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You can now top up your ZINARA toll gate card via ZIPIT

With Intercity travel now open to everyone after the President announced that the country will be moving to a level 2 lockdown. The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has rolled out ZIPIT recharges for their IceCash powered toll gate cards (aka Tolling Cards). This is a feature that, to be honest, should have been available […]

Zimswitch’s bulk payments solution ZEEPAY has resurfaced

In 2018, Zimswitch, at its Payments Conference announced that it would be bringing a bulk payment solution called ZEEPAY. The product builds off the immediate settlement services we all use by way of ZIPIT. So we can all get caught up here’s what Zimswitch’s ZEEPAY can do. ZEEPAY is a secure, cost effective and efficient […]

Screenshots: Don’t fall for this Ecocash scam

One side effect of Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021 is that I have observed an uptick in the use of the RTGS dollar. This is driven in part by increased usage of mobile money, swipe and ZIPIT. Thanks to the new law people would rather buy using RTGS as most popular shops no longer offer […]

Zimswitch partners with VISA to accelerate digital payments in Zimbabwe

There is just one niggle though…

Dear ZIMSWITCH, make a ZIPIT gateway as an alternative to Vpayments.

It would be a payments “cure all”

C-Trade now allows traders to deposit using ZIPIT

thumbs up. however…

EcoCash will run itself out of business with its transaction fees

A Twitter user revealed that it is far more expensive to send money via EcoCash than it is to do a ZIPIT transfer (of the same amount) to another bank account.

ZimSwitch to launch new and improved ZIPIT Smart tomorrow

Last week, we wrote about ZIPIT Smart, a product we are excited to see enter the market. ZIPIT has announced that their new product will be launched tomorrow. ZIPIT Smart will allow merchants (retailers and business owners) to accept ZIPIT payments in a seamless and instant manner. Think of it as being similar to how […]

How To Complete A Zipit Bank To Wallet Transfer If You’re A OneMoney Subscriber

If you aren’t living under a rock then you’ve probably heard people saying they are “doing a Zipit” transaction. ZIPIT (ZIMSWITCH Instant Payment Interchange Technology) is a platform that enables instant inter-bank funds transfers between ZIMSWITCH member institutions (Banks and Wallets) connected to the ZIMSWITCH network. ZIPIT is designed to run in parallel with traditional RTGS […]

OneMoney Subcribers Here’s How To Get Your Free Debit Card

If you’re a OneMoney subscriber then you’ll probably want the free debit card that comes along with your subscription. It’s an extremely convenient way to transact and something that most EcoCash subscribers have been deprived of since they are not part of the Zimswitch network. Anyway if you want to get this card and you’re […]

Many Moons Later Standard Chartered Is Still Having ZIPIT And Ecocash “Challenges”

While it was initially conceived as a way to send and receive money, Ecocash has become the unofficial currency of Zimbabwe. They might be calling them RTGS dollars but Ecocash is the best way to move these dollars. ZIPIT is a distant second but it is no less useful. The truth of the matter is […]

Broaden Your Skills With These Udemy Courses: Very Limited Ecocash/ZIPIT Offer Available

They say you only stop learning when you die; that is assuming there is no life after death of course. One of the most popular habit of successful people from Strive Masiiya to the now reviled Mark Zuckerberg is that they never really stop learning and assimilating new skills. Udemy offers such a learning opportunity […]

MyCash Customers Speak Out

So the people who use MyCash did not feel I did justice to MyCash in my article. I am always happy to receive feedback especially if it helps others make more informed decisions. Let me highlight what MyCash customers are happy about. Ability to pay bills You can pay bills on MyCash. You can pay […]

Is MyCash Any Good?

If like me you have seen MyCash somewhere but have not bothered much about it thinking.. “They probably don’t have cash anyway and I certainly do not need another debit card’’. But in this day and age it does not hurt to investigate, you may save yourself a significant amount of money. Here’s what’s great […]

Standard Chartered Temporarily Disabled On ZIPIT

Standard Chartered customers should be informed that there has been and continues to be some service disruption and the bank has been temporarily disabled from the ZIPIT platform. FBC sent out the following message to their customers: Please note Standard Chartered bank has been temporarily disabled on the ZIPIT platform. Communication will be sent once […]

Zimswitch To Wage War With EcoCash Payroll As They Launch Bulk Payment Processing System: ZEEPAY

At the just ended Zimswitch Payments Conference, Zimzswitch introduced a new system that is meant to deal with the processing of bulk payments: ZEEPAY. We didn’t get to demo the payment system but it is definitely interesting and Zimswitch’s entry into this field is exciting and could have many major implications in the battle to […]

Digital Payments In Zim Have Come A Long Way, What’s Next? Zimswitch Payments Conference Looks At That

Zimswitch Technologies is one of the most important companies in Zimbabwe’s economy right now. The business helps you and I to navigate everyday life seamlessly through their payments integration platform. The Zimswitch Evolution One thing they have managed to do over the years has been to evolve with the economy and every new reality in […]

The long wait ends, NetOne’s OneMoney finally launches a debit card

This evening, Techzim attended a NetOne event at which they launched the OneMoney ZimSwitch enabled debit card. You might be asking yourself what OneMoney is because last you checked their mobile money platform was called OneWallet. Well, OneMoney is a ‘OneWallet come back’ (hopefully). In more formal terms, OneMoney is OneWallet rebranded. I initially called […]

See the status of banks on ZIPIT, send and receive status, USSD codes and more

Let us start with an assumption that we all are familiar with ZIPIT now, the interbank transfer processor. With the ongoing cash crisis Zimbabwe is facing ZIPIT has grown in importance. The interbank processor connects 20 banks and allows any mobile registered user on any network to send money from their bank account to another […]

EcoCash and ZIPIT should know the power they have, these system outages are not acceptable

Since yesterday EcoCash users have been facing some challenges making payments. EcoCash acknowledged the system problems on Twitter in response to frustrated Twimbos who were asking. It is frustratingly slow to load if it even loads and EcoCash communicated that they are working to resolve the issue, on Twitter. Why not SMSs advising people that […]

DStv slashes prices and adds a $7 bouquet, TelOne launches 2 new products

DStv has reduced the price of its bouquets and added a new $7 budget bouquet. TelOne announced 2 products that included Wifi Home And Away for making use of your home wifi at any TelOne public wifi hotspot. Twitter is experimenting on a 280 character limit for tweets and Instagram gets some impressive numbers on […]

Zimswitch explains ZIPIT outage yesterday

Yesterday, the 25th of September 2017, ZIPIT (Zimswitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology) went offline and as the interbank transfer processor has grown in popularity, panic gripped the populace. The facility which connects over 20 banks is integral to most people’s transactions especially as more and more Zimbabweans use mobile banking and plastic money. As thousands […]

Zimswitch Goes Down For 3 Hours Today. Business Comes To A Standstill

Many people report that Zimswitch went down for around 3 hours in the afternoon of today. Due to the outage, several businesses were not able to process swipe transactions which rely on Zimswitch to be working. Apart from that, people were also not able to use ZimSwitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology (ZIPIT) to make transfers […]

The 4, maybe 5, types of money in Zimbabwe…

Over the last couple of months a lot has been happening on the money side. Techzim has covered it extensively here but still we’re yet to see someone take time out and spell it all out for us – this is me doing it for myself and hopefully one, maybe two people will benefit. The Reserve Bank […]

CBZ registers 100,000 low cost customers within year of launching agent banking

CBZ Bank has so far registered at least 100,000 low cost banks accounts customers since the launch of their agency banking in June last year. The accounts, called SmartCash accounts, became a possibility when the Reserve Bank allowed for a lite banks account which customers can open using only their ID. Before now, we didn’t know exactly […]

FBC rolls out more POS terminals, plans continued fintech investment because of cash crisis

Zimbawbean financial services concern FBC Holdings has increased POS terminals in the market and plans continued fintech investment in the wake of the country’s cash crisis.

Here’s how to transfer money without paying heavy bank & EcoCash charges

Even after the recent downward review of the bank charges, the truth is that RTGSs (and people looking to access their cash have to make a lot of them) at $3 a transaction, are still quite expensive to do. And ofcourse EcoCash still charges the sender up to $7 for a $100 transfer to an unregistered number […]

10 cents for swiping as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe slashes bank charges

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has finally announced a new set of bank charges following an agreement between the regulator, the providers of payment platforms and the Bankers’ Association of Zimbabwe.

Meikles launches MyCash Card, provides in-store & mobile banking

Meikles Financial Services (MSF), a subsidiary of the group that operates the hotel services, has announced the launch of  what it says is its flagship product, the MyCash card; the arrangement backed up by a partnership with savings bank POSB. The card offers service inside TM Pick n Pay and outlets in Zimbabwe, allowing cashless transactions inside The card represents […]

Meikles Financial Services set to launch its own MyCash Card

The Meikles group is developing a loyalty card that is similar to the MyClub Card but looking to enhance it with banking services. Most conventional mobile money transactions are going to be covered by the card.