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ZIMRA’s Online System Breaks Down, Causes Long Queues At The Border

Just a few days ago, ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) revealed how it had surpassed the revenue it had projected for the month of November (2017) by almost 30%. We had mixed emotions concerning this announcement. Anyway, judging from their e-service downtime this month and the report that Newsday published today, that might not be happening again… well […]

ZIMRA Records 30% More Revenue Than Projected In November

ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) is reported to have done well in the last month. In fact, they did almost 30 percent better than they had expected for the month. See with entities like ZIMRA it’s hard to establish what emotion to tie with such news. Yes, we’re glad that whenever ZIMRA generates revenue, the country […]

Now you can tweet your ZIMRA questions & complaints

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) website has always been that one website whose service surpasses that we expect of government agencies by far. Forget government, on usability, accessibility and just making important information available to people that need it, ZIMRA’s websites is well ahead even those of private entities. Whether you want to check the […]

Upgrade to customs clearing system causes major disruption at ZIMRA

An upgrade of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) customs clearing ICT system carried out recently didn’t go too well. Major disruptions in clearing have been experienced and according to reports we got last night, the situation has not been resolved yet.