Plant that will limit power supply (thus resulting in load shedding). ZESA’s statement on the Hwange fault reads as follows: POWER SUPPLY UPDATE ZESA Holdings would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that […]

Brace yourselves for load shedding says ZESA

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has, in a circular to customers, announced that the nation should brace itself for load shedding due to technical faults at Hwange as well as depressed supply from South Africa. ZESA’s statement on load shedding reads as follows: ZESA HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD POWER SUPPLY UPDATE – DEPRESSED POWER SUPPLY […]

Another dark winter ahead for Zimbabwe

Hello darkness my old friend…

ZESA beware, solar is now cheaper than Eskom power

ZESA better be on the look out because Eskom’s rates are being undercut by the emerging off-grid/grid-tied solar movement.

This UPS Device Helps You Keep Your Internet Connection On During Load Shedding

There’s nothing new you can tell a Zimbabwean about load-shedding… Our current electricity crisis has been ongoing since April/May last year and we’ve become accustomed to having no power or looking for alternative sources of power. One of the not-so-shocking things that happens when citizens in a country don’t have power for 16-18 hours each […]

Longer Power Cuts From Today As ZESA Takes Load Shedding To Stage 2

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has just notified the public that load shedding will go to stage 2 from today. This has been caused by a “shortage of capacity” faced by South Africa’s Eskom, which exports electricity to Zimbabwe through ZETDC. #PowerAlert The Eskom alert will affect Power Imports. As such load shedding […]

Zim Pays $10M To Mozambique’s HCB For More Electricity Imports – Energy Minister

According to a Newsday report, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Energy, Mrs Magna Mudyiwa has revealed that Zimbabwe has reduced it’s $35 million debt to Mozambique’s Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) by paying $10 million. Speaking to Newsday, the Deputy Minister went on to say: If we can get up to 400 megawatts from […]

Zim Negotiating With Mozambique For 150-400MW Of Power

As long as we don’t have power, the scope for economic growth is extremely slim. Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has been trying to tame our power crisis over the past few months to varying degrees of success. Most recently the Minister said that the country is negotiating to get anything between 150 MW to 400 […]

ZESA: Loadshedding Back To Stage 1 But Kariba Producing Less Than 300MW

ZESA is finally receiving 400MW from Eskom and their spokesperson has come out and said that this means that Loadshedding can now return to the more palatable Stage 1 with 5-hour powercuts down from the 16 hours Zimbos we fast becoming used to. The electricity supply situation has improved significantly following interventions by both Government […]

Econet Apologises, Says Normal Service Has Resumed. We Haven’t Experienced Normal Service Yet Though

Following the massive blackout of services across their network today, Econet has sent out an apology to some of their subscribers. The message sent out by Econet says: We apologise for intermittent services experienced on the network. Normal service has been restored. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted. Not yet normal We are not sure […]

Government Announces Measures To End Power Crisis: Duty On Solar Equipment Waived

The government is putting in place a number of measures in order to resolve the current power crisis. The following measures were announced by Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa during the 25th Cabinet Meeting: large hotels in the Victoria Falls will pay their ZESA bills in foreign currency “special incentives shall be provided through duty […]

This Is Why You Have Been Experiencing Problems With Econet’s Network

Yesterday I spent the entire day in Kuwadzana struggling to use Econet’s network. I couldn’t text, call or access internet and EcoCash. And it wasn’t a situation I was facing alone. Many folks who use Econet in Chitungwiza and Mabvuka were complaining about the same problem(s). @econet_support we have a network challenge in Waterfalls,Grobbie park […]

FAQ, ZESA Addresses Some Questions Around Load Shedding

So, load shedding by Zimbabwe’s power utility company has moved from ridiculous to just shocking and crippling. The initial promise was that you and I would not have electricity for 8 hours daily, now we are in phase 2! Phase 2 means we will only have electricity for 8 hours. People in other parts of […]

‘Correct’ ZESA Load Shedding Schedule Is Same As ‘Fake’ One, 10 Hrs Or More Of No Power Per Day

Sometimes the way PR is done in Zimbabwe is annoying and silly. ZESA came out guns blazing alleging that the load shedding schedule we published a few days ago was fake news. No one believed them and rightly so… Now they have published the ‘correct’ load shedding schedule. Not only is it similar to the […]

8 Hours No Electricity Per Day, Here’s ZESA Load Shedding Schedule For Harare

Ridiculous is the word to describe the ZESA load shedding schedule for Harare. Darkness is going to be our ally whether we like it or not. Essentially everyone is going to have 8 hours of no electricity each day. On a particular day you will get zero ZESA between 5am and 1pm and then the […]

ZESA Is Requesting Phone Numbers To Create A Database For Improving Communication With Customers: Scary?

With load shedding seeming like its back again, we would want to be in the know when our respective areas are going to be affected. But with the declining affinity towards newspapers, which ZESA preferably uses to communicate load shedding schedules, many people won’t be in the know about the schedule. As we all know, […]

ZESA hints at load shedding after the RBZ cuts its forex payments by 70%

Earlier today ZESA Group CEO, Engineer Josh Chifamba, appeared before the Zimbabwean Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy where he made startling remarks on the current financial state of the power utility company and the dire consequences the country could face if its demands were not met . In his presentation, the CEO stated that ZESA […]

ZESA increases debt recovery rates on prepaid meters & tightens screws on defaulters to avoid load shedding

ZETDC, a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe’s power utility concern ZESA, has announced that starting from the 1st of September 2016 it will be increasing the debt recovery rate from 40% to 50% on all domestic accounts in arrears that are using prepaid electricity meters .

The ZESA prepaid token system is the irk of electricity retailing

The ZESA prepaid token ecosystem is not as efficient as we would want it to be with constant reports of downtime for “upgrades” and the sort with most distributors letting consumers pass the blame to ZESA for their distribution challenges

A visit to the laptop battery doctor

Laptop battery trouble is a nightmare, especially if you’ve got a brand that is hard to replace. I recently faced that sort of fate, and luckily I was referred to a battery doctor that fixed my Fujitsu battery. This is an awesome solution especially if you are in a fix.

Had it up to here with ZESA & wanna get off the grid? Here are 3 alternatives

So let’s face reality and move away from Utopian slogans and hashtags. Things related to a lot of local services, especially power supply, haven’t been so good so far. This challenge with power is not going to get better any time soon either. I can somehow overlook how a Dynamos match was affected by a […]

Solar Power for dummies part 5: The wires and cables

This is part 5 in our series focused on solar power as an alternative to ZESA, and a DIY approach to setting it up. We have already looked at the basics, budgeting, the panels and the batteries. The only thing remaining are the wires and you should be able to create a functional solar off-the-grid solar system, […]

Solar Power for Dummies Part 3: The panels

Now that we have calculated our power needs and know exactly the Wattage rating of the Solar system we need it is time to build it; or if you decide to chicken out, find someone to do it for you. Those still struggling with the budget should know that most electrical devices come with a […]

ZESA increases load shedding: what arrangements should you make now?

For anyone expecting some sort of load shedding relief think again. The power challenges we are facing right now aren’t going away anytime soon (no surprise there). ZESA came out and said that the situation is unfortunately going to get worse. In an article published in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, ZESA’s spokesman Fullard Gwasira attributed this to […]

Why are there so many powercuts? ZESA explains

If you are frustrated by the 18 hour blackouts we have been living with lately you might have been pleased to note that today the country’s power regulator, ZESA Holdings issued a statement clarifying the extreme powercuts. The explanations are what most people have come to accept as the usual reasons for our power woes: […]