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Not Yet Uhuru: The Bigger Legal Issue On Internet Shut Down Has Not Been Addressed Yet

So yes the court has ruled that the internet shut down order given by the minister of state security was an illegal order. The judge went on to order the lifting of all restrictions on social media access that have been in place since Tuesday last week. The actual ruling made The ruling made by […]

Full Text: Veritas Explains The Legality Or Lack Of The Internet Shut Down

Below is the full Veritas Bulletin commenting on the recent shut down of the internet at the directive of the government. We have argued here that the law the government claims to have been following does not permit such an action at all. Here are lawyers explaining the whole thing: In this bulletin we shall […]

President Mnangagwa Not Going To Davos, He’s Coming Home To Deal With Crisis

Reports say the president is no longer going to Davos, He is cutting his trip short and coming back home to deal with the crisis rocking the country since early last week. President Mnangagwa was set to attend the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos for the second consecutive year as the president of Zimbabwe […]

President Mnangagwa’s Spokesman Justifies Internet Blackout, Reveals Ignorance On The Internet Itself

Gearge Charamba is in Eastern Europe on a tour with President Mnangagwa. He made comments on the shutdown of the internet by the government in an interview with the ZBC whilst on this trip. At least he has not issued a silly lie like the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi. […]

A Young Mother’s Job And Livelihood Affected By The Stupidity Of An Internet Blackout

I have a good friend of mine, married to one of my closest friends. She’s one of the sweetest people I know. I also respect her out of the box thinking when it comes to making a living and contributing to the family income. She has a three-year-old daughter who qualifies to the sweetest list […]

There Was Just A Congestion Problem, Zimbabwe’s Information Deputy Minister’s Silly Lie About The Internet Blackout

So the internet was switched off yesterday. We hoped and reasoned that this would never happen but the Zimbabwean government went ahead and ordered all internet service providers to block access to the internet. At first they just blocked access to social media and the popular chat application WhatsApp. By just after mid day yesterday […]