Here’s how to pay your taxes using Ownai

ZIMRA recently published their Q3 revenue report and in it was this interesting detail; During the quarter, additional tax payment relationships with OWNAI and One Money platforms were introduced for payment convenience. ZIMRA Q3 report This made us wonder what this payment relationship with Ownai was and when it was struck. The OneMoney-ZIMRA relationship we […]

Facebook is now charging VAT to Zimbabwean advertisers

Facebook, on their Business Help Centre, announced that they will be charging Zimbabwean advertisers Value Added Tax (VAT). The tax, which is pegged locally at 14.5% will apply to businesses and individuals whose “Sold To” country is set to Zimbabwe. Facebook will be charging VAT for ads regardless of whether they are for business or […]

Portion Of ZIMRA Staff Ordered To Work From Home

ZIMRA has become the latest of many local companies taking restrictive measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The tax collection authority has put into effect the following measures; All ZIMRA stations and offices maintaining critical skeleton staff; Staff have been provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitizers; Staff have received awareness […]

The Zim Govt Hopes To Incentivise Venture Capitalist Funding By Doing This

Back in November when the National Budget for 2020 was announced, we mentioned that the government declared ZW$500 million through the National Venture Fund which is supposed to start funding startups and SMEs this month. In that same document, I missed a pretty big part of how the government intends to incentivise a venture capital […]

ZIMRA Looking Into Taxing Income Received On Platforms Like Airbnb

ZIMRA’s Commissioner-General Faith Mazani today at the FINGAZ Tax Review Meeting shared the Revenue Authority’s plans to start taxing income received on online platform’s like Airbnb. ZIMRA is currently learning and seeing how best they can do this: With the digital age upon us, as ZIMRA we are catching up with learning, knowledge management and […]

OneMoney Partnership With ZIMRA Enables Payment Of Taxes, Custom Duties & Business Partner Numbers

Last September, NetOne announced a partnership with ZIMRA that would allow businesses and individuals to pay their assessment and business partner numbers using NetOne’s mobile money service. The BP number is used as an identification number for businesses whilst taxpayers can use the assessment number to identify their tax arrears before making payments. Think of […]

ZIMRA Reviewing Tax System To Better Cater For SMEs

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) announced that they will be reviewing the national tax system in order to better accommodate small to medium businesses. The Herald reports that SMEs currently make up close to 70% of registered taxpayers whilst contributing 20% to total tax revenue. Zimra Commissioner General touched on this in a speech delivered on […]

Econet Cleared Of $100 Million Tax Evasion Case

Yesterday, the Supreme Court dismissed claims by ZIMRA that Econet owed the national revenue authority $100 million that they hid from them through tax evasions. The dispute has been on-going for a number of years with a whistleblower claiming that Econet owed the taxman as much $300 million back in 2014. Edward Mutambanadzo- the whistleblower- […]

{Download}: 2018 Zimra Fourth Quarter Revenue Report

2018 Zimra Fourth Quarter Revenue Report Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat feature at the bottom right of this screen

ZIMRA Statement On Strike By Their Employees

ZIMRA has just sent out a statement in response to reports including ours that their workers are on strike. They don’t deny that there is industrial action by their employees but rather dismiss some allegations that were not really made or at least that we are not aware of: NOTICE TO ALL OUR VALUED CLIENTS […]

Tax Holiday: Even ZIMRA Is On Strike And Revenue Collection Will Likely Cease

The situation is dire to say the least. If you are an optimist looking for a silver lining (even a very temporary one), here’s one: ZIMRA workers are on strike DECLARATION ON INCAPACITATION DATED 13 JANUARY 2019 We the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Allied workers Trade Union (ZIMRATU): Having collated experiences and submissions from our […]

Here’s How To Get Your Tax Clearance Online In Zimbabwe

If you have a company and you pay your taxes, then you know for a fact that having a tax clearance certificate is vital. There are some serious benefits to having a tax clearance even if you aren’t a company; let’s say you’re a sole trader, church, a trust or an individual, these benefits apply. According […]

ZIMRA’s Recent Public Notice Pours Water On The Government Claim That Bonds/RTGS And USD Are Equal

We all know the lie line that our government, led by the Fiscal Authorities ( Ministry of Finance) and Monetary Authorities, likes to feed us: The bond note, RTGS balances/Ecocash and the actual United States Dollars are one and the same thing. Well ZIMRA’s Public Notice 45 of 2018 seems to contradict all that. What the […]

Foreign Suppliers Threaten To Cut Off Telone Due To $18 Million Debt: The Parastatal Is Technically Insolvent

Critical foreign suppliers that include WIOCC are threatening Telone with service disruption according to a report submitted to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services( since that is quite a mouthful we will just call it the committee from now on). According to the chairman of the committee, Carlton Hwenje, Telone […]

ZIMRA Working On Replacing Humans With Technology To Reduce Corruption By Employees

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has a great potential to improve revenue collection by automating processes, better servicing taxpayers and increasing compliance. That’s why, ZIMRA is working on the development and implementation of ICT in its tax collection process to ultimately reduce or replace humans. The country’s tax collector, ZIMRA that this initiative is one way […]

Ecocash Agents Shocked To See Tax Deductions From Their Commissions, Ecocash Explains

Ecocash agents were shocked to find 10% deducted from their accounts. Some said this was the first time this was happening and accused Ecocash of stealing from them. Below are messages some of the agents received.   We reached out to Ecocash and this is what they had to say. Here’s the position: Agents have […]

StanChart Waits To Hear ‘Tax Implications’ Of The $100 Million UK Loan Facility Before Disbursing It

As a sign of a thawing of relations between Zimbabwe and the UK, last month the UK government advanced a $100 million facility to Zimbabwe to alleviate cash shortages and foreign currency shortages. The money was advanced to the country by Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) through the Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe (StanChart), as a line […]

Zimra Prepares To Collect More Revenue As It Finished Upgrading Asycuda

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has finally finished the upgrade of Asycuda way ahead of schedule.After acquiring three servers for the Asycuda upgrade last month, the country’s revenue collector, Zimra promised that it would be done with the exercise by June. And it has delivered. Recurrent losses as a result of Asycuda breakdowns compelled Zimra to upgrade […]

Zimra Loses $2.3 million To Its Employee-Turned-Hacker

A Zimra employee reportedly hacked Zimra and stole $ 2.3 million. Although the culprit was caught before he managed to get away with it, Zimra hasn’t yet recovered the money. The employee, Stephen Moreka is employed as an infrastructure administrator by Zimra, no wonder he was able to pull it off well not exactly. As […]

Zimra Acquires Servers As It Races To Complete Upgrading Asycuda By June

Marred by recurrent system breakdowns that have caused it to lose millions of dollars, Zimra is racing to upgrade its Automated System for Customs Data (Asycuda) systems marked by the latest acquisition of three servers. The Asycuda system is used for online pre-clearance of goods, issuance of road access fees payment and processing of temporary […]

Zimra Surpasses 2018 First Quarter Revenue Target

ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) surpassed its first-quarter target by an excess of US $84million. Gross revenue collections were 8.1% above the target of US $1.029 billion. Zimra attributes the improved revenue collection to enhanced effective use of automation. The country’s tax collector is optimizing the use of it its e-services platform (Asycuda – Automated System […]

Zimra System In Beitbridge Goes Down Again

Asycuda Plus, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s (ZIMRA) system designed to help it to automate customs processes on the importation and exportation of goods has gone down in Beitbridge in face of the coming Easter holiday. The system went down 4 days ago after Zimra alerted users that they were upgrading the system but Zimra is yet […]

Finally ZIMRA Is Updating System After Losing Millions

ZIMRA’s problematic Asycuda system is finally getting updated. Asycuda(Automated System for Customs Data) is a system that is meant to automate customs processes on the importation/exportation of goods. It also compiles accurate trade statistics. The system is used in over 90 countries but Zimra’s Commissioner-General, Ms. Faith Mazani admitted that the system in use in Zim was 11 […]

Now You Can Ecocash ZIMRA. Long Overdue If You Ask Me

In September last year I went to Botswana with some colleagues. We went via road. We did not have any cash on us except some hard currency we would use in Botswana if our bank debit cards failed for any reason. Using hard currency in Zimbabwe is never an option. It’s funny that just a […]

Public Notice: ZIMRA Apologises For Systems Failure, Guarantees To Restore Operations

ZIMRA’s systems have been down for over a month now. Operations have been heavily affected and the most visibly at the borders, Beitbridge border post to be more precise. This unfortunately is/was the worst time for the system to be down seeing that December always has high traffic coming from South Africa (for the festive […]

ZIMRA Continues To Lose Millions Of Dollars Due To The Online System Failure (Asycuda)

Initially, ZIMRA’s e-services platform (Asycuda – Automated System for Customs Data) was experiencing glitches here and there, but we were quick to forgive seeing that there’s nothing perfect under the sun anyway. In December 2017, we reported on how the system had finally given up its ghost, and even then it seemed like a temporary situation, […]

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Surpasses Its 2017 Annual Revenue Target

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, ZIMRA reports to have exceeded both its gross and net annual performance by 17% and 10% respectively in 2017. Not only do these stats surpass the previous year’s (i.e. 2016), but they are clearly record breaking; well, at least in the last four years. This could be a shocker for some […]

Beitbridge Delays: ZIMRA Losing Millions Because Of Bureaucracy In Procurement Procedures

You might be aware that there are long queues over at the Beitbridge border post because ZIMRA’s Asycuda system is down. We wrote about how ZIMRA employees are having to manually record import and export documents which is slow as you can imagine. All borders are affected but Beitbridge being the busiest border in Southern Africa […]

ZIMRA’s Online System Breaks Down, Causes Long Queues At The Border

Just a few days ago, ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) revealed how it had surpassed the revenue it had projected for the month of November (2017) by almost 30%. We had mixed emotions concerning this announcement. Anyway, judging from their e-service downtime this month and the report that Newsday published today, that might not be happening again… well […]

ZIMRA Records 30% More Revenue Than Projected In November

ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) is reported to have done well in the last month. In fact, they did almost 30 percent better than they had expected for the month. See with entities like ZIMRA it’s hard to establish what emotion to tie with such news. Yes, we’re glad that whenever ZIMRA generates revenue, the country […]