2009 ICT Africa Exhibition

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

Arguably the biggest information technology-related public exhibition in the country, 2009 ICT Africa has come. I was there once and was exceedingly impressed by the number of ICT companies present, the range of products and services, open source initiatives and the general management of the expo.  For a second there it felt like I was at the CES. Ok maybe that’s taking it a bit too far; all I’m trying to say is, if they organize it like they did then, and you’d like to know what’s going on in the country ICT-wise, build business links, look for gadgets, explore business, and be among technology people, this is a place you’ll want to be between 22 and 24 September. Apart from the “We’re the official XX partner in Zimbabwe” trumpeting, I hope there’ll be some exciting new technologies, product launches, stuff-I've-been-looking-for-but-had-no-idea-where-to-look and yes, some freebies (got a mug and mouse pad the other year from Computer Consumables). That said I’m a little disappointed at the press coverage and advertising (or lack of it) going on about the show. There’s far too little information about the event on the web save for an entry on  www.classifieds.co.zw and an advert on an online newspaper (shot below) pointing to the classifieds entry. For some very strange reason, the Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe forgot an ICT event of this magnitude needs a website; an online destination where visitors who can’t make it to the venue can take a peek at the exhibitions. If they don’t do anything next year, we’ll put up an unofficial ICT Africa site for you. They did well on the poster’s front though. Came across a number of them driving around but again disappointed with the poster’s text: No contact phone number, venue is listed as just “International Conference Centre” and an ambiguous “Towards an Information Society” tagline. I’m no poster man but a little more information would’ve helped. See you there! UPDATE: Some coverage finally on Newsnet, ICT experts to meet at 2009 ICT Africa exhibition

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