Weekly Roundup – 10 April 2010

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Technology Zimbabwe Weekly RoundupTelOne, Telkom Talks

The Herald on Thursday continued with the TelOne/Telkom story that’s been appearing now and again for a while now. This time TelOne spokesperson Mr Collin Wilbes, just confirmed that negotiations are still ongoing but that he couldn’t give details: “Negotiations are underway but we signed a non-disclosure agreement”.

Telkom conducted due diligence on TelOne in January and is probably (and hopefully) close to striking a deal with our cash strapped state telco.

The ZOL and Telecontract Fallout

The ZOL and Telecontract row, which started on the 25th of March with the sudden disconnection of over 200 broadband subscribers by Telecontract, finally seems to be simmering down. We offered our thoughts on it on Wednesday and if anything, we’re just glad that customers are connected again. The boat threatened to get rocky when on Thursday, ZOL literally warned Telecontract clients about their ISP’s liquidity.

Google EarthGoogle Earth and Our Ancient Ancestors

As the week came to a close, reports of the discovery of hominid fossils at a national park in neighboring South Africa kept increasing. The discovery itself was made by a Professor Lee Berger using Google Earth.

On the discovery, Google says it’s “absolutely thrilled about this announcement, and delighted that free mapping tools such as Google Earth and Google Maps continue to enable both individuals and distinguished scientists to explore and learn about their world”

First week for IPads

Apple iPadIt’s the end of the first week of the release (in the States) of Apple’s new flagship product, the iPad, and it’s been reviewed extensively by your most notable tech blogs.

Being in Zimbabwe we’re of course not excited beyond getting wowed by the stories and pictures all over the blogsphere. Don’t let location hold you back though, you can get your own iPad nomatter where you are in the world: this TechCrunch post here says the shiny gadgets are going for double the price on the Chinese & UK black markets.

And knowing Zimbos’ insatiable appetite for bling bling (and any stuff on the black market), we’ll probably spot one of these at Ximex before the month is through.

Econet subscribers now at 4 million

The announcement was made on Thursday by CEO Douglas Mboweni at the launch of Econet’s new call center in Graniteside, Harare. Incidentally, Telecel had announced they were nearing the 1 million mark just days before. I wish we had someone to verify these figures being thrown around.

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