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Someone Just Pushed The Wrong Button On The ZOL Site

If you’ve visited the Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) homepage in the last 3 hours or so, you probably noticed something glaringly wrong with it; the website is showing stuff in 2s. There’s a double side menu, double top banner, double adverts, double footer… (UPDATE April 22: fixed)

A bored someone at ZOL must be playing on the site. Or maybe they’re just learning their PHP on a live company site. Hey, maybe it’s just a radical new design!

And to think we gave these guys a reasonably good review in our ‘Zim’s broken sites’ article last week.

The ZOL website as it appears today

UPDATE: changed the thumbnail picture for the article. Previous one was in bad taste.

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5 thoughts on “Someone Just Pushed The Wrong Button On The ZOL Site

  1. Yah, n the ad is looking pretty nice, save for a few minor issues. Lets assist these guys by pointing out where they may improve

  2. I agree with Kingston, this could just have been any technical fault, just that they were making changes on a live site maybe, just an oversight on someone’s part…

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