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ZOL Wibroniks Network Maintenance

ZOL has announced that it is going to be running nationwide maintance of their Wibroniks Network from the 3rd to the 17th of June Here is the statement they sent to their Wibroniks customers: The scheduled dates for maintenance for each area are: Harare 3 – 6 June 2020 Bulawayo 7 – 9 June 2020 […]

Zimbabwe’s mobile operators saddled with huge tax burden – Government takes 27.5 cents off every $1, another 5 cents to be added

Zimbabwe’s mobile network operators (MNO) have been facing a lot of criticism for the high cost of mobile data with the peak of this public outrage expressed in January when Econet Wireless, the country’s largest operator adopted a floor price strategy which raised the cost of data astronomically. The increase was eventually reversed after a […]

TelOne begins US$98 million network project, promises better services, new products like social media bundles

Zimbabwean fixed telecoms provider, TelOne has already started work on its US$98 million network modernisation project and over the next one and a half to two years it will be upgrading its exchanges and entire network to offer its subscribers better services. The project, financed through a US$98.6 million facility secured from China through the China Exim […]

Zimbabwe & other SADC countries set to adhere to standard mobile data tariffs by 2019

Zimbabwe and other countries in SADC could soon be setting mobile data tariffs in line with regional guidelines following plans by a regional telecoms body to enforce universal data tariffs across the region by 2019. This was one of the issues raised at a regional meeting for the Communications Regulators Association of Southern Africa (CRASA) which […]

How much is the internet in Zimbabwe? – Here’s a comparison of local broadband prices in 2017

Having said that, here is a look at the popular Zimbabwean broadband packages from the dominant players in the market. The figures give a picture of how much people are paying to go online locally.

Temporary relief for Zimbabwe’s mobile operators as 5% health levy on airtime is put on hold

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care has delayed the implementation of a health levy which was meant to be effected on all airtime purchases. According to Newsday, this was recently revealed to the Parliamentary Committee on Health by the acting Health and Child Care ministry permanent secretary, Robert Madyiradima. He explained how the Ministry of Finance […]

Econet turns to shareholders for a $130 million capital raise, asks for payments to be made offshore

Local telecoms company Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is looking to raise US$130 million in the local market through the issue of shares and debt as an arrangement to put together capital that will be used to clear foreign loans. It will, however, require shareholders to make the payments for the rights issue in United States Dollars directly to […]

Telecel was the first to raise its mobile data tariffs but unlike Econet it did so reasonably

Zimbabwe’s recent mobile broadband tariff adjustments which saw a sharp increase in the cost of data before a reversal undersigned by POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator, have created a lot of debate and controversy. When Econet Wireless, the country’s largest mobile operator adjusted its tariffs in line with the floor price set by POTRAZ the increase kicked […]

Here is Econet’s full statement defending its position on the reversal of data tariff increases

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator has published a statement detailing its position regarding the recent mobile broadband tariff increases which were criticised by subscribers before being reversed. In its statement Econet makes scathing remarks against the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, accusing him of falsehoods and linking him and the country’s other mobile […]

Zimbabwean mobile internet’s floor prices – Apportioning blame correctly

The price floor is one such opportunity as revenues will jump due to the unavoidable higher tariffs. The bulk of the public’s wrath must be directed at the regulator whose mandate at law is to regulate tariffs of the industry and protect consumers.

Mobile operators yet to activate new prices for voice & data, awaiting instruction from POTRAZ

Recently we learnt that POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator drafted a new set of floor prices for mobile data bundles and voice calls – 2 cents per Megabyte (MB) and 12 cents per minute. These new prices, justified by POTRAZ as a way of protecting the telecoms operators, have stoked a lot of negative sentiment from subscribers […]

POTRAZ boss justifies price increase on data bundles – It’s about protecting operators’ viability

In a set of responses issued to media POTRAZ’s Director General Dr Gift Kallisto Machengete has addressed some of the queries raised, justifying the move as a way of maintaining a balance between service affordability and the viability of mobile operators.

Zimbabwe’s telecoms products compared – Here’s what $10 gets you on Econet, NetOne and Telecel

When it comes to what you get for each dollar, though, it’s pretty straightforward. There are different products on the market from all three mobile operators and we’ve created a snapshot of what US$10 gets you over one month from Econet, NetOne and Telecel in 2017.

Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration rate declines to 94.3% as active SIM card use in 2nd half of 2016 drops

Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration rate declined from 97% to 94.3% between July and August 2016 as the number of active mobile telephone subscriptions dropped slightly during the period.

Another burden for Zimbabwean telecoms as Government proposes a 5% health fund levy on all airtime and broadband

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa has just unveiled the country’s 2017 National Budget which has outlined some of the proposals for fiscal management in the coming year. One of the proposals presented in the address is the introduction of a 5% levy on all mobile phone airtime and mobile broadband. This is expected to go towards a […]

Zimbabwe’s currency woes affect Econet’s operations, but also pose challenges to telecoms industry

Zimbabwe’s currency woes affected Econet’s operations, but they also pose challenges to the telecoms industry

1.8 million GB of data consumed & e-commerce boosts the post office – 5 highlights from the POTRAZ Report

Here are 5 highlights on Zimbabwean telecoms from the latest quarterly report from the regulator, POTRAZ.

Breaking News – POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator appoints a new boss

POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s post and telecommunications regulator has finally announced the appointment of a new substantive Director General. Dr Gift Kallisto Machengete has been chosen by the POTRAZ board to take charge of the regulator.

TelOne’s revenues decline to $59 million in first half of 2016, operator intensifies cost cutting measures

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s state-owned fixed telecoms service provider recorded revenues of $59 million during the first six months of 2016, which was a decline from the $69.2 million recorded over the same period of 2015. According to the Source, the operator’s first-half earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) came to $7m, which was a 2% […]

TelOne’s fixed voice revenues decline by 13% as voice traffic and fixed telephone line subscriptions drop

Fixed voice revenue for the first three months of the year came to $30.67 million down from $35.341 million recorded in the last quarter of 2015. TelOne’s monthly Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) came to $30.58 during the same period.

No love lost between POTRAZ & Econet as MNO suspends its 7X promotion & bonus data offer, blames regulator

For years, Econet’s relationship with POTRAZ has been turbulent, marred by a number of incidents that include restrictions placed on the operator for attempting to impede competition through unfair promotions, to legal action such as the $132 million lawsuit that Econet filed against the operator at the beginning of 2016.

Corruption & mismanagement at NetOne highlighted in audit – operator owed $54 million, debtors include management owned companies

NetOne is owed $54 million and this figure includes $11,2 million owed by Firstel Cellular, a service provider contracted by NetOne to handle the signing up of post paid subscribers.

NetOne to invest $485 million in network expansion drive

NetOne, Zimbabwe second largest mobile operator is entering the third phase of its network expansion which will see the state-owned network invest $485 million in an expansion project targeted at national coverage.

Econet unveils new look & refreshed brand tied to optimistic “Look Up, Zimbabwe” campaign

Earlier this evening we attended the unveiling of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new look and redesigned logo. The mobile operator introduced the refreshed brand which is meant to mark a new era for the company as it sets out to offer subscribers “more than just a service but a lifestyle enhancement.” Econet’s redesigned logo brings with […]

TelOne announces 2015 results marked by declined revenues & improved operational profit

Despite this decline in revenue TelOne registered an increase in operating profit from $7 million to $8,2 million while its net profit decreased to $5,8 million as a result of the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on its legacy loans which are held in Yen and Euro currencies.

Econet Wireless declares $13.3 million dividend

Local mobile network operator Econet Wireless will pay out $13.3 million to its shareholders from profits generated for the financial year ended 29 February 2016.

The NetOne OneFusion launch in pictures

Here are some pictures from the NetOne OneFusion launch held in Harare.

Here are Zimbabwe’s new Postal and Telecommunications Quality of Service regulations

Through this new legal instrument which will be enforced by POTRAZ, local telecoms operators are expected to conform to a set of guidelines regarding the standard of service that they should deliver as well as the sort of customer care that they are obliged to offer all users of telecommunications services.

Telecel valued at $250 million following government acquisition

Speaking on government’s deal with Vimpelcom regarding Telecel, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira said that the operator’s market capitalisation stood at a minimum of $250 million.