Econet’s Buddie And Libertie Subscribers To Start Roaming

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

Econet has announced that it will introduce roaming for Buddie and Libertie package subscribers in December this year. Roaming services have up to now been an exclusive for contract line subscribers because of the billing complexities it has with prepaid packages.

According to Econet Wireless CEO Mr. Douglas Mboweni, Econet has invested heavily in this and expects it to have a “heavy impact” on prepaid business. Apparently, the roaming works both ways allowing prepaid subscribers from other countries to use the Econet network in Zimbabwe. The timing seems perfect to cash in on subscribers travelling across Zimbabwe borders into and out of Zimbabwe during the Christmas holiday season. Mr. Mboweni also announced that Econet has started working on integrating its two prepaid packages to use the same recharge cards. This sure will be much more convenient for the customers.

There’s no mention of how much roaming will cost the customer or how the billing will work.

Posted via email from Technology Zimbabwe

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