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Liquid Telecom & Hai, POTRAZ on infrastructure(again), cheap phones from Steward bank: Podcast

[powerpress] In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the launch of Hai, an ISP in Zambia owned by Liquid Telecom, the latest on POTRAZ and infrastructure sharing as well as the entry-level smartphones that Steward Bank is selling on credit to college students. If you have a comment or anything to add to any […]

Catching them young, Steward Bank pushes ZTE phones through iStudent account

Steward Bank is offering tertiary students entry level smartphones through a Student Account credit facility. Here is a look at the impact of this strategy.

Econet selling a ZTE V795 entry level smartphone for $55. Our thoughts

Econet last month introducedĀ a new smartphone deal targeting first time smartphone users; a ZTE V795 Android smartphone for just $55. Late last year Econet introduced the Huawei Ascend Y220 targeting the same market segment and we are guessing the Y220 has sold out and the ZTE V795 is the replacement. Chinese telecoms company ZTE released […]