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Duplicating business models from global brands in Zimbabwe

Innovation. Disruption. Original. These are some of the buzzwords in the entrepreneurship arena that every player wishes to be associated with. There have been several new ideas that came in and shook up their respective industries from Apple with the first most adopted graphical user interface computer to Uber destroying the taxi industry in several […]

Telecom26 to provide connectivity to infectious disease testing programs in Zimbabwe

Telecom26 has announced that a partnership with long-time client SystemOne who’s initiative is to enable real-time testing results communication to help timely containment and treatment of infectious diseases will be extended to Ghana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Background Telecom26 is an independent global mobile network operator (MNO) founded in Switzerland in 2012. They have their own […]

Google Celebrates Zim Culture With Mbira Doodle

It’s a well-established fact (yes fact, not opinion) that Google Doodles are pretty cool. Today’s Doodle is extra cool with the search engine sharing a 4 part-story of the Mbira. The mbira is a Zimbabwean musical instrument consisting of a wooden board with attached staggered metal tines. The wooden soundboard (gwariva) is affixed with a […]

[Video] Zimbabwe GDP Per Capita Vs Other SADC Countries 2000-2018

The following video is a visualization of SADC member state’s GDP Per Capita figures over an 18 year period. An animated comparison of how Zimbabwe has been faring compared to it’s other sister states. If you have any stats you want to see presented in this format do let us know. Enjoy, Like and Share […]

President ED Declares 21 Day Lockdown From Monday 30 March

President Mnangagwa has declared that from Monday 30 March, the country will go into total lockdown for the next 21 days. Some of the measures announced as part of the declaration are as follows; Army to be deployed to enforce lockdown. All movements of people is prohibited with the exception of Ministers, Heads of Ministries […]

Fortune Chasi Says Eskom Still Supplying Us With Power

Whilst many have speculated that the ongoing South African power crisis is affecting us and has resulted in 24-hour power cuts, Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has said that imports from Eskom are yet to be impacted by the crisis in SA. I’m happy to report that although South Africans are facing challenges in the power […]

ZBC’s 24-Hour News Channel To Launch At The End Of November

Remember the draft of new channels ZBC announced a few months ago? Whilst they are yet to materialise there are One of those channels will be a 24-hour news channel and according to the Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa, that channel recently completed its DStv assessment: This project seeks to facilitate the launch free to […]

Zim Digital & Social Media Awards To Host Free Online Conference Focusing On Social Media

Zim Digital and Social Media Awards is going to host a 5-day online conference which will be graced by “digital and social media marketing experts from Zimbabwe and Africa” who will “unpack the digital landscape in Africa and discuss how African brands can better leverage digital platforms to achieve their desired results”. The conference dubbed, […]

Mission 2030: Achieving Innovation Led Economic Growth

It’s high time we articulate a proper path for the future of this country and decide where we want to be competitively. Government needs to figure out ways it can deliver innovation-led economic growth that is both sustainable and equitable. But first and foremost we have to abandon this old idea that the government should […]

ZIFA Now Selling Tickets Online, Begins With Selling Tickets For The Upcoming ‘Zimbabwe Vs Congo’ Match

That’s it, if you want to attend the ‘Zimbabwe Vs Congo’ game next month then you have to buy the ticket online. Two weeks ago ZIFA took a bold decision of starting selling tickets for the ‘Zimbabwe vs Congo’ match online so as to avert the chaos that usually happens on match days. I must […]

Zimbabwe, Time To Shift Strategy

Zimbabwe’s problem is not economic it’s political. Even though right now it seems like its economics, it essentially remains a political issue of confidence and TRUST. So let’s focus on the pneumonia, not the headache. Is it feasible to reach out across the aisle and find a negotiated settlement that is the panacea for the […]

Top Twitter Accounts To Follow During The Shutdown Zimbabwe Protests

Social media and the internet have given individuals the power to keep up with things as they happen like never before. With near-real-time updates pouring in you may be wondering which accounts and hashtags to follow and keep up with these protests. Which accounts will keep you up to speed? With that being said we […]

Rwanda Opens Its First Public Coding School. Here Is Something Worth Copying For Our Government

Rwanda is not backing down from its promise of wanting to be a knowledge-based economy. What better way to show this commitment than opening a public coding school? Indeed, Rwanda now has opened its first publicly funded coding school. I would want to even go as far as to declare that it may be Africa’s […]

Full Text: Jonathan Moyo’s Allegations Against Strive Masiyiwa – This Is War

Former Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo beef with Strive Masiyiwa is still on and the Professor has published a series of tweets containing disturbing allegations on the Econet’s Founder. What started as a mere exchange of opinions has turned into a war of words. 1/24 The self-righteous outburst by #StriveMasiyiwa, supported by his fellow bible-quoting juntapreneurs, in […]

Here Is The Cost Of A Drone License, Minimum Age To Operate One And Other Rules For Drones In Zim

Drone fanatics now have a rulebook that means they can’t just fly their drones willy-nilly. The use of drones has lately been on the rise in Zimbabwe, with photographers, politicians (campaigning) and drone racers being at the forefront of this trend. The regulations which were crafted late last year make it clear as to what […]

US Based Zimbabwean, Tawanda Kanhema Spent US $5000 Personal Money To Put Zimbabwe On Street View

For many people with shallow pockets to travel or with no time to travel, it’s almost impossible for them to see the proverbial Zimbabwean monuments and nature that the country has to offer. But one Zimbabwean, Tawanda Kanhema figured out that you don’t necessarily need to be in Zimbabwe to see these things. Tawanda’s ingenious […]

How Crazy? China Is Installing Facial Recognition Toilet-Paper-Dispensers To Cut Toilet Paper Wastage In Public Toilets

China has a problem with, of all things, toilet paper. Citizens have been caught using too much of it or just downright stealing them straight out of public restrooms. Guess what’s the Chinese government’s controlling measure? The Chinese government installed facial recognition toilet paper dispensers. Toilet users will need to scan their faces for dispensers to issue […]

France To Introduce A Digital Tax On New Year Targeting Companies Like Google, Facebook

France is going for the jugular against tech companies as it contemplates introducing a digital tax from the first of January, 2019. The digital tax, which is being introduced to ensure that a fair share of taxes is paid by all companies, will target foreign tech giants that earn global revenues exceeding $853 million. Finance Minister Bruno […]

EcoCash Should Refund EcoCash Charges To Customers For ‘Failed Transactions’. Agreed?

Over the weekend, several people experienced some problems using their EcoCash, including two of my colleagues here at Techzim. The problems were characterized by failed transactions which entail someone’s Ecocash being debited (taken money) but the merchant’s account not confirming that it received a payment. I suppose this problem didn’t make much noise because it […]

Here’s Why Google Shows You Donald Trump When You Search For ‘Idiot’ According To Google’s CEO

The internet despises Donald Trump and Google is not able to do much about it. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was summoned on Tuesday for a round of grilling by a committee comprising of US Senators. While the session was primarily around the tech giant’s role in maintaining a fair and indiscriminate platform for searching anything […] Is Where The Diaspora Can Buy South African Groceries For Loved One’s In Zimbabwe

With the prevailing shortages of groceries and other commodities in Zimbabwe and Christmas just being around the corner, you are probably stressing about where you gonna buy groceries. Well there is now a new e-commerce platform,,  that your relatives and loved ones in the Diaspora can use to buy groceries for you and they […]

Mutumwa Is A Start-up That Makes It Easier To Deliver Anything For You

The on-demand economy is swiftly taking over the traditional business models by serving people with what they want, when they want and where they want. Mutumwa is one of a few new players in the on-demand economy space in Zimbabwe. You can use Mutumwa’s to deliver just about anything. Mutumwa is simply a courier start-up […]

Ministry Of ICT Launches National Cybersecurity Awareness Week: Zim Government Now Serious About Cybersecurity

The threats and attacks that happen in the digital world are no less injurious and dangerous to those that happen in the physical world. Zimbabwe (and the world) is increasingly entering the digital world and that progress equally exposes us to cyber threats and attacks. Which makes it needful to sit down and come up […]

Is 5G Relevant For Africa Yet?

With global 5G rollout gathering momentum, the question of whether Africa is ready for the transition to 4G’s successor is dependent on various factors that could cause a delay in the integration of 5G in the continent. Back in January, South African mobile operator MTN and Ericsson announced Africa’s first 5G technology and applications trial. […]

Here Are Some Safety Tips For Passengers When Using Ride-hailing Services Like Vaya

Ride-hailing is now gaining popularity in Zimbabwe, owing to the grand entrance of Vaya Africa. Since raid-haling is something new to many Zimbabweans, its important for these novices to know some safety tips they can practice when using ride-hailing services Confirm the name of the driver and make of the vehicle Before getting in the […]

Meet Fresh In A Box, A Start-up That’s Winning The Hearts Of Many With Its Home Delivery Of Vegetables

When I start to talk about home delivery, immediately, pizza or fast food rings a bell. But a certain start-up is delivering (home delivery) a different type of food, with fewer calories too, to homes. Fresh in a box is a new start-up that has lately excited the hearts of many with its home delivery […]

How Safe Is It To Use Vaya Africa?

The idea of getting into a stranger’s vehicle was unheard of in Zimbabwe a few years ago. Today, ride-sharing services are gradually getting popular and one day they may become an indispensable part of our transportation system. However, is our convenience of booking cars enough to put our lives on the line? On the global […]

Zim Entering Cyber Security Partnership With Japan? 

It seems we are on a deal-striking streak. As recently as the 4th of November, Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube met with Japan’s Ambassador Toshiyuki Iwado and also announced that Japan is financing a cyber-security project within the country. Not much else has been disclosed about this deal but what we do know is that […]

Three Local Start-ups To Represent Zimbabwe At This Year’s Southern Africa Start-up Awards

Three local startups will represent Zimbabwe at the Regional Grand Finale of the Southern Africa Start-up Awards 2018 that are going to be held in South Africa later this month. Southern Africa Start-up Awards is part of a global initiative that aims to improve the visibility of local start-ups to international investors/venture capitalists. Wait. What’s […]

Forget Zimbabwe, Zambia Is ‘Open For Business’

When you hear this phrase/mantra ‘Open for business’, you naturally know that we are talking about President Mnangagwa’s Second Republic. Ironically, Zimbabwe has of late been ‘Closed’, with inflation, foreign currency shortages, commodity shortages, and pessimism inspiring an economic downturn. For our Northern neighbors, Zambia, the phrase “Open for business” really resonates with them. Last […]