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The ZOL mobile app and good customer service from internet companies

I can’t speak on the premium internet packages that are well beyond the reach of the average Zimbabwean consumer, but anyone trying to get internet on a sub-$90 budget will have some story to tell on disrupted service, slow connections, delayed reactions to any challenges on a network and inadequate feedback when a problem is being addressed.

What is local content?

So after the noise with the store and the ensuing usual talk about local content one question has been tickling the nether regions of my brain. Just what the heck is local content?

Understanding that awful internet speed: Why am I not getting what I paid for?

It’s 2015, so the conversation around the availability of the internet in Zimbabwe is not so different from what you get in any other part of the world. Almost half of the population has access to an online connection. Current and potential consumers of internet services talk about the same things and ask the same questions […]

Exclusive: Dandemutande, iWayAfrica & AfricaOnline merging

We have received information that local Internet Access Provider Dandemutande, the company behind the uMAX service, will be merging with two internet service providers, iWayAfrica and AfricaOnline. This move comes as the entities seek to establish a competitive advantage in a competitive operating environment that has been very brutal on every operator. Yesterday we wrote […]

What sort of chances does TelOne have with its Metro Wi-Fi?  

At the 2014 Broadband Forum, the conclusion was that the next frontier in broadband is retailing broadband right to the doorstep. Various ISPs made noise about FTTH promising to deliver services such as IPTV. Competition seems to be heating up with emerging solutions being rolled out including TelOne FTTH and ZOL Fibroniks. It’s even more […]

Powertel reintroduces unlimited internet

Remember how local Internet Service Provider, Powertel, made the biggest pricing mistake in telecoms last year when it scrapped its superstar unlimited package and opted to introduce a usage-based system instead. Well, the ISP seems to be fighting for customers’ attention with its new unlimited package. Before you get excited, there’s a bit of a caveat […]

Liquid Telecom introduces Zambia to Fibroniks, targets 20,000 connections

The most visible Fibre to the Home (FTTH) package in Zimbabwe right now has to be ZOL Fibroniks. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has managed to offer this service to the market because of the extensive fibre roll out being constructed by its parent company, Liquid Telecom. Now neighbouring Zambia is set to receive the same product. Liquid […]

ZOL has disrupted the Zim internet space, is voice communication next?

Zimbabweans are very particular about the cost of a product or service and any adjustment made to that effect. This extends to anything that an entrepreneur might want to provide really. The market is very price sensitive, just ask Powertel. It’s all blamed on the tough economic environment. Every dollar counts so if you up the […]

Fibre internet not a rich peoples’ thing anymore as ZOL introduces $39 package

ZOL today announced a new fibre internet packaged priced at $39 a month. It’s officially the lowest priced fibre based internet service in Zimbabwe. Before now, Zol’s cheapest fibre package was an $89 20GB package which, to many in these hard times Zimbabweans find themselves in, was unaffordably high. The new fibre package is even […]

2015 is all about broadband: How TelOne is positioning itself as an internet company

An article published today by the Source has qouted TelOne’s managing director, Chipo Mtasa, highlighting an anticipated growth revenue of 4% in 2015 for the fixed telecoms operator. Mtasa referenced the plans TelOne has which are focused on network expansion while improving client services systems and expanding broadband connectivity. There was also mention of expanding […]

The $32 million fibre project from Powertel: A sign of better service and tariffs to come?

No, It’s not rebranding again but ZESA Holdings’ IAP Powertel was in the Herald today for “getting a fibre connectivity via Botswana”. Not that this should be taken as anything new really, considering the fibre backbone that runs though Botswana has been around for years and at one point carried most of Zimbabwe’s traffic. Who can forget […]

Guaranteed ISP Happiness: It’s all about value not price as uMax competes in aggressive market

You probably have seen the ad already by now; local ISP uMax is offering a money back guarantee to new subscribers. If you sign up for their Wimax package and for whatever reason are not happy with their service they are offering, they will give you your money back. Actually this is not a new development. […]

Cell C billboard protest: What’s the lesson for Zim service providers?

A South African man disgruntled by what he deemed poor service from Cell C, specifically a franchise of Cell C at Sandton City, has found a novel way to fight back-by erecting an opposing billboard. George Prokas, a Cell C customer had an overdue account dispute with the service provider which accused him of having […]

Powertel rebrands yet again with its Re-energised Campaign

Local Internet Access Provider Powertel has just embarked on a new image campaign with a rebranding exercise that is meant to highlight its focus on innovation in the telecoms industry. This rebranding comes about a year after the adoption of another corporate look that branded Powertel with a blue and yellow colour theme that was […]

Powertel responds to the market, offers data promotion

A little over a month ago Powertel drew cries from many of its subscribers when it switched from an unlimited package to a pricier usage based system that left subscribers buying 1GB of data for $23. In a market that is highly price sensitive it wasn’t surprising that a lot of Powertel subscribers swore to […]

iWayAfrica connectivity “challenges” persist

On Friday the 3rd of October I woke up and for the first time in a while (what is two years) could not go online using my Rocket modem.On every attempt to connect I kept getting stuck with a “PPP link control protocol” was terminated error. At first I thought this problem was from my […]

Goodbye Powertel, hello…

So you have read about my niggardly thoughts on Powertel’s bundles. I really hate not knowing what I am going to spend on my internet connection in advance. The good news is that I know exactly how much I am going to spend on my internet next month: $50. After Powertel’s switcharoo I went out […]