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Zimbabwe Telecoms Overview Map

We got this presentation here from a function we attended last week. The presentation was made by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and generally covers the current state of telecoms industry in Zimbabwe. Coming from them, we’re sure it’s pretty accurate.

click here to download the presentation

Update: the presentation download on for our International readers.

A summary of the highlights of the presentation:

Zimbabwe’s Telecoms Infrastructure

  • 5 International gateways
  • 5 radio terrestrial 2 fibre-optic links to regional countries

Access Technologies

  • GSM, WiMax, CDMA, Fibre, ADSL

Mobile Market Structure

  • There are 3 mobile operators; Econet, Net*One and Telecel
    • Subscribers: Econet 3,200,000, Telecel 600,000, Net*One 500000
    • Econet offers GPRS, EDGE , and 3G
    • Other mobile operators are in the process of rolling out 2.5G and 3G services

Market Structure Internet Access

  • POTRAZ  is issues either class A or Class B
  • Only Class A allows VoIP services
  • Class B has combined public data and internet
  • There are 10 internet Class A and 1 Class B operator
  • Internet users are estimated to be 1.4 million
  • POTRAZ doesn’t regulate ISPs.


  • All telecommunications tariffs have to be cost based
  • All tariffs should be approved by the regulator before they are implemented
  • Fixed calls are 15c per 3 minutes
  • Mobile calls are 24c/m
  • SMS are 9 cent


  1. Nyasha

    I like the fact that you have all this info, but please sharing sites makes the download easier.


  2. Kabweza

    Hey. Thanks for this. We thought the 600kb file would download easily from our site. Obviously this is not the case. Uploaded a copy on 4shared:

    We’ll do so for all other downloads!

  3. Nyasha

    Thanks for some reason it took forever to download, over my ADSL line. But thanks again for the info! Keep it coming. By the way could you do an article about the web -apps (if any) Zimbo’s are creating in Zim.

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