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TelOne Introduces Two-Month Internet Package In Light Of The Crazy Power Cuts

As the electricity situation has gradually worsened, consumers of subscription services (i.e home internet/DStv) have to seriously consider whether they are getting any value from their subscriptions. With these doubts in mind, TelOne is introducing an interesting 15GB two-month package for $40. If you don’t use your home internet subscription extensively then this package will […]

Roku Says Econet Is Shutting Down Kwese Play And Is No Longer In Partnership With Them

Yesterday, people started receiving an error message on their Kwese Play streaming boxes which read: Econet no longer offers Kwese Play. For more information contact Econet. Econet calmed the storm and said they were in discussion with Roku and would inform customers of the resolution of these discussions Pan-African broadcaster, Econet Media, has noted that […]

TelOne Subscribers Grow By 15% In The First Half Of The Year

Though many businesses have found the going extremely tough in our current economic climate, it seems TelOne is largely on an upward trend. The company seems to be finally reversing its downward trend as their 2018 financial results seem to suggest. Along with the supposed improvements on the balance sheet, it also seems TelOne’s subscriber […]

ZOL Unused Data To Start Rolling Over Into Following Month From August

ZOLs decision not to allow you to carry over unused data into the next month has always been quite unpopular. You would only assume that this irritation has been felt more because of loadshedding. Couple that with more expensive data costs and you have a trinity of factors that might actually force customers to ditch […]

ZOL Announces New Top-Up Packages For Wibroniks And A New Fibroniks Package

ZOL has announced a host of new Wibroniks Top-Up packages and one new Fibroniks package. The new Fibroniks Come Alive package will cost you US$99/RTGS$455.40 and subscribers get 150GB of data. ZOL has been constantly readjusting their pricing since the back end of 2018 in order to keep up with an economy that has been […]

ZOL Lowers Tariffs For VoIP Service

ZOL has been doing a lot to lower to offer their customers more value for their money and the most recent of such moves is the lowering of tariffs for VoIP. ZOL sent out the following email to customers announcing the change: Dear Valued Customer We would like to thank you for using the ZOL […]

ZOL “Fire Fridays” = Unlimited Night Owl For Subscribers

ZOL recently announced Fire Fridays, which will come as a relief to customers on capped packages. For subscribers who have the Night Owl add-on, the deal is pretty simple. Every Friday night your internet usage won’t affect your Night Owl data cap which means you can download more aggressively and stream Netflix/YouTube/Lectures and play some […]

ZOL Customers On Capped Packages To Get Free WhatsApp Access

So ZOL has been probing how many deal sweeteners to subscribers, now that their prices went up and they’ve come up with an interesting solution. ZOL subscribers on capped packages will now get access to WhatsApp for free this month. That’s right, the WhatsApp data you consume on your package will not be billed or […]

Having Trouble Creating A Kwese Account? You Are Not Alone.

On Monday morning ZOL delivered on its promise and started handing out it’s Roku Powered Kwese Play box for free to qualifying customers. The box is supposed to also come with 12 months of free Kwese iFlix. Creating a Kwese account might be an issue As soon as you boot the box for the first […]

ZOL Now Giving Their Roku Box For Free

When ZOL hiked their internet prices they also mentioned the fact that they would be giving out their Roku Powered Kwese Play Box to qualifying customers for free together with 12 months iFlix. Well today is 1 April, and no this is not one of those cliche April Fools jokes. Starting today if you are […]

MTN Is Going To Realign It’s Tariffs Too

One by one Zimbabwe’s Telecommunication companies have been hiking their prices. They have all been saying the same thing: It’s RBZ governor Mangudya’s fault that we are doing this go ask him. Welcome to the New World of RTGS$. MTN goes for hikes MTN has decided to follow suit. Naturally they are not calling it […]

We Now Know The New Pricing For ZOL’s Business Packages

When ZOL announced new pricing or the pricing alignment as they would rather call it, there was no pricing for business packages whatsoever. After getting assistance from ZOL’s website support we now have the pricing for the business packages and as you expect the prices were “alligned”: Another section we had missed (ZOL included these […]

When It Comes To IPV6 Adoption Zimbabwe Is Second In Africa

If you have at least a basic understanding of how the internet works you have heard this countless times before. The majority of the internet uses IPv4 addresses like to pinpoint and identify each connected device and these are running have run out. “I am a little embarrassed about that because I was the […]

New ZOL Prices VS New TelOne Prices

Zimbabwe’s two biggest fixed internet service providers have both changed their pricing and they have used the same spin: our prices have not increased, we are merely aligning to the monetary policy. Kind of reminds one of, “The president and his family are safe, we are targeting the criminals around him.” I’ll end it there […]

ZOL Sends Customers’ Private Information To Other Random Customers And They Don’t Seem To Care

The title pretty much summarises the whole thing. So, two weeks ago I was talking to a friend and they casually mentioned that ZOL had sent them a list of customers and where they lived. The person I was talking to did not seem to realise that it wasn’t at all proper for that to […]

POTRAZ Says They Did Not Give ZOL The Go Ahead To Raise Prices

As you may know, ZOL recently announced that they would be “aligning” prices due to the monetary policy. Though ZOL may call it an alignment, to consumers this is an increase as most salaries have not been “aligned” since the monetary policy was announced. The Director-General of POTRAZ Dr Gift Machengete recently commented on the […]

ZOL Reduces Pricing For WiBroniks Equipment, A Real Reduction

After a topical weekend for ZOL and their ‘pricing alignment,’ we discovered some positive news on the pricing front. If you followed our story on the price increase you would have noticed that WiBroniks customers will continue paying the same prices as they have been all along which comes as a relief if you’re a […]

ZOL Says Prices Have Not Changed, Mangudya And Mathematics Say ZOL Prices Have Increased

Today ZOL had the most interesting announcement of a price increase ever. Their announcement started thus: Dear valued ZOL customer Zol is excited to announce the increase of data to all capped packages as of 1 April 2019. This effectively decreases the price of data per GB. ZOL understands that data is crucial to you […]

ZOL Connect Nominated For Best Online Media Award @ NAMAs

[Image credit: ZOL] When National Arts Council of Zimbabwe announces the nominees for the NAMA (National Arts Merit Awards) awards we rarely have tech stalwarts on that list but ZOL’s marketing crew has made sure that in 2019 they are in the running for the Best Online Media award to be handed out on the […]

Is ZOL Offering A Secret Discount To Customers Who Left After Their Price Hikes?

So apart from being addictive Twitter can, on occasion be a very good source of information. Such an incident occurred when I was on Twitter this morning. I came across a tweet that claimed that ZOL was charging customers who were no longer subscribed discounts to return to the provider. Ko @ZOLconnect you've called the […]

How To Use Fibroniks On The Go On Zolspots

One of the perks of having a ZOL internet connection is that you get “free” WiFi access on ZOL’s numerous ZOLspots. Connecting using your Fibroniks on the Go credentials will see you using data from home or work account instead of you having to buy a voucher. If you have unlimited account it essentially means […]

The Government’s Block On WhatsApp And Social Media Is Hurting The Informal Economy

So yesterday afternoon the Zimbabwean government decided to relent and send a directive to the country’s internet operators telling them to switch the internet back on but keep blocking social media. It is not clear what prompted this second change of heart. Maybe someone managed to get through to them to explain the importance of […]

Zimbabwe ISP’s ordered to shutdown internet again

Posted By friends of Techzim as our local team is presently disconnected… It seems that the Government of Zimbabwe has issued yet another directive to ISPs forcing them to shutdown the internet again at approximately midnight last night. We can only assume that the enterprising Zimbabweans out there were finding bypasses to the continuous attempts […]

You Can Now Get ZOL’s Roku Kwese Play Box On Contract Terms: Prices As Low As $10/month

It’s been weeks since we bid a reluctant farewell to Kwese’s satellite TV. Though it’s not completely dead all that remains is a poor imitation in the form of its remaining free to air bouquet with a severely curtailed channel list. The reason that Econet gave for the switch was that Kwese would now focus […]

Zimbabwe’s Inflation Rate Balloons to 20.85%: The Unofficial Rate Is Likely Higher

Following a spate of recent price hikes that had a 2008 feel and even included price control threats from the government it comes as no surprise that Zimbabwe’s year to date inflation figure has ballooned. According the ZimStat the year to year inflation rate stood at 20.85% in October up from 5.39% in September. That […]

[Video] ZOL Explains Why They Had To Increase Their Pricing

A lot of subscribers have been up in arms following ZOLs revision of their pricing at the end of October. ZOL have taken to their Facebook page to conduct a live video explaining the challenges they face and they hope customers can bear with them. The video is embedded below: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime […]

Why Is Internet Access In Zimbabwe So Expensive?

Some things in life are certain. The sun will always rise from the East. Without oxygen we are doomed and so forth and so on. It seems another thing that can be a part of that list is the fact that internet connectivity in Zimbabwe will always be expensive. At least that will be the […]

Is TelOne Following In ZOL’s Footsteps And Revising Broadband Packages?

It seems the economic crunch is biting everyone quite hard and though many cried foul when ZOL revised their broadband prices we had a feeling TelOne would do the same thing if the economic situation stayed the same. It seems that’s now the case. TelOne seems to have made some changes even though they are […]

As We Mourn Kwese Here Are Some Products Econet Has Killed Over The Years

So Kwese satellite TV is the service we all liked to hate but now miss terribly. As they say it only takes the rain to miss the sunshine. The thing though is that Kwese’s satellite is not alone when it comes to products and services the international giant Econet has ruthlessly excised. Here are some […]

How Does ZOL’s New Pricing Compare To TelOne?

ZOL Increased their pricing again and you may be wondering how their internet packages compare to what’s on offer from TelOne, their biggest competitor. TelOne last revised their pricing a year ago and comparing the two services makes for an interesting comparison. Capped packages Capped packages have a limit to them. You get a monthly […]