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Telecel Extends Mega Juice Promotion Duration, Reduces Bonus Minutes To US $1

Telecel Zimbabwe has decided to continue with its Mega Juice promotion apparently after being inundated with requests for it to extend the promotion. The promotion is due to end on Friday this week.

For some reason Telecel wouldn’t disclose how long the promotion has been extended for. The same way they didn’t disclose end date when they launched the promotion back in March.

A Telecel spokesperson said today that, following a large number of calls from subscribers and distributors pleading with it to extend the promotion or replace it with a similar one, Telecel has decided to continue with the promotion, though with revised terms and benefits.

The Mega Juice card will continue to cost one dollar. It will be worth one dollar’s worth of airtime plus another dollar’s worth of bonus air time that can be used to call other Telecel subscribers at any time of the day except during the peak hours of between 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm. At present the card includes two dollars worth of bonus air time.

Mega Juice cards that have not been used by the end of Friday can still be used from Saturday onwards but will be subject to the new terms and benefits.

“The current Mega Juice promotion is due to end on Friday. However, in response to the huge demand we have had from subscribers and distributors to continue with the promotion or replace it with a similar one, we have decided to continue with a revised form of the promotion that will still give our subscribers a substantial benefit,” the Telecel spokesperson said.

If this is anything to go by, means the Mega Juice card has been hugely popular with the prepaid subscribers.

Telecel has also announced that it intends shortly to add more countries, including neighbouring countries, to the international destinations to which its subscribers can make cheap calls.

At present Telecel customers can make calls to South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, China, Canada, Australia and Dubai at 25 cents per minute, which is the same as the standard cost of a local call. Calls can be made at that rate to any mobile phone or landline in those countries except for calls to Vodafone and MTN numbers in South Africa and the United Kingdom, which cost 35 cents per minute.

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