The Prime Minister’s Opening Address At 2009 ICT Africa Exhibition

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We can’t upload a 10 minute long video speech here due to bandwidth limitations so we posted the MP3 version of Morgan Tsvangirai’s address at the opening of the 2009 ICT Africa Exhibition at the Harare International Conference Center.

Tsvangirai Opening 2009 Ict A by Morgan
Download now or listen on posterous

Morgan_Tsvangirai_Opening_2009_ICT_Africa_Zim.mp3 (10493 KB)

The highlights of the speech:

  • Traditionally, agriculture and mining have been the mainstay of our economy and will continue to be so for some time, but the reality is the world is in the information age and if we want to stay relevant and take advantage of this new era we must develop our ICT sector.
  • Government is developing an enabling environment for ICT. e.g. removal of import duty on ICT equipment, reduction of telephone tariffs, adjustment of licensing regulations that have seen 3G launch by Econet.
  • Government to focus on ICT enabling infrastructure development through legislation to promote broadband internet access through cheaper undersea cable.
  • Government documents and forms like passport application forms should be available on government websites for free download.
  • The PMs office is working with Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to develop telemedicine applications.
  • Teach a person to use a computer, give him access to the web and he can teach himself whatever he wants to learn.
  • It is the responsibility of the government to ensure our people have access to the internet to open up innovative opportunities for eCommerce and job creation.

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