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How much to go online? – here are the prices for Zimbabwean internet services

Take a look at the calendar, the month of April is as good as over. This means that we have breezed through the first one-third of the year. In local tech and broadband, a lot has come with that passage of time, including a review of voice tariffs. We all hoped the Government and POTRAZ, […]

Special Edition Podcast: The challenges to Zim’s reach for a bright Digital Future

At the Digital Future Conference, several thought leaders contributed to discussions on the state of digital services in Zimbabwe, the challenges being faced right now and the future that lies in this space. This podcast is the first panel discussion that touched on these challenges. Taking part in this discussion was the Deputy Minister of […]

Latest from Digital Future: What challenges are being faced in Zim digital media?

In case you haven’t been catching up via the live stream or the massive activity on Twitter (#MyDigitalFuture), a lot has already been shared already in the first part of the day at the Digital Future Conference. There was a panel discussion focused on the current challenges in digital and online media in Zimbabwe. The […]

Liquid Telecom introduces Zambia to Fibroniks, targets 20,000 connections

The most visible Fibre to the Home (FTTH) package in Zimbabwe right now has to be ZOL Fibroniks. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has managed to offer this service to the market because of the extensive fibre roll out being constructed by its parent company, Liquid Telecom. Now neighbouring Zambia is set to receive the same product. Liquid […]

More Fibre on the horizon as Liquid Telecom secures $150 million for expansion

Sometime last year we wrote about the $150 million that Liquid Telecom was trying to source for the expansion of its fibre network throughout Africa. Now, according to its website the telecoms infrastructure company has now secured the funds through a loan facilitated by Standard Chartered Bank and provided for by large global investment banks. Liquid […]

Techzim and TBWA Zimbabwe to explore the future of digital media in Zimbabwe

Techzim and TBWA Zimbabwe, will host what’s been billed as “Zimbabwe’s Largest Gathering of Digital Minds”, at a conference and training event called Digital Future. The event will feature thought leading insights from leading digital media professionals from across the world on the 17th and 18th of March 2015 and will be sponsored by NetOne, […]

Fibre internet not a rich peoples’ thing anymore as ZOL introduces $39 package

ZOL today announced a new fibre internet packaged priced at $39 a month. It’s officially the lowest priced fibre based internet service in Zimbabwe. Before now, Zol’s cheapest fibre package was an $89 20GB package which, to many in these hard times Zimbabweans find themselves in, was unaffordably high. The new fibre package is even […]

Zimbabwe’s changing internet service delivery landscape: a perspective from ZOL

The landscape around internet service delivery is changing rapidly, something that has resulted in ISPs like ZOL exploring the possibilities of extending services into the provision of entertainment services (IPTV) and VoIP calling, something that has been offered by other IAPs for a while now. The exciting new terrain is obviously IPTV, something that ZOL Zimbabwe […]