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How to get ZIMSEC A-Level results online

Be ready for Friday

Here’s how you can view ZIMSEC Grade 7 results online

ZIMSEC Grade 7 results are out and due to the pandemic the best way to view your child’s Grade 7 results is online and here’s how you can do it

ZIMSEC speaks out on examination paper thief.

ZIMSEC speaks out on temp worker who leaked examination.

ZIMSEC leaked O-level Maths paper: the plot thickens

An update on the ZIMSEC allegedly leaked paper and the ZIMSEC emplyee who has been charged with stealing exam papers.

ZIMSEC O level Maths Paper 2 Supposedly Leaked

ZIMSEC O level maths paper 2 allegedly leaked


I’d like to thank Nicky Dhlamini for her time in answering some concerns I, and I am sure parents and guardians have. I’m sure this doesn’t cover everything and the ZIMSEC website should have more information and contact details. What does this release mean for Schools, Students and Parents? “The press statement was prompted by […]

ZIMSEC Says June Exams To Go On Despite Coronavirus Fears

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Cain Mathema has said ZIMSEC will hold the June and November examinations as planned despite fears that the Coronavirus may have led to the cancellation of national exams. The minister said ZIMSEC has provided Headmasters with an electronic platform for the submission of candidate entry data along with their proof […]

10 000 School Heads Have To Go With Laptops To ZIMSEC Risking COVID 19

The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC), the country’s primary and secondary education examinations board is putting the whole country at added COVID 19 risk through a ridiculous registration system. From the Progressive Teachers Association President, Takavafira Zhou: Zimsec examination registration process that requires that 9159 school heads travel to Zimsec centres by 30 March 2020 […]

November 2019 ZIMSEC O’Level Results Out Now, Check Them Online

Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) has released the 2019 Ordinary Level examination results. The Council announced that the candidates recorded a 33.9 % pass rate adding that results can be collected from respective examination centres from Thursday 23 January 2020. Exam candidates will be able to access their results from 6PM by going to the […]

Schools Block Students From Accessing Results Online Over Unpaid Fees

The issue of unpaid fees is a complex one. Schools believe if they let a child with unpaid fees access the results after national examinations then they’ve rendered service for free since the chances of that child paying are next to none. The online results portal potentially gave students an option to avoid the fate […]

ZIMSEC A-Level 2019 Results Out: Here’s How You Can Check The Results Online

The Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) has announced that the November 2019 Advanced Level Results are out. Candidates who sat for the examinations are expected to collect results from their respective schools and centres starting tomorrow or online via the Zimsec website. Here are the respective links to the ZIMSEC results portal (if one isn’t […]

{Picture} How Zimsec June Results Appear On The Online Portal

Since yesterday when we announced that you can now access your results online, some have been asking us if anybody has successfully viewed their results online. Well, the answer is: Yes some students have accessed their results already. Check out the following screenshot of the results which one student sent us: A bunch of complains […]

ZIMSEC To Re-Open Results Portal Once June 2019 Results Are Out

ZIMSEC has confirmed that once 2019’s A & O’Level June examination results are out, they will be re-opening their infamous results portal. An advert posted by the Council in local media read: The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council would like to advise Heads of Examination Centres, Candidated and all its Stakeholders that, June 2019 Advanced and […]

30% Less Students Wrote O Level Exams Last Year Than In 2017, The High Cost Of An Ailing Economy

According to ZIMSEC statistics provided for the November 2018 Ordinary Level examinations, 239 411 candidates sat for the examinations. This is 30% lower than the 332 473 who sat for the same examinations in the previous November examination season. A 30% drop is too huge a drop to be ignored. The two issues that spring […]

Yes, The ZIMSEC Results Portal Is Currently Down

There has been a lot of excitement around the ZIMSEC results portal with a lot of parents praising the development as it allows their children and themselves to access the results from the comfort of their homes without to fork out money, a lot of money in some cases, to go and retrieve result slips […]

Our Verdict On The ZIMSEC Results Portal

By now you most certainly must know that ZIMSEC Ordinary Level results for those who wrote in November of 2018 are out. You must also know that you can check the results online, so no more excuses, we have published a guide on how you can do this and even threw in a curated list […]

FAQ: Answers To Some Questions You’ve Been Asking About The ZIMSEC Results Portal

So ZIMSEC announced that they are now uploading results on an online portal which is pretty cool. Unfortunately accessing this portal has been a nightmare and we’ve seen guys ask us a few questions about the service. We got in touch with ZIMSEC’s PR and they answered a few of these questions: Q: Can I […]

{Picture}: This Is How Zimsec Results Appear On Their Online Portal

We have just told you about how one can check O’Level results on Zimsec’s online portal. Now we want to show you how Zimsec’s O’level results appear on their online portal, just in case you want to verify that screenshot (of someone’s results) you’ve just received. How to check your O Level results online Quick NetOne, Econet, And […]

How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online

As we have just told you an hour ago, that you can check O’level results online. Apparently, the portal has been functioning since November last year but Zimsec probably never thought that it was worthwhile to tell people about it until yesterday. Anyway, let’s talk about how one can access their results on this online […]

FakeLeaks: ZIMSEC Says There Was A Fake Exam Paper Circulating On WhatsApp As A Leaked Copy

Last year’s October/November general exam session was somewhat messy. Besides the confusion over the ‘new curriculum’ there were several allegations of papers having leaked and that such papers had found a good transmission medium in WhatsApp. Sad stories… There was then a proclamation that students had to resit for one of the papers at the […]

Uproar Against Grace Mugabe’s PhD And ZIMSEC Leakage Is Hypocrisy. Tell Me How You Got Your Degree

So this is one of those articles that will invite angry people with daggers in their hands out for my blood. I am OK with that. I would rather see debate here than to see the nodding of heads every time. Conversations are what build strong communities and the strongest conversations are those from divergent […]

Help your child pass Grade 7 with Pass Grade 7 app

As more and more of Zimbabweans gain internet access, the power of the internet as an educational tool needs to be harnessed. This is happening in this country as evidenced by the number of e-learning solutions being developed.  Case in point – Pass Grade 7 app. With Zimsec grade 7 examinations just around the corner, […]

Ministry of Education advises people struggling with online enrolment to approach schools for assistance

According to Dr Utete-Masango, any parent or gaurdian facing challenges in making an application through the system should approach the school where the pupil sat for their Grade 7 examinations to get assistance on Monday (12 December) morning.

The internet can help you prepare for your ZIMSEC exams!

image credit: With the exam, season fast approaching it’s of utmost importance to get your house in order. There is a quote that says “success is where preparation and opportunity meet”, and technology presents an opportunity to prepare. Technology can play a great role in helping you prepare for any exams, but today the focus is on students […]

Zimbabwe’s 2015 O’Level STEM performance & how it informs the STEM strategy

The Zimbabwean Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education has made it clear that Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects have strategic economic importance and are a priority. It is so much a priority that students taking up STEM subjects at A Level have been offered free education by the government. With this mind we looked the just released November 2015 ZIMSEC O’Level […]

Computers should not be a course

Computers have always been taught as a different course, but that has created challenges. Here’s why they shouldn’t be introduced to children that way.

The Shona Language: Is it marginalised or just dying?

  Many people do not know this but Shona is the most spoken L1 Bantu Language; that is as a first language. According to Wikipedia, there are over 535 Bantu Languages spoken from Cameroon, Southeast Africa, Central African countries like the Congo as well as Southern Africa. If these are grouped according to mutually intelligible […]

The shocking ZIMSEC Commerce syllabus: Here’s what our children are learning

In a world where every other examination body is busy updating their syllabus so as to stay relevant in an ever changing  business world, ZIMSEC would be best advised to do the same especially when it comes to their Ordinary Level Commerce Syllabus which fortuitously ended in 2014. The express purpose of ZIMSEC‘s Ordinary Level Commerce […]