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ZSE Dropped $5b in 5 days But Foreigners Were Net Buyers On The Day Mugabe Resigned

If you recall, it was earlier this month when the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) hit $15 billion in market capitalisation for the first time. It was no cause for celebration however as that performance was attributable to panic buying of shares which in turn led to overvaluation of the counters. Analysts warned that there would […]

ZSE Drops $2.7b In Two Days As Investors Panic-Sell Shares Amid Political Uncertainty

To understand what the $2.7 billion drop means we first have to look at the events preceding the not coup coup Historic performance on the ZSE Just two weeks ago we were celebrating as the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange market capitalisation hit $15 billion for the first time ever. Okay, celebrating is not really the right […]