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Strict Covid-19 restrictions return

The following measures were announced by the President this evening and will take effect from tomorrow: All non-working sections of our population will be required to stay at home; except for purposes of securing food, water and health services. Where travel and social contact becomes essential and inevitable, every Zimbabwean should and must uphold the […]

Press Release: Vaya Offers Free Delivery Of Medicines For 3 Months

VAYA Express, through VAYA Express Medical Deliveries, is now offering free delivery of medical supplies to assist Zimbabweans in need of critical medicines and drugs during the restrictions imposed due the COVID -19 pandemic and beyond.  VAYA Express Medical Deliveries is collaborating with Maisha Health fund (formerly Steward Health) to help people in need to […]

Slides: Digital Patterns During Zimbabwe’s Lockdown

We did an informal unscientific survey to look at how patterns have changed (if they did) during Zimbabwe’s COVID 19 necessitated lockdown. The respondents were mostly regular Techzim visitors. This obviously means the sample is not representative of the wider Zim society at all. However, this is a sample of individuals marketers call ‘early adopters’ […]

Has Life Changed Due To COVID And Lockdown? Please Help Us Answer

The going theory is that the world is never going back to what it was before the COVID 19 pandemic. There are shifts happening all across the social and economic sphere. Some new patterns are being formed right now as lockdowns are effected etc. Mostly, what is happening is an acceleration of trends that were […]

Vaya Declared An Essential Service During Lockdown

It’s been a week since the beginning of a national lockdown declared by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. H e declared the lockdown for a duration of 21 days and this can be revised. Under the lockdown, people are mandated to stay home except when going to procure food and other supplies as well as accessing medical […]

ED’s Law: 20 Years In Prison For Fake News During Lockdown

I still stick to my position that policing fake news is dangerous no matter the circumstances. Therefore the law just passed is in my book a deadly precedence (just like a coup DE tat for that matter). Besides being a very bad thing to do, policing speech is a losing battle. I guess a few […]

Hey President ED Laws Against Social Media Won’t Work, You Already Shared What Works

There is indeed a serious problem of misinformation, alarmist type information and general fake news regarding the COVID 19 pandemic. I am thus going to assume the president is sincere in wanting to protect the country from this ‘infodemic’ as the World Health Organisation called it. Towards the end of his address announcing total lockdown […]

President’s Lockdown Could Be Dangerous, Let’s All Make Sure It Works

I definitely believe that a lockdown was needed and could have been effected a little earlier. When signs that Zimbabwe was going to implement it soon started showing I was relieved. The actual announcement disappointed me a great deal though. First, why is a lockdown important? The important assumption regarding COVID 19 that leads to […]