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How big can this car tracking service be for TelOne?

TelOne held a launch event for their car tracking service Teltrack. The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track and various motoring associations. The launch of this service got us thinking about how big this opportunity could be for TelOne. At the launch event, there was a lot of talk […]

South Africa hacked: about 30 million ID numbers leaked

Just after we introduce a Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation, our neighbour South Africa gets what seems to be its largest data breach in history; what are the odds? If I didn’t know any better I’d say it’s the Zim government trying to prove a point but well… A few days ago, […]

Let’s not kid ourselves, government & policy are necessary pieces of the tech puzzle

While I agree that governments often tend to do things that count for imprudence, the reality of the matter is that while we may not want anything to do with policy makers, the policy makers have everything to do with us and our tech goals.

Zimbabweans let down by government & bankers who are avoiding solutions to cash crisis

The government – represented by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe which is the industry regulator, and the entire collective of bankers – unified under the banner of the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe are the two entities – the collection of officials, that should have responded to the crisis with emergency measures.

Zimbabwe’s e-Government takes shape as country introduces online company registration & licensing

The site, which is fairly simple to use, offers a number of services which include visa applications, company registration, corporate name change, deeds search, the processing of investment and mining licences as well as the licensing for local government services like operating a liquor store.

Zimbabwe to manufacture 50,000 computers a year through Chinese partnership

It is anticipated that the company formed by Inspur and the government will manufacture 50,000 computers a year. This agreement is also set to culminate in the development of a National Data Centre; a high-tech park; projects for e-education, e-taxation and e-migration; as well as the development of a high-performance computer system.