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ZIPIT Smart launches promotion, was this inspired by EcoCash Rewards?

ZIPIT Smart has launched a transact and win style promotion. Could this have been inspired by EcoCash Rewards?

RBZ says it will continuously review the 35K a week mobile money limit

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) released a statement that concerned the discussions and resolutions made by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) that took place on the 2nd of October 2020. One of the key aspects highlighted in the statement was the ZWL$35 000 a week mobile money limit that took effect last week. Mobile […]

Here’s how much it costs to send money from EcoCash to OneMoney & vice versa

We have crossed the threshold of interoperability as per the directive that made ZimSwitch the national switch. This means that we can all send money from EcoCash to other mobile money wallets as well as bank accounts. There has been a lot of chatter about the charges that are associated with transferring money from EcoCash […]

ZimSwitch confirms completion of mobile money operator integration

The deadline for EcoCash and Mobile Money Operators (MMOs) to join ZimSwitch as the national switch was the 30th of September 2020. That deadline has passed and yesterday we learned that EcoCash had completed the integration. Transfers could now be done from EcoCash, for example, to other mobile wallets and bank accounts. ZimSwitch has, in […]

Zimswitch shares list of shops where civil servants and pensioners can use their NOSTRO cards

Earlier this year the government promised to give Civil Servants a US$75 pay raise. Whilst the civil servants got a raise it required them to open up NOSTRO accounts and get FCA cards they would transact with (i.e not exactly US$ now)… The government has promised that pensioners will also be getting FCA cards in […]

Zimswitch announces partnership with Mastercard to “modernise national payments infrastructure”

Zimswitch today announced a partnership with Mastercard that they say will “enable the modernization of Zimbabwe’s payment infrastructure”. Whilst Zimswitch and Mastercard are yet to announce any joint products/services, there are hints as to what they will be working on. Zimswitch issued a press statement on the partnership and some of the things they highlighted […]

EcoCash blood in the water, who will take advantage?

The payments space is in for some very big changes. Some of these changes we may be able to see. Others we can speculate on and there are others that are beyond the horizon. EcoCash, which seemed almost like a utility, is about to be equalised. The levelling of the playing field hasn’t come because […]

Here’s how to make a ZIPIT Smart transaction

ZimSwitch has just rolled out a pretty huge upgrade to the ZIPIT platform. Before the upgrade, ZIPIT had one use case really – Transferring funds. ZIPIT Smart changes this up and now allows consumers to make purchases using ZIPIT Smart (as it is now known). Whilst it wasn’t impossible for merchants to take ZIPIT payments […]

ZimSwitch to launch new and improved ZIPIT Smart tomorrow

Last week, we wrote about ZIPIT Smart, a product we are excited to see enter the market. ZIPIT has announced that their new product will be launched tomorrow. ZIPIT Smart will allow merchants (retailers and business owners) to accept ZIPIT payments in a seamless and instant manner. Think of it as being similar to how […]

EcoCash & others given until 30 September to connect to ZimSwitch

The assumed deadline for the ZimSwitch’s role as the national switch was the 15th of August 2020. That deadline has passed and that led many to wonder when this measure will come into effect. Earlier this week sources at EcoCash revealed that they hadn’t met the deadline that was set by the Reserve Bank of […]

No, you can’t send money from EcoCash to OneMoney yet

On the 9th of July, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a directive that made ZimSwitch the national payments switch. This meant that EcoCash was going to be relegated to being just another wallet. ZimSwitch as the national switch for Mobile Money means that one can essentially send money from EcoCash to OneMoney or Telecash […]

“ZANU PF commends gvt for allowing ‘EcoCash’ to be overseen by RBZ through Zimswitch”

The title of this article is a paraphrase of part of the statement issued by ZANU PF today commenting on the economy. Here is the actual excerpt: ZANU PF also wishes to commend government for the decision that it has taken to allow mobile money operators to be overseen by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe […]

Killing monopoly by creating a bigger monopoly, Zimswitch as national switch

Yes EcoCash is too dominant. It had above 98% share of all mobile money transactions in the first quarter of 2020 which translates to above 80% of all transactions in Zimbabwe period. The word monopoly is a fair one. The RBZ wants to do something about that Yesterday, Zimbabwe’s central bank issued a communique which […]

Video: EcoCash to be integrated to Zimswitch. What does it mean?

RBZ announced that Zimswitch is now Zimbabwe’s national payment switch and that all monetary service providers are directed to integrate with it. What does this mean to me the customer? Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, chat with us using […]

Zimswitch: a quick refresher on what it is and what it does

The Reserve Bank this afternoon issued a statement that made Zimswitch the national payment switch. This means that EcoCash will be relegated to just being wallet and will have to use Zimswitch as the universal transaction hub. Now, as more information about this comes out, and we see how EcoCash responds to this. Let’s have […]

Government Is Working On A “National Payment Switch” – Is That Necessary?

There’s been a lot of talk about the new law which will force mobile money interoperability but maybe more important is the fact that the government has revealed that it is working on a new national payment switch. The same section of the Statutory Instrument that mandates mobile network operators to enable interoperability indicates they […]

[Download] Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference 2019 Presentations

The second annual ZIMSWITCH Digital Payments Conference running under the theme Digital Economy For Africa was a success. With both local and international speakers sharing their knowledge on the payments landscape, those who attended benefited immensely. If you didn’t attend but you were following the Livestream on our Twitter page, you might have been interested […]

What Could Be Steward Bank Launching? From The Hints They’re Dropping It Could Be HUGE

Steward Bank has been hyping out launch of a new product today. Well, nothing new there. They are always launching and they are always hyping up their launches whether they deserve or not. This time from what we can gather this could be a different one. Yes, the launch is hours late already. They wanted […]

ZQDMS, ZimSwitch’s New System Makes It Possible To Retrieve Your Money In 48 Hours, Not Weeks

Ever made exhaustive rounds between your bank and a shop just trying to retrieve your money as a result of a failed transaction? One way these failed transactions happen is when you try to make a payment and your account is debited but without getting a notification that the payment was a success and you […]

Harare City Council Now Has An App That Allows You To Make Online Bill Payments And Lodge Complaints

Harare City Council has just introduced an app for people to make bill payments online. Besides making payments on the app, you can also report issues related to the council, advise the council or check the refuse collection schedule. But currently these three features dont seem to be working, thus only making payments is working. […]

Standard Chartered Temporarily Disabled On ZIPIT

Standard Chartered customers should be informed that there has been and continues to be some service disruption and the bank has been temporarily disabled from the ZIPIT platform. FBC sent out the following message to their customers: Please note Standard Chartered bank has been temporarily disabled on the ZIPIT platform. Communication will be sent once […]

Passing Mathematics Just Got Easier For Students With This New Platform: Mathematica

Mathematics mathematics mathematics!!! We are always told how critical it is to pass mathematics in high school. In Zimbabwe particularly, failure to pass it could make life difficult for one to get a job (to some extent) or get a place at a higher tertiary education institution (to a greater extent). Zimbabwe has bragging rights […]

OneMoney Throws Punches At Ecocash

Yesterday’s proposed ban of the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service didn’t go without NetOne’s notice. This morning NetOne posted pictures on their social media platforms (kind of) mocking the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service and simultaneously promoting their OneMoney (OneMoney Card to be specific) as some kind of an alternative to ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service. However, the sarcasm is misplaced. Ecocash is not a competitor […]

The Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference Live

We are bringing the Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference to you live under the theme Sustaining Digital Payments in Zimbabwe and creating a gateway into SADC The Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference Live — Techzim (@Techzim) May 4, 2018 The Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference Live — Techzim (@Techzim) May 4, 2018 The Zimswitch Digital Payments […]

Digital Payments In Zim Have Come A Long Way, What’s Next? Zimswitch Payments Conference Looks At That

Zimswitch Technologies is one of the most important companies in Zimbabwe’s economy right now. The business helps you and I to navigate everyday life seamlessly through their payments integration platform. The Zimswitch Evolution One thing they have managed to do over the years has been to evolve with the economy and every new reality in […]

Local Developers Petitioning For Telcos To Give Them Easier Integration With Payment Platforms In Order To Grow The Economy.

Local developers have created a petition on asking Telcos to create a tool that helps them better integrate their apps with local payment services in order to create better applications that are more tailored to Zimbabweans. The petition by developers is directed to; Econet Wireless through the EcoCash platform Zimswitch NetOne through the OneMoney platform […]

Financial Inclusion Strategy For Marginalized Zimbabwean Muslims: Islamic Finance

In 2016 The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) introduced the Financial Inclusion Strategy with the obvious aim of drawing a marginalized number of people who are unbanked into the financial system. The Strategy is highlighted by an ambitious plan to increase the banking population from 30% at the time it was implemented to at least […]

How effective an innovation is Swipe into EcoCash???

Innovation is always a good thing, even better when it addresses the real problems on the ground (not sure though if something is still worth being called an innovation if it doesn’t). Anyway, EcoCash recently launched its latest innovation, Swipe into EcoCash. The innovation has so far been met with different responses though most seem to […]

See the status of banks on ZIPIT, send and receive status, USSD codes and more

Let us start with an assumption that we all are familiar with ZIPIT now, the interbank transfer processor. With the ongoing cash crisis Zimbabwe is facing ZIPIT has grown in importance. The interbank processor connects 20 banks and allows any mobile registered user on any network to send money from their bank account to another […]

Zimswitch Goes Down For 3 Hours Today. Business Comes To A Standstill

Many people report that Zimswitch went down for around 3 hours in the afternoon of today. Due to the outage, several businesses were not able to process swipe transactions which rely on Zimswitch to be working. Apart from that, people were also not able to use ZimSwitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology (ZIPIT) to make transfers […]