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The documents required to pass ZRP roadblocks

ZRP PRESS STATEMENT25Th JULY 2020ZIMBABWE REPUBLIC POLICE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT CHECKPOINTS AND ROADBLOCKS The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to advise that the COVID-19 national lockdown measures announced His Excellency, President E.D. Mnangagwa on 21 July 2020 and the subsequent promulgation of Statutory Instrument 174/2020, members of the public should take note of the following to […]

High Court grants Econet request to stop ZRP from seizing customer database

The High Court of Zimbabwe has granted Econet’s urgent chamber application to temporarily suspend the execution of a court judgment which would allow law enforcement authorities to seize Econet database of customers. The Judge who made the ruling -Justice Edith Mushore- is said to have “slammed” the warrant, comparing it to Rhodesian law enforcement conduct; […]

ZimRights & MISA file urgent chamber application to stop search of Econet premises

Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe together with Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) filed an urgent application with the High Court forbidding the ZRP and CID from searching Econet’s premises and obtaining a database containing all subscriber details. MISA & ZimRights argue that the warrant of search and seizure threatens citizens’ various fundamental rights, […]

Police stations to use POS machines to discourage bribery

Police stations across the country will now make use of POS machines that will be used for admission of guilt fines – a move that the ZRP believes will reduced cases of bribery. The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) is said to have distributed 333 POS machines to 319 stations across the country. The number of […]

ZRP Officers Banned From Social Media After Sensitive Information Was Leaked

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has banned police officers from using social media during working hours to instead focus on crime prevention and investigation. Police officers will thus not be allowed to focus on their cellphones at the expense of duty or abuse WhatsApp platforms, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media sites. Paul Nyathi – […]

ZRP Computerising In Hopes Of Eliminating Corruption

Minister of Home Affairs Kazembe Kazembe has said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) along with the Registrar General’s Office will be getting computerised with the intent to improve efficiency and weed out corruption. Computerisation lessens pressure on our officers thereby improving efficency as it helps them serve clients quickly. Minister Kazembe Kazembe Will this root […]

ZRP Asks Public To Stop Posting Pictures From Accident/Murder Scenes On Social Media

Zimbabwe’s police force has come out and asked members of the public to refrain from posting sensitive content on social media. RECORDING AND POSTING OF OFFENSIVE AND SENSITIVE MATERIAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMSThe Zimbabwe Republic Police is concerned with some members of the public who record video footage or photograph scenes of road traffic accidents, […]

ZRP Discourages Online Dating After Rape Case

Zimbabwe Republic Police has a Twitter account which is notorious for sharing random tweets like the one below: Anyway, the latest update from the local police force focuses on online dating and why you shouldn’t participate in it at all (at least according to the ZRP): A 29 year old woman was raped after she […]

ZRP Dismisses Social Media Bank Notes Story As Fake News

The ZRP has become the latest in an ever-growing list of organisations to dismiss stories circulating on social media. The national police force released an official statement dismissing stories alleging government official Energy Mutodi was involved in circulating fake banknotes: The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to categorically dismiss social media posts that they held a […]

$42 Million Lost In The First Quarter Of 2019 Due To Cybercrime

If you’ve been following the issues of card cloning and cybercrime locally, you’ll know that the country is woefully ill-prepared to deal with this problem. According to stats produced by the ZRP over $40 million has been lost to cybercrime in the first quarter of 2019 alone. That’s quite the number and presents a huge […]

Card Cloning Epidemic Continues As Cloning Crew Steals $69 000

By going cashless the government was supposed to end the gruelling queues and demand for cash and make it easier to transact. What’s happened in reality isn’t that simple. Transacting has gotten prohibitively expensive and card cloning has become an issue that authorities have simply failed to deal with. Rarely does a month goes by […]

NetOne & ZRP Coming Together To Reduce Traffic Congestion

ZRP and NetOne have joined hands in what they are coining a ‘smart city partnership’ with the aim to decongest Harare’s CBD. The agreement between the mobile network operator and the national police force aims to ” enhance the force’s capacity to de-congest the central business district (CBD) and ensure a smooth flow of traffic […]

ZRP And HIT Strike Partnership To Lower Crime Rates

Zimbabwe’s police force (ZRP) has come to an agreement with the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) to develop staff and enable the police force to deal with crime more efficiently using technology. Apart from staff development, the agreement signed last week will also factor in some software. The Deputy Commissioner-General, Stephen Mutambi expressed worry over […]

ZRP Says They Are Far From Ready To Fight Cyber-Crime

2018 has been the year of card cloning. With Zimbabwe’s rapid acceleration to ‘cash-less economy’ status the amount of cyber-crime that has come with this cashless-ness has been a clear indicator of the fact that the government did not deliberately plan for a digital economy but instead stumbled upon one. “Our hands are tied” ZRP […]

Police Threaten To Track ‘Those Spreading Misleading Information On Social Media’

I said it before and I’ll say it again: welcome to the election season in Zimbabwe. The last time we had nation wide elections the internet penetration rate was just above 40%. Now the rate is above 52% and yup we can see the difference. There is a frenzy on social media: debates, citizen journalsim […]

ZRP And Road Users Association Now Have A Place Where You Can Upload Footage Of Reckless Driving

The ZRP has been making strides to ensure that incidents .Thus far they have installed CCTV systems –in the Avondale area to be specific– in order to clamp down on drivers who deem themselves as being above the law. Due to limited resources ZRP is now partnering with Road Users Association (RUA) to ensure drivers […]

ZRP To Use Drones For Security At Rallies

A few weeks ago an attempt was made on President Mnangagwa’s life. The nature of the attack was quite surprising and though many theories have been bandied about in the aftermath of the event but when it happened everyone was in shock since an incident of this nature had never occurred before. Anyway, one of […]

A Local Startup Is Trying To Solve The Problem Of Corruption In Zimbabwe And Africa: It’s A Good Start

If you have been in Zimbabwe and many other African countries, you will notice that corruption is very common and has become one of the major stumbling blocks we have faced in trying to turn around the dire situation in our country. Africa Innovation Trust (AIT) has come up with a tool that will help […]

ZRP Brag About Social Media Presence, As They Plan To Go Digital

At a recent election reporting workshop in Gweru, police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has embarked on a digitisation drive that will see the computerisation of all its police stations. Nyathi also pointed out the fact that the process begun a while ago but has been hindered by a […]

What Did ZOL Reveal That Got O’Donovan Arrested?

Last week a social media activist, Martha O’Donovan, was arrested for a tweet that went out in September 2017 that is said to have denigrated the President of Zimbabwe as well as for having set up organisations that are aiming to “subvert a constitutional government through masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government […]

What is it and how secure is the Tor Browser that O’Donovan was using?

If you are following the Martha O’Donovan case you might have seen mention of The Onion Router (Tor) on her charge sheet. The charge sheet says O’Donovan says, The accused made significant use of the Onion Router (TOR) browser, a tool which is used to hide online activity. To understand what the Tor browser we […]

New Twist. O’Donovan Accused Of Having Access To @Matigary

Earlier today Techzim reported that Martha O’Donovan from Magamba TV was taken into custody for a tweet that had allegedly been sent out by her during the Shoko Festival in early September. At the time it was not clear whether she had sent out the tweet or it was a retweet of someone else’s tweet but what […]

ZRP says it needs US$4.2 million to secure fingerprint search system

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has an outstanding payment of US$4.2 million that’s required to acquire a fingerprint search system. According to Newsday, this information was shared by ZRP’s Finance Director, Police Senior Assistant Commissioner Wiklef Makamache, in an address to a Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs. In the same session, the permanent secretary in […]

Fed up with cops, Zimbabwean road users have adopted this Google tool to monitor roadblock corruption

Zimbabwean road users have adopted this Google tool to monitor police roadblock corruption.

So the ZRP Twitter account is fake.Can’t the cops handle their own social media?

The ZRP Twitter account you have been seeing for the past couple of days is fake.

The Road Angels App after 1 year – what improvements have been made?

If you listen to Breakfast Radio then chances are you have caught the Road Angels Roadside Assistance team on the show talking about the benefits its service provides to the typical Zimbabwean motorist. This isn’t where it all starts and ends with the company though. Some time last year we wrote about the Road Angels […]

USSD can kill roadblock corruption, here’s how

The Problem In Zimbabwe corruption has certainly gotten out of hand, particularly police corruption at police road blocks/checkpoints. With the introduction of mandatory traffic spot fines for all traffic violations in Zimbabwe, the local police force has become more forceful and aggressive in their conduct during these stops. This is worsened by the fact that […]

Parliament protects cellphone users’ privacy

The Zimbabwean legislative took a stand for cellphone users’ privacy yesterday when it outlawed legal provisions that allow the ZRP to approach mobile network operators and access information provided by a subscriber when registering a SIM card. According to a report in the Herald, this ratification followed a submission of a report prepared by the […]

The mobile kill switch law: Would it help us here in Zimbabwe?

Everyone knows about Ximex mall and what goes on there. If you want a cheap high end phone and you are one of those people who is not too bothered by ethics and the law then Ximex mall is the place to be. It is the Shangri-La of shady deals where people pawn their wares […]

ZRP finally embraces technology?

Here is a fun fact: The Zimbabwe Republic Police has no official website – at least I could not find one and that means if the site exists most people cannot find it either. They are, to the best of my knowledge, not on Twitter and the only official looking Facebook page I could find […]