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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Urges The Public Not To Announce Election Results On Social Media

ZEC has urged the public not to abuse social media and announce election results as we await the official word from them. According to the Herald, as early as 8:30am yesterday some people were already circulating Whatsapp messages on candidates purported to be leading in the elections. I’m pretty sure they meant to say 8.30pm […]

Zimbabweans urged to register under new biometric voters’ roll to be used in 2018 elections

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has urged all citizens to turn up for voter registration in 2017 as the country adopts a new biometric voters’ roll. Rita Makarau, the chairperson of ZEC reportedly emphasised how the voters’ roll for the 2018 elections would not make any reference to the system used in the 2013 elections since […]

Americans register to vote through Messenger – just another show of what Zimbabwe won’t adopt

To register, a citizen types a greeting which will generate a response from the bot in the form of a menu of options. These will include stuff like a polling location finder and registration options together with supporting links.

New tech taxes: are we killing the goose?

Yesterday we heard of the new taxes on mobile phones and airtime credit introduced by government. It’s hardly surprising that less than flowery opinions have been shared by Zimbabweans who are now faced by the prospect of a significant price increase on devices and already expensive mobile communication services. The fact is the waiver on duty […]

Follow the Zimbabwe Elections on “Google Politics & Elections” hub #ZimDecides

While there are many sources for news and information on the elections being held today in Zimbabwe, Google’s Politics and Elections hub is unique in that it not only has some human curated information, it uses the search giant’s data to aggregate and present useful information about the elections that no other platform can.

What Zimbabweans are searching for on Google

Ever wondered what most people are searching for on Google? Well, it’s possible to find that information using a Google tool called Trends. Using Google Trends, you can find what they whole world is searching for on the largest search engine ever created. But you can also drill down to a specific country, Zimbabwe say, and a specific period.

No, WhatsApp’s failure to connect has nothing to do with elections

So, since last night complaints from Econet subscribers have have been hitting our tips mailbox, the issue being that they couldn’t WhatsApp anymore and that they suspected Econet “blocked WhatsApp”. The reason, according to the emails, was basically that politicians had instructed them to do so to limit any communication as #ZimDecides.

Web and mobile technology tools for the 2013 Zimbabwe elections

We’ve written in the past few weeks on technology tools that have launched to make convenient processes around elections like checking the voter’s roll, finding the nearest polling station, and following the results. As there are a couple more out there that we haven’t covered we thought we could just list them all in one post.

Zimbabwe Elections: Kenya inspired website helps voters find the nearest polling station

A tweet in our feed today alerted us to another elections related website that came online a few days ago. The website, (but name GoToVote! ZW) allows visitors to selector their constituency, district and ward to get a listing of polling stations nearest to them. Here’s a screenshot of the website:

Zimbabwe Elections: Now you can check the voters roll online

An article published by NewsDay today pointed to a new website that allows Zimbabweans to check if they are registered on the voters’ roll. The service comes online as Zimbabwe prepares for the harmonised elections said to be slated for the 31st of July (this month).