The Zimbabwe Ubuntu Loco Team


The Ubuntu stand could have easily been nominated the most lively and most visited stand at the 2009 ICT Africa show. The “Freedom Toaster”, a Linux Installation media vending machine in which you insert a blank CD and burn any locally popular Linux distro was a huge attraction. Was impressed that the local Ubuntu community built the machine themselves (putting it together that is). An active member of the community, Ronald, says the Freedom Toaster will be made available to the public after the show at Strachands (Corner Julius Nyerere and 2nd Street).

The local Ubuntu community made up of volunteer IT professionals has about 15 members. They meet every first Tuesday of the month and meetings are open to anybody interested in the Ubuntu philosophy.


One of the Ubuntu core philosophical ideals is that “Every computer user should be able to use their software in the language of their choice.” Unless I missed it, our local community didn’t showcase anything to reflect this ideal and should seriously start working towards embedding local language choices in the Ubuntu builds.

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