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ZOL internet package prices are going up in December

It was just September when ZOL announced a price adjustment for internet packages in local currency (ZWL$). That increase came after a very marginal uptick in local currency prices in July. ZOL has announced that as we enter December 2021 its customers should brace for yet another local currency price increase. “This serves to notify […]

We Now Know The New Pricing For ZOL’s Business Packages

When ZOL announced new pricing or the pricing alignment as they would rather call it, there was no pricing for business packages whatsoever. After getting assistance from ZOL’s website support we now have the pricing for the business packages and as you expect the prices were “alligned”: Another section we had missed (ZOL included these […]

ZOL Says Prices Have Not Changed, Mangudya And Mathematics Say ZOL Prices Have Increased

Today ZOL had the most interesting announcement of a price increase ever. Their announcement started thus: Dear valued ZOL customer Zol is excited to announce the increase of data to all capped packages as of 1 April 2019. This effectively decreases the price of data per GB. ZOL understands that data is crucial to you […]