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Zimbabwe’s VID should follow South Africa’s lead and start issuing smart plastic licences

During this week I visited the VID premises in Eastlea. It had been years since I did so and back then there was not much to like about the place and the experience. I was curious to see if anything had changed. I am glad to say while the place still looks ancient, like you […]

EcoCash US$100 million fraudsters arrested

The long arm of the law.

ZRP cautions public on New Year’s Eve activities

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has released a statement on Twitter regarding any activities set for New Year’s Eve.

Police stations to use POS machines to discourage bribery

Police stations across the country will now make use of POS machines that will be used for admission of guilt fines – a move that the ZRP believes will reduced cases of bribery. The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) is said to have distributed 333 POS machines to 319 stations across the country. The number of […]

ZRP Officers Banned From Social Media After Sensitive Information Was Leaked

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has banned police officers from using social media during working hours to instead focus on crime prevention and investigation. Police officers will thus not be allowed to focus on their cellphones at the expense of duty or abuse WhatsApp platforms, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media sites. Paul Nyathi – […]

ZRP Computerising In Hopes Of Eliminating Corruption

Minister of Home Affairs Kazembe Kazembe has said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) along with the Registrar General’s Office will be getting computerised with the intent to improve efficiency and weed out corruption. Computerisation lessens pressure on our officers thereby improving efficency as it helps them serve clients quickly. Minister Kazembe Kazembe Will this root […]

Police Warn People After Man Loses Over $19 000 To Scammers

Another day another scam.Banks have lately been issuing warning about the rise of scams but it seems like it’s not enough to safeguard clients from scammers. Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) recently dealt with a case where a man was swindled ZWL $19658.05 out of his bank account by scammers over a phone call. Through it’s, […]

4 Thieves Caught After Stealing Batteries At Econet’s Base Station

Four thieves were caught by the police after they had stolen 24 batteries at an Econet Booster, thanks to a vigilant security guard. According to a post on Twitter by the Zimbabwe Republic Police: They were taken to court & 3 have since been convicted and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment while the case against […]

ZRP And HIT Strike Partnership To Lower Crime Rates

Zimbabwe’s police force (ZRP) has come to an agreement with the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) to develop staff and enable the police force to deal with crime more efficiently using technology. Apart from staff development, the agreement signed last week will also factor in some software. The Deputy Commissioner-General, Stephen Mutambi expressed worry over […]

Police Threaten To Track ‘Those Spreading Misleading Information On Social Media’

I said it before and I’ll say it again: welcome to the election season in Zimbabwe. The last time we had nation wide elections the internet penetration rate was just above 40%. Now the rate is above 52% and yup we can see the difference. There is a frenzy on social media: debates, citizen journalsim […]

‘Card Cloning’ On The Rise: Steward Bank Warns Customers To Guard Against This Type Of Fraud

Steward Bank has issued a notice warning its customers about the increased risk of transactions involving credit and debit card cloning (card cloning). The Customer Notice is asking customers to be vigilant when using their cards and it went to great lengths prescribing habits customers can take to guard against card cloning. The increased use […]

‘Swipe’ Users Lose $200 000 This Year Already Due To Debit Card Cloning

A report published last week by the Zimbabwe Republic Police of the rising cases of debit card cloning symbolizes one of the major risks of using the “plastic money”. Chief Superintended Paul Nyathi stated that from the beginning of the year to 15 March 2018, debit card holders had already lost $200 000 to the […]

ZRP introduces swipe machines at police stations to handle fine payments, roadblocks are next

Charamba, who highlighted how the POS facilities will help motorists, also mentioned that the next stage in the ZRP’s e-money roll out would be the introduction of POS machines at roadblocks to cater for spot fines.

US$1 million on ZRP cars? How about tackling corruption with POS terminals & body cams instead

If the ZRP can put up $1 million for new cop cars there surely can be an investment made towards resources that still help the police do their jobs while addressing other faults in the system.

Fed up with cops, Zimbabwean road users have adopted this Google tool to monitor roadblock corruption

Zimbabwean road users have adopted this Google tool to monitor police roadblock corruption.