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Zimbabwe One Of The Hardest Places To Conduct Business On Earth: Zim More Corrupt Than Nigeria

Zimbabwe is ranked 159 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings. Though this ranking is abysmally low it’s actually an improvement from last years ranking -161- and our all-time low of 171 back in 2011. On the opposite spectrum the easiest place to conduct business, […]

Farmvest: An Agriculture Investment Platform That Will Help Zim Farmers To Source Capital

You know the story in Zimbabwe, inadequate capital for farmers is disturbing the agriculture output of Zimbabwe. But Farmvest is here to make life easier for farmers while simultaneously offering attractive rewards to investors. Farmvest is essentially an agriculture investment platform that ‘aims revolutionize the local agriculture sector by connecting small-scale and communal farmers with […]

Zim Startup,Courier City, Expands Shipping Network: You Can Now Ship To And From Kenya

Zimbabwean Startup, Courier City, is broadening their reach as they expand their shipping network to Nairobi, Kenya. They’ve sent out a press release detailing how this will work and customers will save up to 50% just like when shipping from Canada. You can read the press release below: Courier City is expanding its revolutionary approach in […]

Q&A: Zero Transaction Fees. We Talk To The People Who Want To Make It Happen

So we recently spent time with Trish Martinez and Sama Saab from the Dala foundation and Wala foundation and they got to introduce us to their crypotcurrency i.e Dala and the companion which is Wala -described as a “zero-fee money app” -and one of the major focuses of Wala is financial inclusion. I’m still trying […]

Zimbabwean Companies Will Be Affected By EU’s Privacy Policy Updates. Here’s How

Lately, many people have been receiving notifications about privacy policy updates from various websites and Apps. These policy updates are popping up because organizations are adopting a new European Union (EU) Directive called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is set to change how business is done the world over. Websites and Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram […]

‘Zimbabwe Is Open For Business’ But Seems Closed Online

Since the political transition (affectionately being called ‘new dispensation’) that Zimbabweans witnessed late last year, the ‘Zimbabwe is Open for business’ slogan is being massively promoted. President Mnangagwa’s government has been making a series of policy reforms and introducing new provisions in current laws as it bids to undo past wrongs. As recent as last […]

HIT Students Demonstrate For Wi-Fi

Yesterday, Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) students held a protest to its administration for lack of wi-fi amongst other many things. Students reported that there they lack wi-fi access in their hostels and when they go to lecture rooms it will be limited. The backlash was in the background that students are having to pay […]

ZSE Trades Decrease But Turnover Surges In The First Quarter

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) witnessed a tumbling of the volume of shares traded in the first quarter to  297 386 164  compared to a similar period last year. However, the value of shares traded for the first quarter surged by as much as 204% to $144 555 983 comparable to the first quarter of 2017. […]

Press Release: Econet Wireless Apologises For Internet Outage

Following the internet outage that was experienced in Zimbabwe form around 11:44 AM to around 17:17 PM, Econet has come out with an apology to its customers, Econet Wireless apologises to its valued customers for the data outage experienced today (Dec 5, 2017) resulting in customers being unable to access the Internet and related data […]

Can The Zimbabwean Economy Function Without The Internet?

We were without internet access for almost six hours today, from 11:45am to about 17:17pm. The outage was due to a core platform failure on the Liquid Telecom network which in turn affected all those riding on their network. ZOL and Econet were affected. NetOne was affected but only briefly as they seem to have switched to […]

Update: TelOne statement on major internet outage in Zimbabwe. Country lost 2 major internet links

As you may know, the internet was mostly down in Zimbabwe today. The main cause as we have established so far is that a Liquid Telecom fibre link supplying most of the country’s internet (directly to Liquid and ZOL customers, but also indirectly through leased capacity to TelOne, Dandemutande and other providers), was down. So […]

What I Did When The Internet Went Down In Zimbabwe

So today, the internet went down in Zimbabwe from around 11:45 to 17:17 and this was due to a core platform failure on the Liquid Telecom network which is the backbone of internet service providers in Zimbabwe. I’ve always known that most of what I do for a living severely depends on having internet access […]

Open Letter to President Emmerson D Mnangagwa

Dear Mr President The obvious first: Congratulations on your inauguration as the third President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. I acknowledge this is a job that comes with tremendous pressure especially considering where Zimbabwe is soci-economically and the high hopes of most citizens that a change of executive will bring an immediate ease to their […]

How to Follow Online Updates of March to Statehouse #SolidarityMarch #FreshStart #MugabeMustGo

Every other Zimbabwean (at least those in Harare) seems to be going to join the march to statehouse or the Zimbabwe Grounds anti Mugabe Rally. We are clearly surprised by some of the people who are participating, you know those people you can’t ever convince to register to vote. let alone to actually vote! Now we […]

How to spot a fake Twitter account…

Of all social media networks, I reckon that twitter is the place where people go to get their news. In Zimbabwe to be more precise, it seems as if all the scoop on this ‘non-millitary takeover’ situation is on twitter. Because of that, there’s a high chance of dormant or even new twitter users to (re)surface. […]

Twitter accounts you can follow for updates on the Zimbabwean situation

Since print media and national television won’t give you much, social media is the next best thing… or maybe even if print media and television were an option today, social media still triumphs because it gives news in real time. Though of course on social media the high risk of fake news is very high, […]

EMAP Online Applications For Form One Places At Boarding Schools in Zimbabwe Now Available

Despite all the challenges that the Electronic Ministry Application Platform (eMAP) has faced, it’s finally is up and ready to be used by prospective form 1 candidates. eMAP is a platform which was first introduced in December 2016 by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in a bid to simplify and/or make convenient the […]

Everything Happening Now All Happened Before In 2008…

Though it’s almost 10 years ago the memories of 2008 are as clear as day to me. I was in a technical college at the time and needed to sit for my National Diploma that I assumed would be the key to opening many doors for me. Sadly, due to the ferocious economy at the time I […]

Skype redesigns. Is it a move to stay in the game?

So Skype recently did a massive renovation of its desktop application. Not only did it change in appearance but it also added in a few more features. Now Skype allows you to personalise your chats; you can now pin chats for easier access like you would on WhatsApp as well as organise your contacts by status, time […]

Google Chrome improves on security by adding some new features to Chrome Cleanup

If you like using Google, it only makes sense to be using Chrome as your default browser right? Wrong, well at least not in Zim. In Zimbabwe stats prove that the most used browser is actually Opera mini. That’s probably because data prices are quite high hence leaving Opera Mini as the go to browser […]

What do you think it takes to run a ZimDancehall website? Here are the lessons I learnt first hand.

Many of us want to achieve great things in life. That’s where the story actually starts. I started my first blog somewhere around 2011. It had nothing to do with dancehall, but it definitely laid the foundation for me. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing that time but I enjoyed conveying […]

What is the status of Data Science in Zimbabwe?

Collection, manipulation and interpretation of analyzed Information (data) has been a crucial part of many economic and social processes the world over. This has been the major reason why every successful corporate (and economy) has continuously sought to make use of every relevant, available piece of information to make decisions that aim to improve profitability […]

Receive Money in Zimbabwe From The Diaspora in USD with BitMari

Last week, Techzim wrote about a startup called Study 263 which solves remittance issues using bitcoin. However, the startup only limits its services to from Zimbabwe to S.A and vice versa. Today, let’s talk about BitMari a bit. BitMari is a Bitcoin startup by Christopher Mapondera and Sinclair Skinner. It has several services including remittances […]

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation 2.0: The US Dollar Version

This story was originally posted on Rolling Alpha: Finance and Economics blog (reshared with permission) Here are words that I didn’t think I’d be writing: the Zimbabwe hyperinflation is re-emerging. We haven’t had any official inflation figures to back that up. But you don’t really need those to see what’s happening. To be clear: Zimbabwe is […]

What Zimbabwe and the developing world can learn from China

I have been reading Demystifying the Chinese Economy by Justin Yifu  Lin which details how China from 1979 onwards achieved rapid economic growth. Now Yifu Lin is a respected professor of Economics and a former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank so he knows a thing or two about these things. […]

Hypercube donors, US Embassy & Indigo Trust, respond to abuse-of-funds audit report

Earlier this week we published an audit report by the Hypercube Community that circulated on social media and email. The report alleged that some of the founders of the hub had possibly abused the funds and facilities of the hub. We contacted the 3 funders; Hivos, the US Embassy, and Indigo Trust. Hivos gave us their comment […]

Why I didn’t enjoy university

On the first day of university my fellow freshmen were excited and anxious. I wasn’t. Some were excited because being in university was an achievement. It wasn’t for me. Some were excited because they would be getting a university degree. I didn’t care. Some were excited because they could now breathe in freedom away from home. […]

The state of tech in Zimbabwe (February 2017)

So, we’re frequently asked about the state of the technology ecosystem in Zimbabwe, by people in Zimbabwe as well as people outside: The diaspora trying to understand what’s going on at home better People outside Zimbabwe trying to do things here: usually investment, but also NGO/Donor types Embassies in Zimbabwe Business analysts looking to report on (usually listed) companies in Zimbabwe […]

The full scoop on Google’s mission to train 1 million Africans

As you may have read from our most recent post, Google is on a mission to train 1 million Africans on fundamental IT skills. Zimbabwe is also included in this road map and after a conversation with Trust Nhokovedzo the coordinator for training in Zimbabwe we were able to get more details on what exactly this […]

Are you into IT and have always wished to work for Google? Here is your chance

If you always wanted to work for Google you should be happy to hear that Google is looking for people in Zimbabwe who have at least a diploma in IT who want to get involved in the Digital Africa Google Program to train one million young Africans aged between 25-35years of age on basic IT […]