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ZOL says poor WiBroniks speeds a result of people moving outside of coverage areas

Many of the complaints WiBroniks customers have logged over the last few months have been to do with the speed of the network over the last few months. We reached out to ZOLto understand why this has been the case despite the fact that there have been multiple maintenance updates over the last few months. […]

ZOL Wibroniks Network Maintenance

ZOL has announced that it is going to be running nationwide maintance of their Wibroniks Network from the 3rd to the 17th of June Here is the statement they sent to their Wibroniks customers: The scheduled dates for maintenance for each area are: Harare 3 – 6 June 2020 Bulawayo 7 – 9 June 2020 […]

ZOL Announces Price Increase – Here’s What You’ll Pay Now (May 2020)

ZOL has announced yet another price increase which doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering just how the local currency has weakened over the last 2 weeks. The new pricing for ZOL’s packages is now structured as follows: Package Name Data $ Home Wibroniks Unlimited Unlimited $3,105 Fibroniks Zoom 10GB (Pay As You Go) […]

ZOL Shops To Reopen In Near Future

ZOL subscribers have been receiving a message from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) informing them that ZOL shops will be reopening next month. Dear Customer. Our shops remain closed until 31/05/20. Shops in Bulawayo,Harare and Victoria Falls will open on 01/06/20. The Contact Centre remains available. ZOL message to subscribers Following relaxation if COVID-19 restrictions […]

ZOLs Staffers Ask Subscribers To Share IDs Via WhatsApp – A Ticking Time Bomb

Zimbos are a pretty relaxed bunch when it comes to guarding our privacy on the internet. I got a gentle and unwelcome reminder of that a few hours ago. What happened? A ZOL staffer or someone with access to an official ZOL support line initiated a call to one of my colleagues. On the call, […]

TelOne & ZOL Customers Infuriated By Poor Customer Service During Lockdown

TelOne and ZOL are the biggest players in the fixed internet space in Zimbabwe – as you would expect a significant number of Zimbabweans rely on them. COVID-19 has resulted in an angry customer-base – as those with faults are getting service from the internet companies much slower than expected. The two entities social media […]

ZOL Shares Guidelines On How They’ll Be Attending To Faults During The Lockdown

With the 21-day nationwide lockdown now in full effect, ZOL has updated customers on how they’ll be addressing faults during this period. The Internet Service Provider said their staff-force will address faults as follows; For faults occurring outside a customer’s home, (“outside your premises or in the garden”) they’ll deploy staff to address the issue; […]

ZOL Closes All Stores To Curb Coronavirus Spread

ZOL has emailed customers informing them that they will be closing their stores to prevent Coronavirus spread. The email to customers read; Dear Valued Customer, The whole world is facing an unprecedented crisis with the coronavirus (COVID19) affecting individuals, families, businesses and nations. ZOL Zimbabwe is committed to playing its part in the prevention of […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks & Wibroniks Packages

POTRAZs announcement of new tariff thresholds for Internet Access Providers was followed up by an announcement by TelOne with their updated tariffs which took effect on the 14th of March. ZOL has now also reviewed pricing for Fibronik and Wibroniks packages. The pricing which takes effect on the 25th of March will now be structured […]

ZOL Service Maintenance Still On-Going, Wibroniks Customers Facing Disruptions

Yesterday at the launch of Liquid Telecom’s promotion targeting enterprise customers, one of the issues we brought to the attention of Liquid Telecom Regional CEO Mr Wellington Makamure was the fact that soe Wibroniks customers have been complaining about the quality of service over the past fortnight. The CEO explained that the reason why this […]

Liquid Telecom Announces 20-50% Data Discount For Enterprise Customers

Earlier today Liquid Telecom announced that from the 23rd of March they will be discounting broadband prices for their enterprise customers by 20%-50%. Regional CEO for Liquid Telecom in Southern Africa, Mr Wellington Makamure made the announcement explaining that the 6-month promotion will be provided to loyal customers who will get 20-50% additional bandwidth at […]

ZOL Runs Out Of LTE SIMs Nationwide, It Could Be Coronavirus Related

In a surprising turn of events, ZOL has reportedly run out of data sim cards for their WiBroniks packages. We initially got a tip regarding this earlier this week, with different sources suggesting the SIMs were in high demand and had run out. Customers have claimed that they’ve been notified when they go to ZOL […]

A Tale Of Free Internet & Slow Speeds – The Pain Of Being A ZOL Subscriber Today

Recently, we noted with concern how ZOL has carried out 3 network maintenances in 16 days. We were left to speculate at what the problem actually was but we have it on good authority that the problems with ZOL’s network are deeper than they seem. Cracks are showing In our previous article regarding ZOLs repeated […]

ZOL Announces 3rd Service Disrupting Network Maintenance In 14 Days

It seems something is up with ZOL’s network. Personally, my fibre connection hasn’t performed to the standard I’ve grown accustomed to as a ZOL customer since late 2019. Whilst I can’t place an exact date when these disconnections and disruptions started, I hoped that ZOL’s network maintenance period from 5-6 February 2020 would finally improve […]

ZOL Announces Scheduled Maintenance, Less Than A Week After Completing Another

ZOL has sent out an email to subscribers announcing that there will be planned maintenance from the 13th to the 14th of February. The maintenance period will result in service disruption for customers. Whilst service maintenance is nothing odd, it is a bit odd that ZOL is carrying this one out so soon after the […]

ZOL Announces Maintenance On 5 February, Service Disruption Expected

ZOL has informed subscribers that due to scheduled maintenance being carried out from the 5th of February and crossing over to the 6th, subscribers will experience service disruption during the 8-hour maintenance: Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised that our team will be carrying out a planned network maintenance on the 5th of February 2020. […]

Active Fibre Internet Subscribers Fell For The 1st Time Over 5 Years

POTRAZ released their report for the 3rd Quarter of 2019 and a long-running trend of growing fibre subscribers has unsurprisingly come to a halt. Between July and September, active fibre subscriptions fell by 1.7% FROM 39 863 subscribers to 39 202. During the presentation of the 3rd quarter results, POTRAZ Director General Gift Machengete said […]

Here Are The Devices That Support ZOL’s LTE Data Line

ZOL’s data line has been topical for a while now and the most frequently asked questions we’ve received include coverage areas and supported devices. We now have a list of supported devices and at the time of writing it looks like this: If you have a supported device that’s not on the list, add it […]

Here Are The Areas Where ZOL’s Data SIM Works

One of the most asked questions we have received ever since the launch of ZOL’s mobile data SIM goes along the lines “does it work in area x” and without clear information regarding where the service works we’ve been left red-faced a number of times. We finally have the list of all areas which are […]

[Video] Ever Wondered Why TelOne & Zol Sims Don’t Work In Some LTE Enabled Phones?

TelOne and Zol have mobile services that they are offering that make use of Sim cards. The service is LTE but regardless of a lot of smartphones being 4G LTE enabled, not all of them are able to connect to the ZOL and TelOne service. This video dives into the details as to why some […]

ZOL To Perform Sytem Upgrade

Every service provider seems to be sprucing up their systems lately. The latest one is ZOL which has issued a statement announcing that it will be carrying out some network maintenance on Sunday 24 November. The Maintenance will last 6 Hours from 12 midnight to 6am the same day. You can take a look at […]

ZOL Announces Some Wibroniks Price Adjustments

It’s that time again when our Zim dollars are worth just a little bit less. Zol has announced that effective 1 December 2019 it will be making some positive adjustments to the Wibroniks Unlimited package as well as the Wibroniks Top-Up packages. Wibroniks Unlimited is now going for $1216.55 and the table below gives you […]

ZOL Announces New Package For Their Data Sim: It Comes With Unlimited WhatsApp

ZOL has announced a new internet package for their data sim under what seems to be called the Mibroniks brand – which will be mobile-first packages. This package will come with 15 GB of data and unlimited WhatsApp for $156. This is considerably better value for money than what you get from mobile service providers […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks Packages

Last Friday, ZOL announced new pricing for Wibroniks packages, they’ve followed that up with a new price list for fibre subscribers. We’ve had a problem with ZOL’s communication before and it seems that doesn’t change much. In their official communication to customers, ZOL chose not to write down the actual data allocations for each of […]

ZOL Customers Having Trouble Buying Data On The ZOL Portal

A number of ZOL subscribers have been having trouble buying data using the ZOL portal and the MyZol application throughout the day. I first came across this around 9 am when trying to buy a top-up package fruitlessly I then tried to get in touch with the support on various numbers and all of them […]

TelOne To Launch Wibroniks Competitor: Blaze

TelOne will reportedly be launching a new wireless internet service which they’ve chosen to call Blaze. Just like Wibroniks, Blaze will offer customers an LTE-based connection and a choice between an indoor modem and a MiFi device which will be priced at $472 and $333 respectively. For the MiFi device, you’ll need a line which […]

ZOL Tells Fibre Customers To Expect Slower Speed Due To Technical Problem

ZOL customers have been getting a message warning them to expect speeds slower than usual on their ZOL portals: Please be advised that we are currently experiencing degraded speeds on our fiber platform. Our technicians are working towards resolving this issue in the shortest time possible. Any inconveniences caused are sincerely regretted. Thank you for […]

Former ZOL CEO Moves To Liquid Telecom SA

Former ZOL CEO and CCO Denny Marandure has left the company to join Liquid Telecom South Africa. Mr Marandure will be LTSA’s new Client Executive responsible for Business Development for Cloud & Digital Services. In an internal email to Liquid Telecom staff, LTSA Chief Sales Officer acknowledged the importance of the role Denny is tasked […]

ZOL Introduces LTE Data Line To Compete With Econet & NetOne

In these trying times, businesses are forced to up their game and give customers the best experience possible. For ZOL that has meant rolling over data for capped subscribers, anniversary billing for uncapped subscribers and now the introduction of LTE data lines that will work on your phone. The data line will work with existing […]

ZOL Finally Announces Anniversary Billing For Uncapped Users

Recently, ZOL announced that data will start rolling over for Fibroniks users, which means if you pay your monthly internet bill and fail to use the internet in the allotted time, it will carry over into the next month. Considering that the current electricity crisis has made it harder to use up your internet data […]