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Tag: ZOL Fibroniks

ZOL introduces Bulawayo to Fibre internet- 3 suburbs earmarked for first phase

ZOL Zimbabwe, the Internet service provider initiating fibre through its Fibroniks suite has confirmed that it is now in Bulawayo. According to information shared by its marketing team, ZOL Fibroniks will initially be introduced in three suburbs, namely Hillside, Burnside and Hillcrest.

Liquid Telecom sets up Hai, another Internet provider, in Zambia

Recently, Liquid Telecom the African telecoms infrastructure company announced the launch of Hai, a new Internet Service Provider and retail internet brand. Hai opened its doors in Zambia first, and there are plans to establish a presence in Rwanda and Kenya shortly.

Liquid Telecom goes big on VoIP for Enterprise in Zimbabwe.

Liquid Telecom just positioned itself as a more visible player in VoIP services for Enterprises users. Is this just a strategic repositioning with the Liquid group, or a firmer challenge to TelOne?

This Popcorn Time option has just made streaming movies a lot easier

A lot of us who are familiar with the movie streaming service Popcorn Time know how access to it requires an app. Now a site called Popcorn Time In Your Browser is letting you do that straight from the site, no downloads or setups asked. Just visit the site, find your movie, click, and start watching a movie in HD.

Liquid Telecom increases its Zambian investment, buys the ISP Realtime

Today Pan-African infrastructure group, Liquid Telecoms, announced an increase in its existing investment in the Zambian market with the acquisition of an Internet Service Provider called Realtime. This move comes on the heels of another strategic play for the retail consumer market that CEC Liquid Telecom (that’s the name of its Zambian outfit) made a few months […]

Understanding that awful internet speed: Why am I not getting what I paid for?

It’s 2015, so the conversation around the availability of the internet in Zimbabwe is not so different from what you get in any other part of the world. Almost half of the population has access to an online connection. Current and potential consumers of internet services talk about the same things and ask the same questions […]

ZOL reduces the price of its WiMax package

Here’s a bit of good news for people who have been using ZOL Zimbabwe’s entry level WiMAX service; ZOL has lowered the price from $59 to $49 starting with subscriptions for the month of May 2015. No other adjustments have been made to the rest of the ZOL product lineup and the package wasn’t tweaked […]

How much to go online? – here are the prices for Zimbabwean internet services

Take a look at the calendar, the month of April is as good as over. This means that we have breezed through the first one-third of the year. In local tech and broadband, a lot has come with that passage of time, including a review of voice tariffs. We all hoped the Government and POTRAZ, […]

What sort of chances does TelOne have with its Metro Wi-Fi?  

At the 2014 Broadband Forum, the conclusion was that the next frontier in broadband is retailing broadband right to the doorstep. Various ISPs made noise about FTTH promising to deliver services such as IPTV. Competition seems to be heating up with emerging solutions being rolled out including TelOne FTTH and ZOL Fibroniks. It’s even more […]

As Vic Falls gets TelOne WiFi and Liquid Fibre, will it become a tech hotspot?

Last week a lot of discussions on tech came out of Victoria Falls when it hosted the Innovation Africa Digital Summit (IAD). That’s pretty common; the resort town is the go-to destination when we want to charm and disarm any army of international delegates at a conference. Besides the summit itself, the other tech highlight […]

Victoria Falls residents receive Fibre to the Home courtesy of Liquid

ZOL Fibroniks is now looking beyond Harare. According to a press release from the Liquid Telecom website, (Liquid is the fibre infrastructure concern that owns the Internet Service Provider ZOL Zimbabwe), work has already started to introduce a Fibre to the Home service in the resort town of Victoria Falls. Liquid Telecom has already laid fibre rings […]

TelOne launches its $36 Fibre to the Home service along with WiFi hotspots

Yesterday we spoke about TelOne’s new corporate identity and how the telecoms operator would be launching a couple of new products at an official corporate event. The event which is being held in Harare, is far from over, but other than the new logo shown above, we have managed to glean some important details about TelOne’s […]

TelOne to launch new identity, citywide WiFi and Fibre packages tomorrow

Any 2015 conversation around ADSL technology always has the same undertone. A lot of people, learned or otherwise, think the tech belongs to the 1980s.  To be honest, in the face of rapidly changing communications standards and delivery options it’s hard to bring up colonial copper cabling solutions which just don’t sound sexy. This is […]

Powertel reintroduces unlimited internet

Remember how local Internet Service Provider, Powertel, made the biggest pricing mistake in telecoms last year when it scrapped its superstar unlimited package and opted to introduce a usage-based system instead. Well, the ISP seems to be fighting for customers’ attention with its new unlimited package. Before you get excited, there’s a bit of a caveat […]

Liquid Telecom introduces Zambia to Fibroniks, targets 20,000 connections

The most visible Fibre to the Home (FTTH) package in Zimbabwe right now has to be ZOL Fibroniks. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has managed to offer this service to the market because of the extensive fibre roll out being constructed by its parent company, Liquid Telecom. Now neighbouring Zambia is set to receive the same product. Liquid […]

More Fibre on the horizon as Liquid Telecom secures $150 million for expansion

Sometime last year we wrote about the $150 million that Liquid Telecom was trying to source for the expansion of its fibre network throughout Africa. Now, according to its website the telecoms infrastructure company has now secured the funds through a loan facilitated by Standard Chartered Bank and provided for by large global investment banks. Liquid […]

From voice services to fibre: How TelOne is going to get its groove back

It’s only one month into the year so it’s still OK to have a long list of resolutions and to make a set of promises. Even the captains of industry are on the same tip actually. As far as promises and expectations in local tech are concerned, TelOne has got me excited the most. Chipo Mtasa, […]

ZOL has disrupted the Zim internet space, is voice communication next?

Zimbabweans are very particular about the cost of a product or service and any adjustment made to that effect. This extends to anything that an entrepreneur might want to provide really. The market is very price sensitive, just ask Powertel. It’s all blamed on the tough economic environment. Every dollar counts so if you up the […]

Fibre internet not a rich peoples’ thing anymore as ZOL introduces $39 package

ZOL today announced a new fibre internet packaged priced at $39 a month. It’s officially the lowest priced fibre based internet service in Zimbabwe. Before now, Zol’s cheapest fibre package was an $89 20GB package which, to many in these hard times Zimbabweans find themselves in, was unaffordably high. The new fibre package is even […]

An overview of fibre in Zimbabwe: What can we expect in 2015?

Let’s take a second to look at what the Zimbabwean broadband internet landscape was like around 2009 and 2010. We didn’t have as many options as we have now for internet access, largely because of the limited infrastructure developments. Home internet packages hadn’t been snapped up by a large part of the population that was […]

How expensive is it to go online in Zim?: An overview of prices for internet services

2015 started off with mobile subscribers celebrating the good news that as had been promised, the voice tariffs for the country’s mobile network operators had been reduced. Unfortunately we didn’t see a tumble in the cost of mobile data accompanying this change. The same could be said for internet services across the board actually. Despite a tighter economic […]

The 5 gaffes in the 2014 Zimbabwe technology space

Before we do the countdown to the new year and start living through those New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided to take a look at not only the winners and losers, but also the embarrassing moments from the Zimbabwe technology space that we’ll gladly leave behind this year. Here are just five faux pas from 2014. […]