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Tag: Zimbabwean music

Jah Prayzah launches Mdhara Vachauya video on YouTube, taps into power of social media

Zimbabwean music superstar Jah Prayzah has just released the much-anticipated video for his hit Mdhara Vachauya¬†following a huge build-up¬†(it was marketed like a major event) that was supported by a strong campaign on social media. The video, which is the second official video release from his latest album with the same name, attracted a lot […]

Zim Hip Hop artist earns over $5,000 in 5 days using WhatsApp & mobile money to sell a single

The rap artist’s latest single, Tongogara, from his upcoming album Morning Glory, is being distributed via WhatsApp for $1 with fans paying for the track via mobile money. So far it has earned the artist over US$5,000 in less than a week.

As Adele’s Hello inspires artists, it highlights strategy for creating a global brand

While the whole world shares Hello, a portion of those listeners and viewers will also tune into artists like Taps. With their talent and the right online presence, this attention can turn into opportunities for even bigger things.