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The rise of plastic money

What is plastic money? ‘Plastic money’ is a term used to refer to credit or debit cards that enable you to make purchases without using cash or cheques. Credit cards are provided after an application process. If you are accepted, the credit card provider will give you a card and a credit limit, which restricts […]

Is Zimbabwe really that much out of touch with tech?

The way we celebrate and endorse some Zimbabwean products has really gotten me thinking whether or not we are in touch with the modern day technologies. Sure, it’s ok for a fast follower mentality to facilitate progress, but we can’t be celebrating mediocrity in ICT, which is the cornerstone of innovation and ingenuity in this age, when the world is now an open place because of the internet.

WhatsApp for payments? – Here’s how a local pharmacy is trying that out

Not too long ago we published an article on the way the Instant Messaging platform, WhatsApp, is being used by local medical professionals for added efficiency in the delivery of health services. It turns out it’s not just doctors and nurses that are cashing in on the social media/tech capital of WhatsApp. A local pharmacy […]

ZimSelector shows growth through redesigned platform and new providers

The last time we wrote about ZimSelector, the Zimbabwean online insurance aggregator, the startup had introduced a payment option and was working on signing on more insurance institutions to give users a wider range of options for credible comparisons. After a bit of silence the aggregator has now come out to announce the next phase of its growth. This […]

The top 11 tech startups to watch in Zimbabwe

The local tech startup scene has been going through a period of growth over the past couple years. A lot of changes taking place in our environment have contributed to this including the availability of internet services and a growing awareness of opportunities that lie in tech based solutions. There is no exact science involved […]

Luke Ngwerume co-founds financial services aggregation & comparison startup

A new local startup,, has been launched to offer financial services aggregation and product comparison online. The startup was co-founded by Luke Ngwerume and one Zelina Francis. Ngwerume, most of you will remember, is the former CEO of a Old Mutual Zimbabwe a company whose focus was financial services.