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5 Awesome Chinese Phones You Can Get For Under $200

If you really want it you can get Chinese phones for as little as $20 but you will hate yourself in the process unless you are one of those people with no self-respect. We have been over this, the very cheap phones always come at a cost. On the other hand there are overly expensive […]

Bustop TV’s  Facebook Account Gets Hacked

Popular internet comedy platform Bustop TV is crying out for help as their Facebook account was hacked. The hackers also went on to remove all the admins of that page. You have been removed from Bustop TV by Jessy Miller on Facebook Business Manager. This means you won't have access to any ad accounts or […]

Companies Can Improve Their Marketing Using GeoFencing Technology

Data is the new commodity as we enter the Fourth industrial revolution. To generate the data, many companies are increasing their online presence by developing web platforms and Apps that generate user’s data. In that respect, competitive edge will be attained by making use of the data to deliver products to relevant customers. Accordingly, a […]

Kwese, Where Are The 23 Channels You Promised Us By March?

Do you remember an article we wrote about Kwese promising you 23 more channels by March this year? Since then customers waited with bated breath. Kwese said that its bouquet would, as a result, start to offer 100 channels in totality adding on its current 77 channels. We have an amazing line up of new channels […]

Startups Can Apply For The Online Global Pitch Competition

Dealmatrix, an Austrian web platform that specialises in scouting, matching and workflow management for the venture system, has invited startups from all over the world to apply for the Global Pitch Competition. Dealmatrix aims startups from around the world seeking investors. The application process… Unfortunately, the deadline is only 4 days away (22 April). This […]

Telone Reduces Interest On Business Bills From 2009

Government-owned Telone has softened its stranglehold on debtors by reducing interest rates on their arrears that were accumulated in 2009. Many businesses and individuals are saddling huge debts that were incurred in 2009. The debts have been a moot issue because debtors say that their debts were inflated following the transition from the Zim Dollar […]

“Chakachaya ne Ecocash.” Question: Why Cows And Goats?

Obvious you heard it already because these guys make noise whenever they are up to something. Anyway, we will say it again: Chakachaya ne Ecocash is back, it has been running since the 8th of this month actually. Bear with me, I know you didn’t need me to say because you have already seen notifications […]

Econet Going Green: Licence To Construct Solar Power Plant Approved

Econet Wireless’ plans to have their data centre run on solar energy are well documented and in January they applied for a licence to build a 0.45MW power plant for their own use. That application has been accepted by ZERA, so I guess Econet will be going ahead with their plan as intended. The media […]
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[Press Release] Golix Expands To South Africa

Zimbabwe’s popular cryptocurrency exchange, Golix is crossing borders and will begin operations in South Africa in the near future. The move is part of their aim to grow in the continent and here is the statement Golix released to the press announcing the development: Golix expands to South Africa Zimbabwe’s leading cryptocurrencies exchange, Golix, has […]

[VIDEO] ProComm Brings You The DellEMC Customer Vendor Dialog Live

ProComm is hosting a Customer/Vendor dialogue looking at how your business can leverage on existing data to present it in more useful and profitable formats. First Session DellEMC Customer Vendor event — Techzim (@Techzim) April 17, 2018 Second Session DellEMC Customer Vendor event Second Session @dellemc — Techzim (@Techzim) April 17, 2018
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Whatsapp To Let Users Recover Photos Deleted Months Ago

An upcoming Whatsapp update will allow users to recover media files that were deleted months ago. This is a welcome feature but it does come with a few caveats. What’s changed? Well, the Whatsapp servers would only keep media for a maximum of 30 days and after that users could no longer download media files. […]

Facebook Accounts Being Hijacked: Here’s How To Protect Yourself

There’s been a recent trend on Facebook, and if you don’t like missing out you might have just been the victim of a clever browser hijacking tactic. Here’s how you can avoid the problem if you haven’t been caught in the crossfire and if you have here’s how to cleanse yourself of this cancer. How It […]

Zimra Surpasses 2018 First Quarter Revenue Target

ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) surpassed its first-quarter target by an excess of US $84million. Gross revenue collections were 8.1% above the target of US $1.029 billion. Zimra attributes the improved revenue collection to enhanced effective use of automation. The country’s tax collector is optimizing the use of it its e-services platform (Asycuda – Automated System […]
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UN Agency Speaks On Alignment Of Digitalization And Development

Written by Shamika N. Sirimanne Director of the Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg under pressure by the US Congress and greater regulation on data privacy looking ever more likely, swirling revelations about the way in which social media have been used have put the spotlight on the wide implications of […]