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ZOL ends free 30-minute ZOLspot access

End of an era…

Technikari Ep 11: TelOne vs ZOL, which one is better?

[Podcast] Technikari Episode 11: TelOne vs ZOL, which one is best and for which application from fixes to mobile, uncapped to pay-as-you-go

ZOL prices in local currency creep up again

ZOL has increased local currency prices for their internet packages to match the prevailing Foreign Exchange Rate. The price increase is hardly surprising because this happened last month at around the same time. The new price adjustment takes effect from the 2nd of September 2020. USD Prices remain unchanged The prices are as follows: Package […]

ZOL closes Harare shopafter staff members test positive for COVID-19

ZOL has announced that it will be indefinitely closing down branches in Harare after staffers tested positive for COVID-19. The internet service provider explained the situation via their Twitter account. Read the statement below: We regret to announce that some of our staff members tested positive to COVID-19 and are now quarantined. Strict measures around […]

ZOL now offering “Fibroniks on the Go” across Africa

One of the perks that ZOL offers are it’s Wi-Fi hotspots dotted across the country. These Wi-Fi spots offer ZOL and non-ZOL customers free internet access for a limited period each day. The benefit for ZOL customers (Wibroniks and Fibroniks) is that they can access “Fibroniks on the Go” through ZOLSecure. This is a service […]

More ZOL woes, as ISP is facing challenges with payments and MyZOL portal

ZOL has had a rough go of it of late. A couple of weeks ago we reported that Customer Services Staff were on an effective go-slow because of wages, subcontracted staff and NSSA payments issues. Last week the internet service provider had a problem with its core system which led to customers experiencing fluctuating internet […]

ZOL internet has been up and down, a problem with core network

It seems as though everything is not well at ZOL. There have been reports of unstable internet connection for most of the day. Facebook and Twitter pages have been slow to load or not loading at all. WhatsApp has also been dropping on and off, messages are also said to be taking forever to send […]

ZOL prices in local currency jump to match the “official” rate

ZOL has updated prices for packages in local currency to match the forex auction rate announced on Tuesday. The new prices, which take effect from the 1st of August 2020 are as follows: Home and Office Package Name Data USD Z$ Home Fibroniks Zoom 10GB (Pay As You Go) 11 794 Fibroniks Lite 40GB (Pay […]

ZOL now has US$ prices for their internet packages. ZW$ is still the cheaper option

I went on ZOL’s website yesterday and I was met with a new development. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) now has US$ pricing for each and every one of the packages listed on the site. Fibroniks US$ pricing Package Data cap ZW$ price US$ price Fibroniks Zoom 10GB $630.94 11 Fibroniks Lite 40GB $1 663.39 […]

Best fixed internet service provider (Updated)

It’s clear working from home is going to be a thing and the question now is which service provider do you go for with the best service. Best is not always about the cheapest. It’s a lot more than that. In this article we shall be looking at TelOne and Zol, the 2 biggest fixed […]

ZOL Announces Yet Another Price Upgrade Coming Into Effect In July

ZOL subscribers have been getting an email from their Internet Service Provider notifying them of yet another price hike for the Fibroniks and Wibroniks service. The price hike is coming into effect on the first of July; Fibroniks Those on home packages will now pay the following; Package Data Allocation Price ZW$ Fibroniks Zoom 10GB […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks & Wibroniks Packages

POTRAZs announcement of new tariff thresholds for Internet Access Providers was followed up by an announcement by TelOne with their updated tariffs which took effect on the 14th of March. ZOL has now also reviewed pricing for Fibronik and Wibroniks packages. The pricing which takes effect on the 25th of March will now be structured […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks Packages

Last Friday, ZOL announced new pricing for Wibroniks packages, they’ve followed that up with a new price list for fibre subscribers. We’ve had a problem with ZOL’s communication before and it seems that doesn’t change much. In their official communication to customers, ZOL chose not to write down the actual data allocations for each of […]

ZOL On A Roll As It Introduces Data Rollover For Wibroniks Users

Fresh off from introducing it’s LTE data SIM Card that’s offering the best deal in town, ZOL has now introduced a data rollover facility for it’s Wibroniks fans. Data Rollover allows Wibroniks users to carry over and use unused data in the following month or given days. Before yesterday, ZOL’s Fibroniks users were the only […]

We Now Know The New Pricing For ZOL’s Business Packages

When ZOL announced new pricing or the pricing alignment as they would rather call it, there was no pricing for business packages whatsoever. After getting assistance from ZOL’s website support we now have the pricing for the business packages and as you expect the prices were “alligned”: Another section we had missed (ZOL included these […]

How To Use Fibroniks On The Go On Zolspots

One of the perks of having a ZOL internet connection is that you get “free” WiFi access on ZOL’s numerous ZOLspots. Connecting using your Fibroniks on the Go credentials will see you using data from home or work account instead of you having to buy a voucher. If you have unlimited account it essentially means […]

ZOL Is Now Available In Warren Park And Here Are The Packages (Exclusive To Warren Park)

Remember the cheetah that you saw in Warren Park? Well… see the title and do the math. In case you missed the video that was circulating on social media, apparently a cheetah was spotted in Warren Park. The video showed two guys in car who had “spotted a cheetah” and decided to record it. You […]

Econet, Liquid Telecom And ZOL Shortlisted For AfricaCom Awards 2017

AfricaCom 2017, Africa’s largest technology, telecoms and media event, is right around the corner and with it, it brings an awards ceremony that will be part of the 3-day event. AfricaCom Awards aim to celebrate the achievements of the best companies, solutions, products and personalities improving connectivity and driving Africa. For the AfricaCom Awards 2017, 3 […]

Video: ZOL #FibroniksFast, TelOne data centre, Red Hat!

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ZOL chases TelOne ADSL in its quest for growth & dominance

It’s not just total market domination that’s spurring the ad campaigns, though. The pursuit of growth plus the need to make the most of extensive infrastructure investments are enough to trigger different strategies.

TelOne & ZOL aren’t letting up on the ad fighting, but we’d rather have an internet price & service brawl

Perhaps TelOne and ZOL should pass on the victory to subscribers instead by shaping their services to be more affordable and reliable with the best support services.

If you are a ZOL Fibroniks subscriber this simple hack will save you $10

If you are a ZOL Fibroniks subscriber on a capped package this simple hack will save you $10 or get you an extra 5 GB of data.

ZOL slashes prices of its topup bundles, now offers 1 GB for $3

Good news for anyone on a capped package from ZOL – The internet service provider has slashed the prices of its top-up bundles for its Fibre to the home service ZOL Fibroniks and its Pay as You Go Wimax service.

Active fibre links in Zimbabwe double as market embraces faster, reliable internet solutions

The number of active fibre links in Zimbabwe increased by 101.4% in the last quarter of 2015 rising from 6,875 links to a total of 13,849 active links in just three months.

ZOL caters for price sensitive market, launches new fibre package priced at $29 for 15GB

Local internet service provider, ZOL has launched a new $29 for 15 GB fibre to the home package called ZOL Fibroniks Lite which is targeted at the more price sensitive internet consumer.

ZOL subscribers experience service outage , ISP apologises & offers 10GB of free data (update)

According to a statement released by ZOL, the service disruption affected its phone lines and some customer connections with WiMAX users being the most affected group. ZOL has stated that the problem has since been rectified.

Telco offers new users 3 months of free Netflix

Anyone who signs up for Telco Velocity Broadband’s unlimited Fibre packages will get a free 3-month subscription to Netflix. This makes Telco the latest to tap into the brand power of the VOD services giant to sell broadband.

Powertel introduces $35 unlimited Fibre package, prepares for future of Zimbabwean internet

Powertel Communications, the State-owned Internet Access Provider with its fingers in VoIP, broadband, VPN and prepaid electricity distribution services recently added unlimited Fibre to the Home (FTTH) packages to its broadband lineup.

This $89 package from TelOne is your best bet for Netflix

if you are keen on making Netflix your leading entertainment choice but are working within a strict budget (trying to keep the damage under $100) or live in an area where fibre trenching hasn’t happened but phone lines are around, then this TelOne ADSL package is your best bet.

Liquid Telecom’s VOD service ipidi tv launches in Zambia

According to its website, people using Hai Zambia Fibre internet can access ipidi tv and a promotion has been launched offering free ipidi TV until 30 April 2016 for every Hai customer who signs up for ipidi by 31 January 2016.