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Zimnat introduces decoder insurance

ZIMNAT wants you to keep your happiness.

Zimnat Now Processes Your Claim Through WhatsApp Or Email, Gives You Car To Use Meantime

For the past few years Zimnat, one of Zimbabwe’s leading insurance companies has been working hard to reposition itself in the market particularly through digital channels. Today they launched a new claims process plus a courtesy car service firming themselves up for the highly contested motor vehicle insurance space. A claim can be made almost […]

Zimnat Responds To Circulating Reports About Their Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

Zimnat has spoken out about circulating media reports of it’s Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan (DFCP) product. DFCP is a long-term funeral cover that is delivered to the Diaspora via various online channels. Of late, there’s been some allegations making the rounds which seek to discredit what really DCFP is all about. That’s why, Zimnat has […]

Zimnat’s Self-Service Portal Allows You To Buy Your Insurance Cover Online

Zimnat has been very active in adopting some digital solutions for their business in 2018. They’ve hosted a hackathon, an accelerator and more recently they deployed Musa (a chatbot) to handle insurance enquiries on their website. Another step they’ve taken in order to embrace digital solutions this year is their self-service portal. The self-service portal […]

Zimnat’s New Customer Care Chatbot Makes It Way Easier To Inquire About Insurance Premiums

It’s not something you see every day when traditional companies start to use fashionable technologies. Zimnat is one such traditional company that is fast wearing the new clothes of emerging technologies. Zimnat has been one of the leading players in life assurance and short-term insurance sector since 1946 in Zimbabwe. And lately, it has been […]

Zimnat Calls Upon Local Hubs, Developers, And Unis For Solutions To Improve Their Business

Zimnat is hosting an accelerator and the invitation is open to businesses/individuals who are interested. The challenge is open to developers, local hubs and universities as Zimnat is pushing to make products that are suited to this digital age. It’s interesting to see the players in the insurance space are waking up and trying to […]

Zimnat Launches New Brand To Push Motor Insurance

The insurance industry is going through a shake-up and industry giants are preparing to face-off with network operators with such as Econet and NetOne. Network operators are hedging on network effects to disrupt a number of industries. One of the industries at risk of being turned upside down is the insurance industry. In the face […]

Zimnat And HIT Hosted A Hackathon. We Need More Of These!

Hackathons are not an entirely new thing but in 2018 that Hackathon’s are gaining ground in Zimbabwe. Zimnat came together with HIT to look for solutions that can be implemented in Zimnat‘s insurance business and even though we were not made aware of this hackathon we are still excited that these things are taking place. […]

Contrary To Our Primitive Inclinations Against ‘Chikwereti,’ Credit Is Super Important To An Economy: My Reflections At Zimnat Event

I am at an event being hosted by insurance company, Zimnat. The event is the Trade Finance and Trade Credit Insurance Conference. They are holding it as a way of introducing Zimnat’s new dedicated credit insurance division. The discussions here reminded me of a discussion I had with a colleague when we were on a […]