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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Says Social Media Was Used To Distort Reality During Elections

The heavy use of social media to spread information among citizens, promote political messages and issuing notices during the 2018 election period in Zimbabwe is well known. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc were some of the social media platforms that were used to achieve some ends. This has disproportionately increased the onslaught against the social media […]

Fadzayi Mahere Sues Fellow Lawyer For $1 Million Over Tweets

If you are a Twimbo (Zimbabweans on Twitter) or Facebook person you may have come across the name, Fadzayi Mahere, in the months leading up to the elections. She is one of the few politicians who efficiently used social media to put across her political message despite her losing out on her contested constituency. Well, […]

Priscilla Chigumba Presses Criminal Charges Against Popular Twitter User For Posting An Insulting Retweet Of Her

If you think you are safe for not posting your own ‘tweet’ but just ‘retweeting’ other people’s ‘tweets’ then you are wrong. You just have to ask Shadaya Tawona about this. Shadaya Tawona is popularly known for creating memes on the social media that interpret social issues prevailing in Zimbabwe. One ‘retweet’ he did about Zimbabwe […]

ZEC Website Down Again: This Is Not Ok

As far as we know the site was up and running yesterday around 11am and we only realised that the site was down earlier today. They did however put up an error message citing: We will be back soon!!! Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. Please check back soon. We apologise for any inconvenience. Rules […]

ZEC Failed To Ensure “Impartial and Fair Coverage” Of The Election By State Media, ZBC Did Propaganda For Zanu-PF: MDC Alliance Court Petition

The role of media in elections is undoubtedly critical. Media gives politicians a chance to share their visions and plans with their supporters (aspiring supporters) on what they will do (for their voters) when they are elected into office. This gives voters a chance to choose which politician to vote for. And as part of […]

ZEC Acknowledges Their Website Was Hacked But They Managed To Take It Down After 11 Minutes

Yesterday as the protests that took place in Harare were ongoing, hackers were also hard at work ensuring they were doing their part remotely. ZEC’s website was taken down and now the electoral commission has responded to questions regarding this development. Speaking about the hack at the Command Centre were election results are being announced, […]

Here Is One Prominent Lawyer’s Take On ZEC’s Ban On Voters For Taking ‘Selfies’ Or Just Using Cellphones Inside Polling Stations

Im sure you were trying to wrap around  Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (ZEC) ban on voters for taking selfies or just using your phone in the polling stations. Well, one lawyer, Alex Magaisa has written an article giving you insight on the whole basis of the ZEC’s ban. According to Pindula, “Dr. Alex T. Magaisa is […]

ZEC Reminds People Where They Are Registered To Vote (Polling Station) Via Bulk SMSs

Don’t freak out, I know talking about ‘bulk SMSs’ has been associated with a controversy that happened some weeks ago. But today it’s a different story. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is utilizing its vast repository of phone numbers to send bulk SMSs reminding people about where they are registered to vote on the upcoming general elections. […]

ZEC Chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba Endorses Digital Campaigns By Political Parties As Long As It Is Lawful

With the rise of the internet, political parties have begun to harness digital technologies and tools to mobilize voter turnout. That’s why ZEC’s chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba has given her blessing to political parties who are engaged in digital campaigning saying that there is nothing wrong with it so long there is no infringement of people’s […]

Police Threaten To Track ‘Those Spreading Misleading Information On Social Media’

I said it before and I’ll say it again: welcome to the election season in Zimbabwe. The last time we had nation wide elections the internet penetration rate was just above 40%. Now the rate is above 52% and yup we can see the difference. There is a frenzy on social media: debates, citizen journalsim […]

ZANU PF Text Saga Continues: Lawyer Takes Econet, ZEC, ZANU PF And An Aspiring MP To Court

There’s a new twist to the story of the unsolicited text messages that some ZANU PF candidates sent to individuals who never gave them their contact details. I don’t know if it’s accurate to say ZANU PF candidates sent the messages when some candidates told us they were shocked to hear messages had gone out […]

An Online Tool To Help Zimbabwean Voters Analyse Political Parties. Even Better, The Tool Will Be Useful Even After The Elections

We are exactly three weeks away from the elections and we can feel it. Enthusiasts are posting the voters roll online without thinking through the privacy implications and politicians are desperately sending unsolicited and targeted messages to people without thinking how people will react to having their numbers and details in the hands of politicians. […]

What do POTRAZ And The ZANU PF Candidates Who Sent Unsolicited Messages Have To Say About Accessing People’s Data?

The ongoing controversy of targeted bulk SMS by Zanu-PF aspiring candidates is nothing short of drama. The notable burning questions which were raised out of this drama were, “Where did Zanu-PF get the database?” and “What does the law say about accessing people’s data and sending unsolicited SMSes?” A Recap Naturally, people (initially) accused Zimbabwe […]

ZANU-PF Sending Personalised Messages To Individuals, Where Did They Get That Database? Electoral Commission And Econet Says Not From Them

As 30 July draws closer, political parties are racing to canvass as much support (which they hope will turn into votes) as they can. Until now to put across their message, political parties have initially resorted to traditional means of inviting people to rallies and issuing manifestos. But now Zanu-PF is being accused of going […]

Over A Year Later, A Few Weeks Before The Elections And BVR Myths Are Still Prevalent

This article was sponsored by Go Zim, a civic education campaign aimed at encouraging citizens to get out and vote on elections day. See more at In March of last year, Techzim published an article attempting to dispel the myths surrounding the introduction of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) in Zimbabwe. The technology, which captures voter’s fingerprints […]

ZEC Instructs Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe To Provide Equal Coverage To All Political Parties

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has written to Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe(BAZ) asking them to grant equal coverage on all media platforms to all participating political parties for the upcoming 2018 Elections. Since the past 20 years or so Zimbabweans have been ‘force fed’ to watch just one television channel, that […]

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Clarifies The Purpose Of Using USSD Code

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has cleared the air regarding the use of its USSD code in the wake of rumors that the SMSs generated to confirm registration detail by using a USSD code is a way to rig the oncoming general elections (not sure how SMSs can be used to rig). Through the USSD platform, if a voter […]

Mobile Phones Help 720 000 People To Check Their Voter Details

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC), has reported that as much as 719387 registrants checked their ‘voter details’ using the USSD platform on their respective mobile networks since the provisional voters’ roll inspection started on the 19th of May. Through the USSD platform, if a voter types *265# and inputs their national registration number and date of birth, […]

How To Check Your Polling Station Online Or Via Mobile Even Without Internet

It is super important to note that in the upcoming general and presidential elections  voting is very specific to respective polling stations. In the past, you could go to any polling station within your constituency but this year your registration is specific to a particular polling station. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has recruited the services […]

Activists Pushing For ZEC To Allow The Public To Access Their Servers. Good Idea???

Of late, the Zimbabwe Electronic Commission (ZEC) has been under pressure from civil society organisations to give the public access to their servers. Turns out ZEC is not too keen to do that. The Herald today published a response from a ZEC representative, ZEC commissioner Dr Q Moyo which said  Zimbabwe has millions of people and […]

If you are student at UZ here is how you can win a new laptop

Fadzayi Mahere is running a Student Voter Registration Challenge. The challenge is meant to get as many people as possible registered to vote in the 2018 elections where Mahere herself is running for MP in Mt Pleasant. Before you run off, no, you don’t have to vote for her or get others to for you […]

[UPDATE: Search is now live] Want to register to vote? Finding a registration station has just been made easier

The 2018 elections are fast approaching and as Techzim wrote last week, ZEC has not made it easy for people to find registration stations. ZEC published the list of registration stations in the national paper which took a full fifteen pages. Finding the registration station closest to you in those 15 pages is almost like […]

How to register to vote for the 2018 harmonised elections

This story was originally posted on Pindula  (reshared with permission) The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced that it does not have a Voters Roll and that all prospective voters who want to exercise their right to vote in the 2018 harmonised election will have to be registered using the Biometric Voting Registration (BVR) system. Just for emphasis, […]

Zimbabwe’s opposition parties plan demos against government’s takeover of Biometric Voter Registration procurement

Zimbabwe’s opposition parties which belong to the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) are planning to hold nationwide demonstrations against the government’s move to take over the procurement of the biometric voter registration (BVR) kits. Recently the Zimbabwe government through the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) stated that it was taking over the procurement of BVR kits from […]

Zimbabwe rules out biometric voting in 2018 elections, electronic system for registration only

The national election body, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced that there will be no biometric voting or any form of electronic voting in 2018 and that the Biometric system being put in place is strictly for registration.