Early Adopters! Get Your Own Copy Of Chrome OS

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

google-chrome-logoTech blogs have been awash with news about Google’s release of the Chrome OS source code since last week. The release announcement itself was made at the Google Chrome OS launch event in Mountain View CA, in the States.

Great news indeed and quite momentous for all and sundry in computing. A lot interesting the all-applications-are­-web-apps model the operating system’s built on. A bold rethinking and rejection of computing concepts we have come to accept as standard. Impressive really when you take a moment to think how much change this really means.

Release of just the source code though, for mortal men like me, means waiting another stretch for an easily deployable package. You know, something in the Ubuntu click-and-install­-from-inside-Windows fashion.

Gladly, somebody did something about that. Well, sort of. The kind folks at GDGT built an image you and I can download and install to experience Chrome OS before its time. And TechCrunch has a step by step guide here on how to do exactly that.

Prepare to download a 303MB image, so you might want to do this overnight if you’re on a typical Zim broadband (read narrowband) connection. I hope though the Ubuntu folks at YoAfrica can upload an image to their local open source repository for quicker downloads so local geeks can pass the Chrome OS around on CD.

Haven’t tried it out but my hands are itching to take it for a spin soon as I get the opportunity. Please let us know us how it goes for you…

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