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VSAT Prices Comparison: ZODSAT Vs Utande Vs ZOL Vs Telone

VSAT is increasingly getting popular as a medium for people to access the internet. That has prompted an increase in competition between the local VSAT ISPs which is exactly what consumers want so that we get the best value for our hard-earned money. So I have decided to give you a chance to compare which […]

Local Company, ZODSAT Partners UAE-Based VSAT Internet Service Provider

Yahsat graced the local internet scene last year through its partnership with Utande. The more the merrier is the name of the game. Now its ZODSAT that’s been added to the list of Yahsat’s partners in Zim. ZODSAT is a local VSAT internet service provider that’s recently made noise with it’s enticing offerings. For a […]

Check Out What ZODSAT, A Local VSAT Internet Service Provider Is Offering

Beyond ZOL, Telone and perhaps Powertel as VSAT internet service providers (ISP), not many people are familiar with or aware of ZODSAT’s existence. Actually, many people are also not familiar with VSAT connectivity frankly speaking. This is perhaps due to the fact that VSAT is mostly used in underserved areas since urban areas have enough […]

Internet access for underserved Zimbabweans

Internet access is a basic human right or at least the UN declared it so. This is not misplaced at all. The internet brought an impact to human knowledge and general development on pretty much the same scale as the invention of reading and writing. The same attention given to the promotion and protection of […]