BREAKING: Court Says Cryptocurrency Exchange Golix Can Resume Trading, Reserve Bank Directive Suspended

As you all know the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a directive instructing banks not to facilitate any cryptocurrency related transactions. They also strongly warned the public not to deal in cryptocurrencies. Further, the Reserve Bank wrote to Golix, Zimbabwe’s first and biggest cryptocurrency exchange instructing them to wind up operations. Golix then went to […]

Mobile Phones Help 720 000 People To Check Their Voter Details

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC), has reported that as much as 719387 registrants checked their ‘voter details’ using the USSD platform on their respective mobile networks since the provisional voters’ roll inspection started on the 19th of May. Through the USSD platform, if a voter types *265# and inputs their national registration number and date of birth, […]

Golix  Temporarily Takes Down Crypto Exchange As Court Case Kickoffs Later Today

Zimbabwe’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, has issued a statement saying they will be shutting down their “exchange’s Orderbook.” The cryptic statement they sent to their customers read: Dear valued customer. Please note that we have temporarily taken down the exchange’s Orderbook. Any developments related to this matter will be frequently updated. We sincerely apologise […]
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Buy These I7S Wireless Earphones For Only $19

For those people who enjoy music on the go there is reason to rejoice even as one phone maker after another is killing the headphone jack- you can still make use of wireless headphones. You can get a remarkable pair of wireless earbuds from Cafago for only $19.26 (Ecocash $26 see below for details) including […]

OneMoney Throws Punches At Ecocash

Yesterday’s proposed ban of the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service didn’t go without NetOne’s notice. This morning NetOne posted pictures on their social media platforms (kind of) mocking the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service and simultaneously promoting their OneMoney (OneMoney Card to be specific) as some kind of an alternative to ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service. However, the sarcasm is misplaced. Ecocash is not a competitor […]

Local Startup To Introduce Coding Course

Tis the season for robotics courses! A week ago we wrote about a startup called Vested Interests who are planning on introducing a robotics course later this year. A few weeks earlier we had written about The Maker Club another startup that focuses on teaching kids a variety of skills including coding, robotics and some […]
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Social Media Etiquette For Professionals Part 1: LinkedIn.

We owe a great deal  of gratitude to Mark Zuckeburg for introducing us to one of the widely used social media platforms. We also owe the same amount of gratitude to our local MNOs for enabling us in more ways that one to connect to the internet thereby living a digital footprint that can be […]
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ZimSwitch Had Asked Steward Bank To Discontinue Swipe Into EcoCash

It seems ‘swipe into EcoCash’ continues to garner headlines for the wrong reasons. Since the turn of the year, the service has descended into chaos and in February EcoCash came out and stated that the problems that customers were facing whilst trying to transact using the platform were a result of server issues. These problems […]

Experiencing Slow Internet Speeds On ZOL? Here’s Why

If you are a ZOL subscriber and you depend on their fibre services you may be experiencing some challenges with your speeds. We got a tip from a reader informing us of this issue and surely when we checked ZOL’s website and support number this is the message we got: Important Notice: Degraded Speeds Kindly […]

China Exim Bank Set To Avail A Loan To Netone For Base Stations Upgrade And Expansion

Mobile network operator (MNO), Netone is set to secure a loan worth $71 million from Chinese state financial institution, China Exim Bank,. The loan is meant to upgrade its existing infrastructure, particularly base stations and increase base stations by expanding to areas which have poor connectivity.  Speaking about the loan facility, NetOne chief executive Mr. Lazurus […]

Zimbabwe’s Central Bank Orders Crypto Exchange Shut Down

Earlier we reported that some banks had shut down Golix’s accounts and we can now confirm that last week Tuesday RBZ sent a directive to Golix instructing them to cease all operations in relation to virtual currency exchange. For Golix, when it rains it pours. The past week has just been a never-ending storm for […]

Banks Close Down Golix Accounts

Earlier this month, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe instructed banks to stop holding accounts for cryptocurrency exchanges and to stop facilitating transfer of cryptos. The central bank gave the banks 60 days to halt activities but it seems the grip has been tightened as it now seems some of Golix’s bank accounts have already been […]

ZBC To Introduce New Channels:History Channel Among Many Others

After the completion of digital migration, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) will introduce a range of new channels.  The channels will bring variety to ZBC’s dwindled viewers after years of just watching one channel, ZTV. Poor programming and poor coverage of ZTV swayed many urban Zimbabweans to stop watching the channel and migrating to watching DSTV and […]