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ZSE putting charges on ZSE Direct withdrawals

starting on the 15th of March

ZSE Direct KYC (Know Your Client) requirements have been changed

The ZSE has issued a circular that outlines the new KYC requirements for new registrations as well as existing ZSE Direct accounts.

ZSE & SECZ want more retail investors – Stockbrokers will have to improve their online presence for that to happen

The Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) and Zimbabwe Stock Exchnage have made it clear that Zimbabwes securities market needs more retail investors. Men and women like you and I, who traditionally haven’t invested are the new target and whilst applications such as C-Trade and sites like ZSEDirect make it possible to trade there are […]

ZSE & VFEX open to the idea of listing cryptocurrencies in future

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange CEO Justin Bgoni recently revealed that in the long-term they plan to list cryptocurrencies on the ZSE and the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX). As part of our long term strategy, the ZSE is open for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to be listed on the bourse subject to regulatory approvals. We think […]

ZSE launches Direct trading platform with goal to get more ordinary people investing

A fortnight ago we took an exclusive look at Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s Direct trading platform. The platform that allows ordinary folks like you and me to buy shares from our laptop and smartphone has finally been launched. The problem At the launch event, ZSE noted that the creation of the platform was prompted by a […]

[Update] ZSEs alternative to C-Trade close to launch: First look at ZSE Direct

Back in May, we exclusively reported that the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) was working towards introducing a platform where investors can buy and sell shares. ZSE is calling the service ZSE Direct and the website is now up! As indicated when we spoke to ZSE officials back in May, the design is indeed friendlier to […]

ZSE opens door to companies interested in participating on the Victoria Fall Stock Exchange

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has issued an invitation for expression of interest to participate on the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange. The invitation they published reads; The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange Limited (“VFEX”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited, is currently awaiting licencing by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe and is calling […]

New Statutory Instrument reveals details on upcoming Victoria Falls Stock Exchange

A new Statutory Instrument (SI) was effected into law a few days ago and the SI gives more detail regarding how the Victoria Falls Exchange (VFEX) will work. Granted that VFEX has been pitched as an offshore capital centre by the Ministry of Finance, one of the questions that came up was which currency would […]

Full Text: Statement on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange reopening

PRESS STATEMENT CONCLUSION OF INVESTIGATIONS ON ACTIVITIES ON THE ZIMBABWE STOCK EXCHANGE Following the unprecedented speculative and destabilizing behaviour on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-(ZSE), which was in large part contributing to broader macro-economic instability, a decision was made to suspend trading on the ZSE in order to pave way for a thorough inquiry by the […]

Mthuli Ncube says Zim Stock Exchange will reopen after investigation

Finance Minister has said ZSE is under probe and will only reopen after the Financial Intelligence Unit has completed their investigations which could take as many as two weeks. We are waiting for the conclusions of the investigations led by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). They should be able to conclude within the next week […]

[Updated] Finance Minister shares more details regarding Vic Falls Exchange

Mthuli Ncube shared the mid-term budget review yesterday and in it is a bunch of interesting updates and government’s plan to revive our ailing economy. One of the projects announced with intent to help government get its paws on foreign currency is the Victoria Falls Exchange (VFEX). The securities exchange was launched to in order […]

Full Text: Veritas says banning of ZSE & Mobile Money illegal

Over the past month, Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and mobile money platforms have come under scrutiny from the government. This scrutiny came to a head when the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information announced a ban and temporary closure of both ZSE and mobile money in the country. All entities affected by the ban came […]

Old Mutual Zim issues vague statement addressing delisting allegations

There have been reports that Old Mutual Zimbabwe had been delisted from the ZSE because they were accused of being a big contributor in the economic turmoil we (Zimbabweans) find ourselves in at the moment. The reports started a few days ago, when Patrick Chinamasa speaking in his capacity as ZANU-PF spokesperson endorsed the decision […]

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange suspends trading whilst they wait on authorities to decide fate

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) and mobile money platforms were the targets of the Ministry of Information’s ire on Friday night with the baffling announcement of a ban on both platforms. Whilst the ZSE had been quiet, the mobile money operators all dismissed the Ministry of Information’s and cited they were regulated by the Reserve Bank […]

ZSE CEO Shares More Details Regarding Soon To Be Launched Victoria Falls Exchange

When the government shared the budget for COVID-19 response – the Victoria Falls Securities Exchange (VFEX) was a part of that budget. At that time not much was explained beyond that this exchange was supposed to meant to attract offshore capital and that foreign companies invested in Zimbabwe will be able to seek listing on […]

Listed Companies Urged To Hold Annual General Meetings Online By ZSE

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has responded to concerns of listed companies citing COVID-19 as a hindrance to hosting Annual General Meetings (AGMs) & Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs). The stock exchange has noted the companies’ concerns but urged that they host these meetings virtually and when they can even do so physically: The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange […]

ZSE Working On Online Trading Platform – An Alternative To C-Trade?

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is working on an online trading platform – think of C-Trade and you’ll have a good idea of what they have in mind. Their online trading platform will be available on the web (and eventually as a mobile application) is expected to launch in July. ZSE is launching this platform because in […]

Government Announces Victoria Falls Securities Exchange To Attract Offshore Capital

Last night we shared the Government’s COVID-19 19 Recovery & Stimulus Package Budget and among the measures being taken is the launch of Victoria Falls Securities Exchange; Government has already announced the launch of Victoria Falls Securities Exchange (VFEX), in Victoria Falls in order to attract critical offshore capital to the economy in order to […]

Coronavirus Forces Meikles & Simbisa Brands To Defer Dividend Payments

Meikles Limited and Simbisa Brands which have a combined market valuation of ZW$3.48 billion both recently announced they would be deferring dividend payments to shareholders because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Meikles announced the negative news to shareholders on the 8th of March The Board of Directors of Meikles Limited would like to advise shareholders that […]

ZSE Announces Measures To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

A number of local companies have taken steps to ensure the novel Coronavirus’ spread is minimized. ZOL, Telecel and Econet all announced they would either be working fewer hours or closing down shops – as part of prevention measures. Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has done the same and announced the following measures to curb the spread […]

Mthuli Ncube Suspends ‘Trade’ Of Old Mutual, PPC And Seedco Shares In Bid To Kill Black Market

Today in an Extraordinary Government Gazette, the Minister of Finance, Mthuli Ncube has suspended the ‘fungibility’ of three stocks traded on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The suspension is for 12 months from today. This is in a bid to arrest the continued deterioration in value of local currency on the parallel market. What is fungibility […]

Zim Stock Exchange Joins Forces With HRE To Make Capital Raising Platform For SMEs

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange recently announced they are joining forces with the Harare Receivables Exchange “for the development of a receivables financing platform”. The platform will be targeting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) because the belief within the two organisations developing this platform is that the above group of businesses “continue to face challenges […]

Zim Stock Exchange Announces Free Online Courses For First Time Investors

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) today launched the ZSE Training Institute with the goal to deliver specialised training on various capital market subjects such as the ZSE listing requirements, ZSE products and services and the general process of investing on the stock exchange. The Training Institute will deliver this information using a number of different […]

C-Trade’s Auto Trading Feature Allows You To Buy/Sell Stocks Whilst Offline

We’ve raged on about the convenience offered by C-Trade along with the necessity of such a platform needing to exist. With over 10 000 investors registering in half a year, it’s clear a number of people are interested in the convenience offered by the platform. Adding to this convenience is an auto-trading feature that was […]

ZSE Looking To Integrate Blockchain Technology

ZSE CEO expressed interest in adopting blockchain technology with the only hold-up being the RBZ’s hostile approach towards cryptocurrencies. Justin Bgoni said he would like to see more clarity regarding the “money side” i.e cryptos before the ZSE implements blockchain in whatever form they want: Then there is the money side to blockchain technology. This […]

ZSE Redesigned And Made Their Website Great Again

The first time we wrote about the ZSE website back in 2013, we couldn’t help but admire how USEFUL the site was. Unfortunately, things took a turn for worse; the website was taken down and what came back in 2016 was a shell of its former self. It ceased to be useful and though it […]

Interview: C-Trade Registered Over 10 000 Accounts Last Year

2018 was an eventful year for C-Trade. C-Trade was launched to much fanfare and having become the first online platform for share trading, C-Trade quickly rose to prominence with over 2000 traders opening accounts in the first fortnight. This is a significant number in that since dollarisation only 7 500 investors had opened accounts. We recently […]

ZSE Tried To Block Cassava Listing As They Did With Econet 20 Years Ago Says Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa’s Facebook page seems to be a constant source of news these days as the popular businessman disclosed that listing Cassava SmartTech was a colossal battle. The businessman went as far as comparing the ‘chaotic experience’ to the one he faced when listing Econet in 1998. Masiyiwa’s post was in reaction to the congratulatory […]

EcoCash’s I-nvesta Platform Allows Users To Trade Shares On C-Trade Through EcoCash

If you open EcoCash’s menu there’s a lot that may pass you by because we often use a few particular functions. One such feature that has been there for a long time and we constantly missed was the EcoCash I-nvesta menu. I-nvesta is (and has been for quite a long time) available on the EcoCash […]

Econet Going Ahead With Separating Baskets And Eggs: Cassava SmartTech To Be Listed By December 11

Econet has sent out a circular to investors informing them of the roadmap for their spin off  Cassava SmartTech. If everything goes to plan the separation will take about a month and Cassava SmartTech Limited should be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange on Tuesday 11 December 2018. Background Back in September Econet released a […]