Internet 101: What Is A Browser?

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It’s back to Internet basics on Google’s recently launched What Browser site where a strictly-no-geek-terms simple to follow video explains what a browser is and the difference from a search engine and an operating system (forget that Google themselves are blurring this line more and more with Chrome OS).

The folks at Google do little to hide that they want internet users to know there are better browsers out there than the Internet Explorer browser that comes with their computer.

“A few of us at Google created to help teach people about web browsers. We wanted to show people that they have a lot of choice in browsers, since we noticed that most people were using the browser their computers came with.”

The site also tells you the browser you’re running, its version and the release date. The date must be meant for the unfortunate among us still on Internet Explorer 6, most of whom, for policy reasons at work (or just purely unnecessarily bureaucracy) have no choice.

Statements like “a faster web browser means that you’ll save time on every web page you open” betray Google’s agenda to help you migrate to Chrome whose selling point has been “Fast to launch, fast to load web pages”.

Remember “Installing a new web browser is free and only takes minutes, so take a moment to choose a web browser that you like best today”. Personally, I’ll stick with Firefox 3.5 for now. For me, until Google Chrome is natively integrated with Google Bookmarks, I’ll have to wait some more.

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