3G Modems Available At Econet Service Centres For $120

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Can’t afford a new 3G compliant smart phone? Fret not. Econet’s got just the solution for you. You can buy a 3G modem at any Econet service center for about $120. The sleek memory stick sized USB modem is exclusively supplied by Econet, who themselves are supplied by a company going by the name Business Optimisation Systems (BOS).

BOS held a similar unofficial (story of its own) exclusive arrangement with Econet on GPRS modems about a year ago and was selling them at $200 apiece. It turned out later there was nothing special about this modem and you could buy your own for less than $50 out of Zimbabwe. Slapped myself hard! Something tells me if you wait a bit longer or go down South, you’ll get this thingy for a fraction of the price.

And yes, one more thing, hurry and enjoy 3G while it lasts (read: while you can still afford it); Starting November Econet will drop the generous (but very unsustainable for them) $25-surf-all-you-want-a-month billing method. Billing will be per byte of data you download or upload and there’s no telling what the rates will be.

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