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ZTE and MTN partner to launch indoor 5G router in South Africa

ZTE Corporation has launched its first 5G router (CPE MC801 A) in South Africa. This launch comes in collaboration with MTN, the router will support the latest Wi-Fi 6 and will allow multiple users to use it simultaneously. ZTE’s 5G router supports NSA (Non-standalone) & SA (standalone) 5G networks which are in line with 4G […]

6 Phones Under US$140 You Can Buy In The Techzim Store Right Now

Before we begin, if you haven’t browsed through our Marketplace you might be missing out on a couple of Valentine’s discounts on selected products. Whilst you are there you may want to get a quick overview of some bargains in our store but not know where to start. Maybe I could lend a hand. These […]

Are Huawei & ZTE Really Spying On Consumers And Should You Be Afraid?

After US government officials, NSA and FBI warned consumers to desist from purchasing devices from Huawei and ZTE, you might have been interested in purchasing or already owning a device from either and now you are unsure if you should… ‘Do not be afraid…’ Here is why you should go ahead and buy that Huawei […]

Flagship, mid-range, premium, high-end smartphone. What does it all mean?

Flagships devices, high-end devices mid range, premium the classes go on and on. Its a mess trying to explain which devices go were and why but I think I might be able to clear the air a little bit. Defining them with respect to their processing power for me seems like a more palatable categorizing […]

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. New OPPO Store In Harare Has No OPPO…Yet

If you are in Harare and you frequent the 1st street/George Silundika section of the city you might have seen a nice looking green sign with OPPO written in white. I totally beamed with excitement seeing that brand in Harare streets I mean these guys own OnePlus which in my head meant the flagship killer […]

Econet secures $500 million loan facility from the Chinese government

It’s not just the Zimbabwean government benefitting from Chinese investment. According to a statement released by Econet Wireless, the company’s parent group Econet Global has secured $500 million from China Development Bank and ZTE.

Econet bundles 2GB of free data with entry level smartphones

How does 2 GB of free data sound? Econet is hoping you’ll say exciting. The mobile operator has been offering that much in free data to anyone who buys one of the ZTE phones being sold by their devices division.

The top 10 mobile phone & tablet brands on the Zimbabwean market

We recently talked about how Android is now the leading mobile operating system in Zimbabwe, something that is attributable to a lot of factors around the availability of cheap Android devices. But what are the top 10 mobile phone and tablet brands in Zimbabwe right now? It turns out that in all of this Android […]

Android takes over as the leading mobile operating system in Zimbabwe

Move over Nokia and Symbian; Zimbabwe is now officially an Android market. The latest figures from GS Statcounter for the month ending January 2015 place Android as the leading operating system (OS) for mobile phones. 53.49% of mobile devices run the Google-owned OS, which has managed to overtake the Series 40 that is used on Nokia feature […]

Get ready for the $30 smartphone from TECNO

It has been reported by Biztech Africa that TECNO, a device manufacturer that has a strong focus on the the African mobile space is set to introduce a smartphone priced at a under $30 next year. This comes after an executive from TECNO made the remarks in an interview at Africacom last week. The company […]

Nubia Z5 mini, small phone big package!

Today we have a device from one of the fastest growing phone manufacturers in the world, ZTE. ZTE has been in the past associated with entry level and mid-tier phones. However they have been making strides towards penetrating the high end market. The Nubia Z5 mini, which we have with us today is one such […]

Econet selling a ZTE V795 entry level smartphone for $55. Our thoughts

Econet last month introduced a new smartphone deal targeting first time smartphone users; a ZTE V795 Android smartphone for just $55. Late last year Econet introduced the Huawei Ascend Y220 targeting the same market segment and we are guessing the Y220 has sold out and the ZTE V795 is the replacement. Chinese telecoms company ZTE released […]

Facebook introduces Video ads, ZTE’s gaming console: Regional & Global round up

Facebook introduces 15 minute video ads Yesterday Facebook announced the introduction of Video ads that it hopes will help “advertisers to drive branding objectives on Facebook”. The 15 minute video ads play automatically in the News Feed with the sound muted. The video ads will also stop when you scroll past them but tapping on […]

“That’s racist!” Huawei says of spying & hacking allegations by the US and UK

“This is tired nonsense we’ve been hearing for years. This is politically-inspired and racist corporate defamation, nothing more.” is what a representative of Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications giant, apparently said to The Verge.

Review: The $300 ZTE Light Tab on sale at Econet Wireless

The temptation locally when you hear of a $315 Android tablet is to write it off as one of those clunky cheap Asian tablets abundant in downtown tech gadget shops. You couldn’t be more wrong thinking that about the 7-inch ZTE Light Tab 2

US Lawmakers scared of Huawei and ZTE. Should we also be worried?

A U.S congressional investigation concluded that the two Chinese telecommunications giants, Huawei Technologies Inc., and  ZTE Inc pose potential risks to their national security. The US’s worries come from the fact that the two entities receive significant funding directly from the Chinese government. The two tech firms have experienced growth, rapidly expanding worldwide especially in emerging markets, Zimbabwe […]

Huawei Tablet PC launched in SA. Africa calling

Huawei, China’s ICT giant recently launched its Ideos S7 Tablet PC to the South African market. Huawei is well known as a telecoms infrastructure and enterprise hardware producer and has been moving into the consumer segment in recent years. Along with ZTE, the company is among a crop of Chinese brands that have gained ground internationally and intends to build on this while aggressively competing on pricing.

Review: A solar powered mobile phone

Last month, we attended the Econet Energy launch in Harare. At the event Econet gave out some solar powered ZTE-G S316 mobile phones to everyone attending. For us it was a convenient opportunity to review the solar powered mobile phones and provide our general opinion on them.

Econet Enlists ZTE and Ericsson In $200m Deal To Expand Network

Econet is set to increase its subscriber base from the current 3 million to about 5 million following agreements worth over $170 million with the Swedish Ericsson and ZTE of China The only operator in Zimbabwe with GPRS and EDGE enabled on its base stations, the expansion will propel Econet even further ahead of its […]