Africom Rebrands as it Makes Entry into Consumer Connectivity Market

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We just learnt that Africom is rebranding itself. The new Africom, a red one, will launch this Friday, 10 September. Part of the rebranding includes the replacement of the current logo with this new one here.New Africom Logo

We hear the rebranding is coming at a time when Africom is launching some new mobile products on the market. Most notable is an array of consumer products being launched. More on that when we get the info.

Africom was founded in 1995 by its current CEO Kwanayi Kashangura. Last year, Africom was granted an Internet Access Provider license which allows it to install public telecommunications infrastructure and provide VoIP services. With a history of enterprise connectivity solutions, Africom is gearing to make entry into the consumer market specifically mobile internet and possibly public telephony.

If you’ve been seeing some ‘red’ teaser adverts in the press, it’s probably Africom.



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  1. Ellah says:

    Is this real?

  2. Kabweza says:

    We will sure find out in just a few days from now 😉

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