ZESA Effectively Using Website To Update Customers

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar
ZESA loadshedding

ZESA impressed us today. The national power company is using the internet to provide customers with daily updates on important issues affecting the customers.

Visit www.zesa.co.zw to see what we’re talking about. The website loads fast, super fast actually. There’s lots of useful information. Some of it includes: “How to calculate your own bills” to “Taking your own meter reading” and tips on how to reduce your power usage.

We were particularly impressed with the updated faults page which lists the major faults in each area and the expected restoration time. The load shedding schedule page too, which enables you to download the load shedding schedule of any location in Zimbabwe.

Of course, this doesn’t take away the frustrating power cuts, but it’s good to see a company make effort to keep its customers informed.

I wish we could give some annual awards for such outstanding efforts in using the internet effectively. On communicating with customers using web technologies, ZESA clearly out-powers a lot of companies hands down, ICT companies even. There’s so much other companies can learn from ZESA web strategy.


  1. Anonymus

    i dont know what you are talking about but i’ve just tried the ZESA website and its extremely slow

  2. Kabweza

    We’re trying it right now too and yea, you’re right. quite slow today.

  3. Waka Waka

    I takes forever to load are doing a pr job for ZESA

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