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Here’s How To Get Your Tax Clearance Online In Zimbabwe

If you have a company and you pay your taxes, then you know for a fact that having a tax clearance certificate is vital. There are some serious benefits to having a tax clearance even if you aren’t a company; let’s say you’re a sole trader, church, a trust or an individual, these benefits apply. According […]

The ZIMRA E-Services Platform Is Down, Make Plans For Manual Submission

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) launched an e-services platform, which is an online system that handles a number of tax obligations electronically back in 2015. The platform has helped ease the frustrations that came with interacting with ZIMRA employees in person. The platform is down at the moment. Well, not down completely but you can’t submit […]

ZIMRA online tax filing system is down, tax clearance moved offline as authority deals with technical fault

In 2016 The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) did everyone handling taxes a favour by migrating the process for applying for tax clearance certificates (called ITF 263s) online. This was part of an ambitious and welcome strategy to move all its key services online. Unfortunately, that’s also exposed the process to the perils of technical faults. Over […]

Zimbabwe’s e-Government takes shape as country introduces online company registration & licensing

The site, which is fairly simple to use, offers a number of services which include visa applications, company registration, corporate name change, deeds search, the processing of investment and mining licences as well as the licensing for local government services like operating a liquor store.

ZIMRA launches e-services platform, enables engagement of tax issues online

ZIMRA, the local revenue authority has launched an e-Services platform. This system allows you to monitor your fiscal account and it handles PAYE, VAT and Income tax filings online. At a later stage it will cater for online payments of tax obligations.