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Local school sports news platform, SSN introduces mobile app

School Sports Network (SSN), the news platform that focuses on local schools sports has launched a mobile app top complement its news service.

Zimpapers’ gamble on digital news looks set to pay back millions

Zimpapers CEO Pikirayi Dekete reports in an Zimpapers AGM sideline interview that digital content is generating 3% of their annual revenue and they have at least 300,000 subscribers on their SMS and MMS mobile news and classifieds platforms.

Migrating from offline to a Digital Future: the case of print media

Print media isn’t dead, but it’s definitely dying. These sentiments were shared at the Digital Future Conference in a presentation made by Zimpapers CTO, Darlick Marandure. In an increasingly competitive media and business environment where the platforms of expression and story telling are a dime a dozen, the case for a print-only approach has been dismissed. Unfortunately, […]

Five things that will (some we wish won’t) happen in digital media in 2015

2015 will be important as far as digital media is concerned. This year has already set a solid foundation for digital media so 2015 will be the year that we will see more products and traction on already existing digital media products. There are some things that are due to happen like digital migration of […]

Podcast: Zimpapers goes digital, Ecolife and Zvirikuflaya with FlyAfrica

Here’s our latest edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we discussed the return of Ecolife and whether or not it is going to move the market. We also looked at Zimpapers’ aggressive move into paid for online publishing and their new sports news platform as well as the FlyAfrica Zvirikuflaya media campaign on social media. Are […]

Zimpapers embraces digital with new online platforms

Today the country’s largest news and print media house, Zimpapers, launched an online media platform for all its titles. Under the name Zimpapers News Hub, it offers access to complete copies of the Zimpapers publications and it will be available for a $10 monthly subscription. Accompanying the news hub was the launch of an online sports […]