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Here are the 7 leading aggregators in the Zimbabwean internet video space

We’ve managed to uncover quite a bit of interesting information which included a list of the most prominent creators in the internet video space as well as some insights on YouTube and Facebook popularity. However, we also noticed that online video platforms and aggregators were best suited for a separate list.

Zimbabwe’s Zombie Generation Raised On FaceBook, WhatsApp

The impact of social media seems to be extending to the next generation as children develop stronger relationships digitally and abandon traditional human interaction. Aren’t we creating a generation of Facebook and WhatsApp zombies?

WhatsApp, Facebook & the streets: the new markets for Zim content creators

Paraffin, Mukadota, Gringo, Mutirowafanza, Neria, More Time, Jit, Yellow Card, Flame. Seemingly random names, but all these titles register some significance with Zimbos that lived in a bygone era. It’s just a handful of productions that represent the great local content that we used to consume from the good old TV. Then technology started changing things like it […]

Podcast: Zympay & remittances, Human IPO, P.O BOX Videos and NetOne Airtime

Here is the latest edition of the weekly Techzim Podcast. As we always do, in this episode we touch on the trending topics from the local tech scene. Under discussion was the P.O BOX Videos viral sensation and its use of social media, the departure of Steward Bank CEO, and how it has come in […]

How the P.O BOX videos are exploiting the opportunity of the internet

Creating great content is never easy, especially when you are trying to do it as something more than just a hobby. Your material has to be relevant, fresh and worth the audience or market’s time. When you’ve nailed that, you can then turn to tech to present it to the world for you. Which is what the […]

Podcast: Zimpapers goes digital, Ecolife and Zvirikuflaya with FlyAfrica

Here’s our latest edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we discussed the return of Ecolife and whether or not it is going to move the market. We also looked at Zimpapers’ aggressive move into paid for online publishing and their new sports news platform as well as the FlyAfrica Zvirikuflaya media campaign on social media. Are […]

How to win a year’s worth of air tickets with a Zvirikuflaya video

The last time we spoke about budget airline FlyAfrica, we were remarking on the pricing that had floored competition and sounded too good to be true at $9 a flight. This time the country’s cheapest airline has caught people’s attention thanks to a very creative marketing strategy which it is rolling out on social media […]

Zvinhu Zvirikufaya viral videos and social media marketing

There really is no stopping this “Zvinhu Zvirikufaya” craze that has gripped social media is there? More and more amusing videos are being churned out by Zimbabweans and being posted on the popular Facebook page.   The latest video on Facebook features this snazzy dude drinking home brewed masese (opaque traditional Zimbabwean beer) from a wine […]

What’s this “Zvinhu Zvirikufaya” craze?

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Attached to the joys of hashtags and retweets, shares and Yos are the annoyances of Candy Crush Saga requests, chain messages and pokes. These are things that can only be avoided by being digitally anorexic. Of course there’s the magic of bringing communities together which means so much […]