Someone Just Pushed The Wrong Button On The ZOL Site

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

If you’ve visited the Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) homepage in the last 3 hours or so, you probably noticed something glaringly wrong with it; the website is showing stuff in 2s. There’s a double side menu, double top banner, double adverts, double footer… (UPDATE April 22: fixed)

A bored someone at ZOL must be playing on the site. Or maybe they’re just learning their PHP on a live company site. Hey, maybe it’s just a radical new design!

And to think we gave these guys a reasonably good review in our ‘Zim’s broken sites’ article last week.

The ZOL website as it appears today

UPDATE: changed the thumbnail picture for the article. Previous one was in bad taste.


  1. Fireman

    It seems ZOL realised the issue and corrected it. Check again if you may.

  2. cosmo

    please chill on the guys they are going through a lot

  3. Kabweza

    yeah, fixed. looks like the guy was just trying to put up the HIFA ad.

  4. Kingston

    Yah, n the ad is looking pretty nice, save for a few minor issues. Lets assist these guys by pointing out where they may improve

  5. Tawanda

    I agree with Kingston, this could just have been any technical fault, just that they were making changes on a live site maybe, just an oversight on someone’s part…

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